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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Honda Odyssey expands feature content on EX models, which now includes Bluetooth, a USB audio interface and a multi-information display with an 8-inch screen as standard equipment.

  • Configurable second-row seat
  • Easy-to-fold third-row seat.
  • Quiet cabin
  • Agile handling
  • Top safety scores
  • Fuel-efficient V6
  • Pricier than some competitors
  • Button-heavy dash.
  • Some desirable options and features only offered on upper trim levels

User Reviews:

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  • 3+ years & 28,000 miles - 2012 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    I love driving my 2012 Honda Odyssey EX-L. I have 28,000 miles on it and have made no repairs to it, other than standard maintenance like oil changes, air filters, tire rotation. I've had no problems whatsoever. I agree with the other reviewer who said the headrests are uncomfortable. I also wish there were more USB ports in the rear, but I believe that was added on the newer models. Overall, I love this van!

  • Lots of small problems - 2012 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    The oil pan leaked off of the lot, steering column squeaks, the headrest forces your head to tilt down, and the sliding door roller makes a pulsing/tapping sound. This car has been garaged and parts are defective from the factory.

  • Buyer beware - 2012 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    Bought new. About 10k miles both front shock strouts came loose. (noticed a clicking noise during slow sharp turns). One strout replaced and the other only tightened. Covered under warranty, but in the shop for a week. 36,036 miles power steering pump went out. (Noticed excessive whining noise . Dealer refused to cover since the 36000 mile warranty expired. Lucky we had a 3rd party 100k mile warranty (deductable was $100). Finally 39k miles and after an 800 mile road trip. The traction control light and check engine light came on. Take it to the dealer and they find the piston rings wore out prematurely. Covered under the lawsuit settlement against Honda. This motor has been known to burn oil! So we took it to A local dealership and sold it. Honda is not what it used to be. Never buying Honda again. We have a new Sienna SE. Hope we have better luck !

  • IF you have to drive a minivan this is the one to - 2012 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    SO, no one lays awake at night dreaming of their new minivan, right? A BMW 5 series, yes! A minivan, not so much. THat being said, I needed a minivan, I insisted on a degree of luxury and comfort combined with good handling and economy at the gas station. THis car did it all. Overall I averaged 24mpg in 55k miles of driving. Easily got 29-31mpg on the highway. Admittedly I am not a lead-foot. For my everyday commute it was fine. Where it really shone was trips to Costco and family treks. I could get all four of my kids and my wife and travel in comfort with the fantastic extra wide DVD entertaining them. I loaded up all my CD's on the harddrive for unlimited listening options. THe Nav display is recessed so it doesn't get direct sun glare. I would definitely recommend it as the best minivan option for someone who needs one. As for winter driving, the forward traction 2WD was pretty good and I made it better by switching to snow tires during the cold months.

  • Disappointed to say the least - 2012 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    After a dismal experience with a 2011 Toyota Sienna, which we purchased new, we bought the Odyssey in large part based on the 140,000 trouble-free miles put on our 2003 Odyssey. Initially, all was well. But, in two years and a tad under 50,000 miles, we had to replace the power steering pump and transmission (though that took four trips to the dealer before Honda relented). There was also a chronic grinding/whining noise that intermittently came from the a/c compressor and was never fixed. Not wanting to risk more failures, we traded it in for a 2014 Odyssey before the warranty ran out. Eighteen months and 31,000 miles into the 2014 model, it has been trouble-free, just like the 2003 model.

  • My complete Thinking of this vehicle - 2012 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    I love this mini van from both the looks and performance. However there is a significant flaw in the design from my view point. First of all consider that I am 6 feet tall and weigh about 230 pounds whereas my wife is 4 feet, 10 inches tall and weighs 105 pounds. Keeping this in mind, the vehicle suits me at the 5-starlevel but, not true for my wife with her leser height. Egressing and ingressing as the driver and/or front seat passenger is rated at about the 1-star level. Example from front seat either side of vehicle, she must turn so to have her legs out the door and then slide off the seat, basically uncontrolled fall, until her feet touch the ground. Getting into the vehicle is eq`ually as difficult, too. Now as the driver, she must raise the seat to max height and full forward in order to partially see over the dash. This position places her right knee against the lower part of the dash. To me this is a dangerous position in case of a head-on collision. Next, she has difficulty with vissibility from driver's position looking to right and/or left at a 45 degree angle as the view is completely blocked by the design/position of the pillars right and left of windshield. These drawbacks do not apply to me due to my increased height. Additionally, she has trouble reaching the brake and accelerator pedals, too. I have searched for pedal extenders, but Honda does not have them and the dealer could not help me on this problem. This problem is of such magnitude that I feel compelled to exchange this vehicle for another that will better suit the two of us in a more safe manner. Again, and as final note, this vehicle and the things stated about my wife apply only to her as I am completely satisfied although I, too, have significant visibility reduction at 45 degree angle to the left from driver's seat, and came very close to striking a pesdestrain who was blocked from my view by the left of windshield post.

  • Should have stayed with Toyota - 2012 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    I have had my Odyssey for almost 4 years. 53,000 we have had to purchase tires, been through three sets of brakes on the front and new roters. Now having transmission problems. The DVD system has problems, the seats shake, the center seat cupholder has been replaced twice. The interior is plastic and everything scratches it. For what we paid this is so disappointing.

  • Give me a brake - 2012 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    Honda spent a lot of time redesigning this minivan but skimped on the quality. There should be a class action lawsuit over brake warpage and suspension noise. Honda is charging consumers to routinely fix a design defect. If rotors warp at 12-15k miles regardless of driving style then you have a design flaw. Everyone we know who owns this van has warped rotors. So much of this van is well designed but they didn't car about the most important safety system.

  • The name Honda is no longer synonymous with quality - 2012 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    I purchased my 2012 Odyssey EX-L with around 23K on it and it IMMEDIATELY started to shake when braking. I took it to the dealer and they turned the rotors free of charge. 3K miles later it started shaking AGAIN and they wanted me to pay for it for over $300.00. I am now at 47K and getting my first brake job and am told that I need rotors FRONT AND BACK to the tune of $1200.00. FOR A BRAKE JOB! I am calling Honda America b/c I am infuriated. I have owned 4 previous Hondas, a Subaru Outback and a Ford F-150 and have NEVER EVER had issues with my rotors like this, even with the awful Ford! I have also had problems with the suspension, rear hatch, RES, rim peeling, and transmission. AWFUL!

  • My First Minivan turned me into a Lifer! - 2012 Honda Odyssey
    By -

    I would rate this van outstanding. We bought it new and drove it for 38,000 miles. We loved it so much we just traded it for a 2015 Odyssey Touring Elite to keep current. We'll never stray from the odyssey. Our 2012 was the best vehicle we've ever owned- comfortable beyond our expectations, high-quality feel, and rides like a car- the Honda Accord to be specific. If you want performance and luxury in a minivan, this is the way to go. The lower trims are all nice, the Elite just takes it a step above. The top-performing van will always be a part of our family, thanks to our excellent experience with this one. Great job, Honda!

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