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This Year's Model Updates:

After being on hiatus for 2014, the Honda Fit is fully redesigned for 2015. Highlights include improved fuel economy, greater interior space and new technology and safety features.

  • High fuel economy
  • Quick acceleration
  • Excellent visibility.
  • Spacious seating and cargo area
  • Unmatched small car versatility thanks to unique rear seat design
  • Touchscreen interface can be frustrating to use.
  • Sedan version isn't offered

User Reviews:

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  • Honda's brand is not worth it - 2015 Honda Fit
    By -

    I've owned my 2015 FIT for 4 months. It had a recall, and I also brought up a bluetooth issue sigh Spreen Honda. Here is where the fun begins. The bluetooth has software issues that Honda Corporate passes the buck as well as Spreen Honda. If you want a car where you can transport, its fine but don't count on Honda to resolve its known issues. Service manager at Spreen (Jim) concurred with me that the HandsFreeLink has issues. Honda Corporate was pulled in as well, and its a merry-go-round of pointing fingers. When I asked why can't I get the software of the Courtsey car, I was given an excuse that made me laugh. Silence of ones knowledge about programming is worth its weight in gold. Amanda from Honda corporate technical support tried to help, but Grace who I initially had contact with transferred me to a department that can do nothing. That's what I call pass the buck. As of the date of this post, I remain in limbo. It's a pity that Honda points fingers, and sells inferior quality. Face it folks, audio is part of what you bought. How sorry I am that I every did business with Honda.

  • Love my new car - 2015 Honda Fit
    By -

    I test drove all the compacts on the market and this one was the best on my key factors. I wanted good pickup and fun to drive and 2 full size adults to fit in the back seat. The Honda Fit has all that plus more! I got the 6-speed manual transmission because it's so fun to drive!

  • a bit of fun each day - 2015 Honda Fit
    By -

    I traded a 2014 CR-V for a 2015 Fit, sort of an impulse buy. The Fit had $1500 off the price, and the dealer gave me max blue book for my CR-V. I wanted a manual shift car again, so I bought the Fit. Have had it for 1 month, and driven 3000 miles. First off, there's just two of us in my house, my wife and I. Kids are moved out, so I don't need the monster cars/trucks I used to drive. The Fit has plenty of room for me to commute to work, and doesn't feel cramped. I am only 5'8", so I have plenty of room. A friend of mine who is much taller complained a bit about leg room in the front passenger seat, and he did look a bit cramped. I drive 32 miles each way to work, 45-55mph with some stop and go. Been averaging 38mpg. My wife and I just got home from a 1200 mile round trip from Michigan to Iowa, and found the car comfortable for the trip (9 hours each way, only stopping for fuel). My wife slept most of the trip home through the night, so I call the comfort OK. We carried a lot of gifts, the dog's crate, a small wooden baby cradle, luggage, etc, with no problem. Lots of room!! My wife also says the car is easy to get in and out of. She complained about the seats in my CR-V, she says the Fit has much better seats, at least for her. Wind noise is at least as quiet as my CR-V was, and although I can hear the engine at 70-75mph (3500rpm) it is a pleasing sound to me, not a drone or annoying sound. (I honestly think its what lulled my wife to sleep during the trip) We also had a pretty nasty snow/ice storm while in Cedar Rapids, and we drove the Fit through some pretty ugly conditions. It handled better than I thought it would in the snow. I've had all wheel drive for years and was a bit worried, but the Fit did OK. A couple of things I don't like. As almost everyone else says, the radio needs a knob for volume. Nothing like getting in the car at 5 in the morning and the radio comes on at ear bleed volume where I left it when I got home the night before. Try turning it down quickly before waking the neighbors....good luck. Also, sometimes my iPhone and the Pandora / iPod function don't act nice when restarting the car after a stop. Most times Pandora (or Tunein, or anything else that was playing when I stopped the car) restarts playing with no problems, but occasionally I have to unplug the phone and plug it back in before it'll play again. The car also seems to fog up easier than the CR-V did and I need to use defrost setting more than I am used to. Bluetooth phone functions flawlessly. Finally, the car is really fun to drive. The six speed shifter is short throw and precise, and the engine revs freely and pulls nicely. Its not a racer by any means, but it isn't slow. Highway on ramps are fun again. I really enjoy driving it. I enjoyed my CR-V as well, the Fit is just a bit more fun.

  • Fuel system reserve - 2015 Honda Fit
    By -

    The fuel system low fuel light comes on when fuel quantity is 25% remaining. When the light illuminates I can only fill approx 8.2 gal. I then decided to carry a couple gallons with me and run the system to empty. When the lite came on I reset the tripometer. When it registered 33 miles the gas gauge indicator had no bars and the "miles to empty" read zero. I continued until tripometer displayed 105 miles. At that time I filled up with 10.55 gal. This confirms the 10.6 gal fuel tank and also the suspected 25% fuel remaining when the "low fuel" indicator illuminates, and also shows the fuel gauge is not accurate for "empty" and the"miles to empty" is also not accurate. I'm averaging over 43 mpg with 6 speed manual.

  • A great little car on a serious budget - 2015 Honda Fit
    By -

    I'm going to try and keep this review short by trying to skip over all the technical specs you've already read and just get straight to the good and the bad, but first I think it is important that I give you som e background. I'm in my early 20's just graduated college and my previous car was an ultra-plush 1997 Pontiac Bonneville. (Think of it as your favorite recliner on wheels.) The Bonneville was great, but it was quickly turning into a money pit and it was time for a new car. I've owned the car for about six months now, and I'm still in love with it, but it does have a few downsides. First of all, the car is rated 38/40 mpg (city, hwy), however I drive mostly highway miles and in order for me to actually get my average mpg per tank below 40, I've got to drive around in sport mode approximately 15% of the time and drive pretty aggressively. On average, I get between 42 and 45 mpg. I've gotten 47 - 50 before on long road trips, or by driving extremely conservatively. Needless to say, the mpg's are great. The car has a pretty stiff suspension, and the base model lacks a lot of the sound-dampening materials of the higher end models, so there is a good bit of road noise. The stiff suspension also gives you a powerful incentive to avoid any and all bumps in the road as they do not absorb much of the impact and I'm always afraid of hurting my precious automobile. I did have to drive down one particularly terrible country road that was absolutely full of potholes, and now there are a few light rattles in the seat belt columns, which is pretty vexing since it is a brand new car. The car is extremely easy to drive. The steering wheel turns with very little effort, acceleration and braking is smooth. Acceleration is kind of sluggish, especially if you are coming from a full size sedan like me, but I don't really mind it as it's still a fun drive. Sports mode basically just makes the engine rev higher and provides a noticeable increase in responsiveness. Economy mode is a more dramatic change, with extremely sluggish acceleration and reduced A/C performance. Personally, I only use it when travelling on the highway. The car will get extremely hot out in the sun, which is to be expected with the all black interior, but the A/C can take care of it in a matter of seconds, so it's not really an issue. The seats are comfortable, but don't really cradle your body, so you have a tendency to slide a little in the turns. Additionally, the center console "armrest" is completely unusable because it is practically on the floor. The radio sounds like every other normal car stereo, except for the Bluetooth. I'm not sure if it is just my phone or what, but the sound quality there is pretty bad. It's like using a payphone. The last, and maybe most important, thing to note, is that my particular car seems to have a few quality control issues. A few of the dashboard panels don't line up quite right. The window trim on one door seems to stick out further than all the others, and the front bumper seems to have too large a gap in the panels on one side. When it gets hot, the rear window squirter leaks and leaves a nearly impossible to remove streak from the soap on the window. These are all things that I'll have to ask the dealer about when I go for an oil change. Final verdict: despite its few flaws, I absolutely love it and feel that I made the right choice.

  • A year and 30,000 mile with my Fit - 2015 Honda Fit
    By -

    I purchased my 2015 Fit LX in mid August 2014. Going from a Toyota Corolla to a Fit was a pleasure. Nothing wrong with the Toyota, but it is more an appliance than a car. Great transportation and comfort-but very boring to drive. The Fit is just the opposite. While the car has a CVT transmission, it is still quick, responsive and fund to drive. The Fit holds the road better than you would think for an economy car, but with a composed and compliant ride for it's size. Everyone who has seen the Fit is impressed with how large it is inside compared to it's exterior dimensions. Other that a dear hitting the car along the passenger side of the car at 60 MPH, the car has had no issues. I have also done my oil changes, which is fairly easy, even though you need to remove the engine splash pan to get to the drain and filter. I travel 110 mile each day to work and back home. My average MPG has ranged from 42 to 45.5 in all kinds of weather, with the A/C both on and off. My friends with hybrids can't believe the mileage I get, and the cost of the car was nowhere near what they paid. As for front seat comfort, I have no complaints. I spend almost three hours each day in the Fit, and at no time find myself uncomfortable. Overall, I am extremely happy with my decision to go with a Fit, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good blend of economy, performance and utility in a small package.

  • It's My Second FIT!: Fast and Fun. Yellow! - 2015 Honda Fit
    By -

    My FIT has 7000+ miles on the highway and city since I got it in March 2015, so I am ready to write a competent review. I traded in my 2009 FIT with 70,000 miles for this Brand New 2015 FIT. Overall it's been a lot of fun, and everyone in my area loves the Yellow! The compliments come in daily. People roll their window down to compliment the car. The FIT is completely redesigned for 2015—very little is the same from the Old FIT. Safety: It is a topsafety pick in its class from the Insurance Institute and passed the Offset crash test too. The old FIT failed miserably and was a dangerous car to be in an accident. Engine: It has Honda’s Famous “EarthDreams” Engine. You have more than enough power in this car--it accelerates faster than any car in its class. In fact, it is overpowered for the suspension and handling, and I recommend this car for experienced drivers only. Not a car to give to new driver just like you would not get them a Corvette. If you step on the accelerator too fast, you will spin the front tires. My experience in rain is that the front's spin very easily so be careful--may be the brand of tires, --Firestone--not sure. Much much faster than the Old FIT. Steering/Handling: Here is one area I prefer the Old FIT. The Old FIT handled better--pinpoint accuracy--so much fun. The new FIT is not precise, ambiguous on the highway, but it’s OK. Braking: Brakes on the New FIT are not enough for the power of this vehicle--I leave a LOT of room between my car and the car in front. It's not bad--just again--for the experienced driver who knows how to control a lightweight car with a powerful engine. Ride Comfort: The person that buys this car is someone who prefers a NASCAR sports car road feel to a cushy Lincoln ride. You will feel the road and all imperfections in this FIT. If the road is well paved and smooth, car will run smooth too. Some professional reviewers have written that the car is noisy inside. I have not found that--it's fine. Transmission: CVT has been fine--no problems. Interior: Mine has Leather and that was a must for me. The leather is very comfortable, cleans easily, and supportive bolstering for my back. I have all the technology that Honda offered in 2015 in my FIT, including the large touch screen with steering wheel controls, rear and side cameras. Many reviews have written that the touch screen interface is confusing. I don’t know what they are talking about!—it’s intuitive, and easy and fun to use—it’s one of the best in the car business now. I sat for a few hours two days with the well-written manuals you get in the car and learned a lot. Referred to them on occasion and learned more. Bluetooth, Satellite Radio, HD Radio is the best! Incredible sound! Navigation is very good, better than smart phone navigation, and has upgradeable maps. The voice recognition is poor and I never use it. Only thing that frustrates me is that certain functions are disabled while the car is moving. But I am having a ball with all the dash toys and it’s what sold me on the car. If you never had Satellite Radio—it’s cable TV for the car and additive—mine is always on CNN, MSNBC or FOX TV or Bruce Springsteen station (audio only). It’s the best! Seats 4 comfortably, although I use mine like a pick-up truck with rear folded down 99% of the time. Reliability: So far through 7000 miles, no problems or recalls. (My Old FIT had 2 Recalls, and 2 Warranty Repairs over 70,000 miles.) Real world mileage: My best Tank of Highway/City mileage has been 38 MPG, Worst tank which was probably more city than highway: 31 MPG. One day I was on the highway only for the first 2 hours after a fill, and it was 45 MPG. Not bad! Side Camera: Only Honda has this—it’s a lot of fun. Get it! Hitches: U-haul and other places will install a hitch specifically made for this car to carry bikes or tow less than 2000 lbs. It is 225.00 installed at U-haul, I just inquired. I really would not tow anything too heavy or fast with this car, maybe local only—use the hitch for bikes. Purchase: I shopped many dealers and compared deals from Costco, Truecar, Carsdirect, AAA, and what I was able to negotiate on my own. The Best deal by far was the Edmunds Price Promise. I don’t work for or with Edmunds—just telling you my experience. Summary: It’s a fun drive to drive, reliable thus far, with very good cargo room (its biggest selling point for most people), and very good fuel mileage. It’s not the best handling car, it’s fast, but needs more braking power, and better cornering. The Technology package is excellent and a lot of fun. I think it’s a great value overall—there is no need to spend more money for a car. You don’t need an SUV. This FIT allows me to have all the features of a Mercedes, BMW or Lexus at 1/3 the cost—I almost feel like I am driving for free. I sleep well at night. Hey, it’s my second FIT and I could have purchased any other car!

  • love my Fit - 2015 Honda Fit
    By -

    i purchased my fit in October 2014, no problems fantastic mileage. If the front seat bottoms tilted I would have given it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟. I travel a lot and get 49-50 mpg on highway for a combined mpg as of 8/29/15 of 38.9 mpg.

  • not fit for you! - 2015 Honda Fit
    By -

    this is a great car if you're a young teenager and this is your first car. however - cons: 1. slow engine, loud engine really sounds like it's trying to hard at higher speeds (60+) 2. front seat REALLY is uncomfortable for an hour drive 3. the side view camera is not needed in a small car and the video quality for the side view is blurry and not a clear picture. 4. the push start is not needed (for a manual) as you have to press the clutch at the same time 5. the volume control for the touchscreen is not efficient nor is there a mute button 6. resale value IS NOT good. i tried to get a comparable trade one week after i bought this car and was offered $5K LESS! 7. the fuel tank is small and i have to refill twice in a week for going over 315 miles 8. the wipers only have hi, lo, and one setting for intermittent wiping?! pros: 1. best looking wedge shaped car in the industry 2. it's a honda (but really shouldn't be carrying the honda name) we'll see how long this lasts 3. i like the tire rims and that the rear seats fold up creating a unique way to store things

  • Overall, I love it - 2015 Honda Fit
    By -

    I'm basing this review for what I paid for the car. For that, after having the car for over a year, I'm still thrilled driving it. It handles very nicely and I'm amazed how fast I can take some turns and the car just sticks and feels so in control. Great road feedback. The manual is so smooth and easy to shift. Acceleration is good enough for me not crazy fast at all but certainly easy enough to "gun it". What I love is the fun factor of driving it, the fantastic gas mileage, the room for things, the ease of parking and handling, the looks, the feel, the back up camera, the side camera, no bad blind spots, easy shifting, sun roof, pretty good sound system, keyless entry, low maintenance, rear wiper, hatch, lot of cup holders, and it's a Honda. The front seats are too hard for long rides. I learned to put sit on a car cushion for that. But for average driving, the seats feel fine for me.

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