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  • Great around town car - 2016 Honda Fit
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    Love the gas mileage on this little car, wish it had a bit more get up and go, but it is a 4 cylinder. Overall am very happy with my new no frills auto.

  • just purchased - 2016 Honda Fit
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  • Love our Fit - 2016 Honda Fit
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  • Decent car - 2016 Honda Fit
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    The navigation on the touch screen is not as intuitive as you'd think. For making the UI like a mobile app, the menus and where customization or settings should be can be confusing. To select a different bluetooth device for audio, it is not in the audio menu - you have to go to settings> audio> bluetooth devices I believe. Small gripe, but overall after a month I really am enjoying the car.

  • Best decision of my life! - 2016 Honda Fit
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    Safe and fun to drive with a deceptive amount of storage.

  • Should have got a Fit instead of the Fiesta 4 year - 2016 Honda Fit
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    The newer model of Fit get better gas mileage and looks a little sportier. My only real complaint is the lack of entertainment center options and lack of support for Android Auto and similar products.

  • Great Choice - 2016 Honda Fit
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    Fantastic car that will get you from A to B. Cheap and hauls an insane amount of cargo for a vehicle this size.

  • Thoughts on Purchasing a 2016 Honda Fit - 2016 Honda Fit
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    Positives: The 2016 Honda Fit is a visually attractive car with its sleek design. Although it looks very small on the outside, it is plenty roomy on the inside. I have to admit that I did have to adjust the steering wheel height to gain some extra space. The entertainment features (MP3, Bluetooth) are phenomenal and making the driving experience even better. The gas mileage is insane and I love the dashboard color feature that alerts you to how fuel efficient you are driving. I also love that because I am taller than the vehicle, cleaning the exterior is a breeze. Negatives: There are not too many negatives with this car except for the acceleration. When stepping on the gas after a dead stop, the car seems to take a few seconds to get up to optimal driving speed (e.g. 0 to 40 mph). I suspect that it may be a function of the CVT, which I am still getting used to.

  • LOVE MY FIT - 2016 Honda Fit
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    I wanted a Prius. I had wanted one forever. I test drove a Prius several times. The regular Prius I found to be way too expensive, and the Prius-C, which I test drove, didn't have a lot of power. I still wanted it and kept looking. I had seen the Fit, and I have been a Honda girl for years. I test drove the Fit and I was in love. I found it had more power than the Prius-C, and I liked the interior much better. All the reviews I had read on the Prius-C said try the Honda Fit or the Ford Focus for that type of small, economical car. The price on my Fit was MUCH better than the Prius-C. I'm not knocking the Prius at all - it is a wonderful car, but I decided on the Fit based on the test drive, the interior, and the price. I also loved the color I got (the dark gray gun metal). The gas mileage is fantastic. It usually tells me I am getting about 41 MPG, sometimes 38 MPG - and with my own calculations based on the amount of gas I put it, I am getting 40 MPG. The interior is very comfortable, and I love the visibility with all the windows. The hatchback has plenty of room for my needs - I have always had a hatchback and it is comparable to other cars I have had. The back seat is super roomy and comfortable. So far, I have only found one thing to complain about - HONDA LISTEN UP: On the steering wheel controls, the Cruise Control is on the right. The radio controls are on the left. That should be reversed. You automatically tend to operate the radio with the right hand - on the right side, and the cruise control should be on the left. That is the ONLY thing I can complain about. A/C works good, and I use the ECONO mode all the time to save gas - I don't notice a big difference, but when I need a little power, I turn the ECONO mode off. I only have 1,000 miles on my new Fit, but so far, I love love love it.

  • Love the CVT - 2016 Honda Fit
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    This is the first time I have received wildly different price quotes on a small car like this. Shopping around really paid off. As for the car, I love it. This was my first automatic, and I was concerned that I would find it dull, but it is still fun to drive. I have read a few people complaining about the CVT making noise in the lower gears, but for someone who is used to manual transmissions, I like the fact that I can detect its downshifting. I have only driven the car 500 miles, but I am getting 40 MPG combined driving--better than with my old manual Fit.

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