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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2015, the Honda Crosstour is essentially unchanged from last year.

  • Carlike driving dynamics
  • Roomy seating
  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • Quiet cabin
  • Limited cargo capacity
  • Button-intensive console
  • Polarizing styling.

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  • It 's a keeper ! - 2015 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    You have to drive the car to appreciate it, not just by looking and professional reviews, not a sport car more like touring.

  • Got a great closout bargain - 2015 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    My wife and I were looking to replace our trusty 2002 Odyssey after our boys had grown and were originally looking at a Subaru. Then my wife remembered that she had driven a Crosstour one time when our van was being serviced and really liked it, so why not check that out? One left at the dealer as they were discontinuing the model, at 20% below MSRP. Took it for a test drive and bought it on the spot. Great car to drive, responsive and handles very well. The controls are well laid out, and i really like the cool blue color. The interior is very comfortable and I am looking forward to doing an extended road trip soon. Very pleased with the purchase, and glad we got one before they were all taken!

  • Pleasantly surprised - 2015 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    Traded in outback. Better acceleration, almost as good MPG, much more comfortable, better handling, better looking. I was in market for new outback or forester. The crosstour is far better in my opinion and I am a huge Subaru fan -- I still own one. It has become the family choice of transportation over Acura RDX and Subaru Crosstrek. Only knock is rear window view.

  • A Different Car! - 2015 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    I went to the dealership to purchase an Accord for my wife. She has been a Honda die-hard for many years, jumping from an Accord to several generations of the Pilot. The children are older, and the days of carting around strollers are long past, so the need for an SUV is not so important. She opted for the sedan. While waiting at the dealership, the Crosstour caught my eye. I need AWD and the space this hatchback provides would be more than enough for any shopping trip. I live in the Northeast so a sure footed ride is essential. I test drove it and was impressed that the Crosstour behaved like an Accord, albeit having heavy characteristics, most notably when braking. I want to caveat this, as I drove the Accord for hours before testing the Crosstour. I like the fact it sits higher than the standard sedan, but yet it is not like the "stanbdard" CUV/SUV that has more capacity that I rarely need, and poor gas mileage to match. Before I give my opinion on the car, i want to convey that I have owned Suburbans, Audi (A7&A8), and Explorers. Pros: This is a car is a well appointed Accord on hatchback steroids. It doesn't look like the sharp lined, rolling boxes that are dominating the car market. There is so much emphasis on the storage capacity that is claimed to be lacking ( which if you used one, you would realize it has a tons of space), but no mention of the rider comfort that is lost in the other CUV's such as the Venza or the Outback. Try riding in the back seat of one of those cars for a two hour trip... The rear seating area in the Crosstour is comfortable for two average adults with surprisingly ample legroom and ceiling height. The cabin is very quiet. The access to the rear hatch is waist high...no bending or leaning in. The V6 is very quick and responsive. The transmission shifts smoothly. The EX-L is loaded with amenities. Handling is adequate. Cons: I find the Crosstour to be too much like a Honda sedan! Is that a bad thing? The rear view is not for the average Mommy. It is a fine highway cruiser, but the city environment transmits a bit much through the wishbone suspension. Closing: The Crosstour gets a bad rap for being real. Come on...I mean when do you need over 51 Cubic Feet of cargo space every time you get behind the wheel? I find it humorous that cargo space is king when 99% of the time it's truly empty space. If you have more than three kids, you would need an SUV anyway. Its a well thought our cross-breed that has tons of space for those occasions of uber shopping, and yet it is a fine sedan when you need one, which is 99% of the time... and 24 MPG average doesn't suck.

  • An understated Vehicle - 2015 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    I read several of the reviews before considering this vehicle, I didn't even know it existed until I shopped around. I am coming from a Pilot where we drove the wheels off of it and went on many adventures. I noted that people either loved or hated this car. I think this is a car many people will have missed and once it's out of production people will look back and appreciate it for what it is. Fortunately, it is not a high demand vehicle so I was able to get a great deal to move the inventory from the dealer. We are an active family who does road trips and plenty of cycling. 15 years of driving trucks or vehicles that drive like a truck I was ready to get into a sedan style but with some cargo space for gear. The small SUV's were suggested but at the end of the day I didn't like the style or set up of feeling like I was driving a little box or a Pilot that was shrunk. I really liked the idea of a wagon or hatchback to load our gear and go. This vehicle drives well and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything that we like to do. The up side is better gas milage and a more comfortable ride. Plenty of room in the front as well as for the back seat passengers. The roof line may be a bit low for tall people back there. Enough cargo for what we do and the hidden compartments are nice. I opted for the roof rack for bikes, which can be noisy with the roof open but close the sliding roof liner and the interior is very quite, especially compared to the Pilot or the Tacoma I drove. Only two things that I do care for is fist the audio sound. The speakers are weak and don't have a great sound quality. Second, to get a 2" receiver hitch to carry additional bikes or cargo is near impossible. I know you can't tow with this vehicle but It's a miss for a cross over vehicle not to allow these for people who carry bikes or already have a rack. Fortunately, I found a manufacture that can do a 2" receiver for this car that I may try. Finally, the rear visibility takes some getting use to because it is split, but it's not too bad. All in all I'm very pleased with this vehicle.

  • Best Kept Secret Gone From Auto Availablility - 2015 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    Read several reviews on auto before purchase and was aware they were not going to be sold anymore. Found my golf clubs were easy to get in and out as well as my dogs. Though wheel wells do cut down on some wide items like a 4x8 sheet of plywood, the amount of stuff one can get in is better than the Ford Escape I traded in on the Crosstour. With V-6 the around town gas mileage is better by a couple mph than my Escape Turbo and the Road mileage was 5-6 mpg better 25 vs 30). Love the car. Only con is rear visibility and seats on a little tiring on a 1,000 mile trip. Shame the car is no longer. Will be keeping mine until the wheels fall off.

  • Didn't Love it, Until I Drove It - 2015 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    After the winter of 2014 here in the Northeast, I decided to trade in my 2013 Acura Tsx Sport wagon in. I knew I wanted AWD and wanted to stick with Honda. The Acura RDX...my first choice..rode really stiff and the discount was awful. The CX-5 also had barely a discount and felt cheap inside. The Ford Edge,2014,was a little old to me, knowing the 15 was on it's way and only rode OK. I don't like the CVT transmissions - so that knocked out both the CRV and any Subaru (although Subaru was never really an option) I NEVER considered the Crosstour until I drove it. Love the ride and handling.

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