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  • Love our Fit - 2016 Honda Fit
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  • Best decision of my life! - 2016 Honda Fit
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    Safe and fun to drive with a deceptive amount of storage.

  • Should have got a Fit instead of the Fiesta 4 year - 2016 Honda Fit
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    The newer model of Fit get better gas mileage and looks a little sportier. My only real complaint is the lack of entertainment center options and lack of support for Android Auto and similar products.

  • Great Choice - 2016 Honda Fit
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    Fantastic car that will get you from A to B. Cheap and hauls an insane amount of cargo for a vehicle this size.

  • Love the CVT - 2016 Honda Fit
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    This is the first time I have received wildly different price quotes on a small car like this. Shopping around really paid off. As for the car, I love it. This was my first automatic, and I was concerned that I would find it dull, but it is still fun to drive. I have read a few people complaining about the CVT making noise in the lower gears, but for someone who is used to manual transmissions, I like the fact that I can detect its downshifting. I have only driven the car 500 miles, but I am getting 40 MPG combined driving--better than with my old manual Fit.

  • The Fit fits! - 2016 Honda Fit
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    Just picked up a beautiful white 2016 Fit EX, only have a couple days driving it, but great so far. As far as I'm aware there was little to no change from the 2015, since it was completely redone at that time. I love the styling, the EX level tires and wheels look great. I'm not a big fan of Firestone tires in general, but these seem just fine. I don't need nav, and the leather seating and heated seats were not important to me. The trim upgrades from the LX model add the right amount of niceties - wheels, sunroof, better sound, bluetooth, cameras, keyless, etc - really offers a great value for the money. So far in town driving is getting 33-34 mpg. I'm excited to see how it improves as the engine gets broken in. Rear seat comfort and room seems really good, as well as cargo room. My two teenagers fit fine in the back. Three smaller kids would fit fine too, but if you have a carseat, fitting two more back there would be a squish. I guess I should say its perfect for my needs (I haul medical equipment around Phoenix metro, the cargo capabilities are more than adequate for me). Honda did a great job with this, there are a few nitpicky things, but as a whole this car is fantastic. Cons (in my opinion) - When driving, even with the shiny, well thought-out facade, its obvious that its still a subcompact economy car underneath. It's not an Accord, or even a Civic (but I new that going in, and i'm fine with it). Honda did a good job with muffling sounds, but the doors still close with a slight 'tin-can' feel, road noise is pretty evident, ride is pretty firm and a bit choppy over bumps, and the CVT does drone on initially. My old trusty 2005 Civic has a plusher ride, but to me it's not a deal breaker. I do worry a little about seat comfort on long road trips, i'm 6'1" and could use even one more inch of legroom while driving. The most annoying thing for me is the lack of volume nob. I really thought that would be the least of my worries, it does bother me more than I thought it would. But if this is the worst thing then i'll be just fine! Overall an excellent economy car. If you are shopping, make sure you drive one to get the feel of it. I highly recommend!

  • It Fits - 2016 Honda Fit
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  • It's my Tardis!! - 2016 Honda Fit
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    This is a great car!! I call it my Tardis because it is a lot bigger inside than it looks! My son has no trouble sitting in the back and he's 6' and the size of a linebacker! It handles great in the snow!! No regrets what so ever.

  • Love it! - 2016 Honda Fit
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    I love my cute new car. I've only owed it for a week, but it's been great. Easy to drive, comfortable, plenty of storage despite its small size. Easy to park and maneuver in small spaces. Feels fine on a highway but clearly it isn't a luxury car. My biggest complaint is the small capacity of the fuel tank. It is cheap to fill, but is required every 350 miles. Given its great mpg it's disappointing how often it need to be refueled.

  • Great little car - 2016 Honda Fit
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    We traded in RAV 4 for this car after some engine trouble in the RAV. To us, the interior seems almost as roomy. We miss the arm rest in the front seat though. When I pay so little for gas each week, it seems like the greatest car ever!

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