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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, the Honda Crosstour receives refreshed exterior styling, upgraded cabin materials, a more powerful V6, a six-speed automatic (V6 only) and a few newly available convenience/safety features. Also, EPA fuel mileage estimates improve, as does the vehicle's roof-strength safety score.

  • Carlike driving dynamics
  • Roomy seating
  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • Quiet cabin
  • Limited cargo capacity
  • Button-heavy controls
  • Controversial styling.

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  • The Crosstour - 2013 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    It took me awhile to wrap my head around the fact that Honda is putting out a better product than Audi & BMW. Honda seems to have overbuilt the Crosstour to ensure it would attract the attention that it is getting. No flaws.

  • Surprising Choice! - 2013 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    My husband and I wanted to upgrade to a larger, safer, 4-door vehicle. We looked at smaller SUVs and station wagons. In fact, we almost bought the Subaru Outback 3.6R, however the gas mileage was not impressive at all. Our FJ Cruiser gets better gas mileage than that. And the quality was...ok. We happened to pass by a Honda dealership and seen the Crosstour out front. I had to test it out and to my surprise, it was everything we wanted and more. What a comfortably smooth ride! I have been averaging 23-27 mpg, depending on traffic. The interior is incredibly comfortable and the looks of Crosstour is very sleek. I feel like I am driving a very expensive, luxury car.

  • Great Car, Great Price - 2013 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    How could a guy who's used to Cadillacs and Corvettes end up with a Honda Crosstour? Believe me, I've heard this more than once from friends and Family. I'm actually a little surprised myself. But the plain truth is this... Cadillacs just aren't Cadillacs anymore and Corvettes are priced higher than my first house... And I'm not THAT old. I went looking for a new car for <$30K. What I found, after going from dealer to dealer, was this... They all looked alike... Ford, Chevy, Toyota... It didn't matter... They all ran together in my head like a myriad of counting sheep. Then it happened... Driving north on I-75 one Saturday afternoon... I'm clipping along at a speed slightly higher than the

  • Love My Honda Crosstour - 2013 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    I decided to downsize after driving SUV's for many years. The hatchback makes for an easier transition. I owned a Honda Accord Coupe many years ago, but did not like the new style. I am so glad I found the Crosstour. This car looks great, sporty but still a four door. I am shocked at the reviews criticizing the look. I looked at the Lexus and the Infiniti, but didn't really want to purchase high octane fuel. I don't drive my personal vehicle to work. It's so fun to drive, I can't wait for the weekend so I can get in my Crosstour and go! I love that there are not very many of them on the road right now. I absolutely love this car.

  • Severe Floor Board Shake - hesitation - 2013 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    This is our second V6 AWD crosstour. We have a severe floor board shake at 22mph- 30mph. If you in stop and go traffic - the car will even hesitate along with shaking the floorboards and gas pedal. This is a major design flaw and it's much worse in normal drive then in S drive - using the paddle shifters. The car also shakes real hard at 70-78mph on the highway as - tires are balanced This is a Engine and or Transmission design flaw. Had it in our 2010 and now worse in our 2013 - The put the VCM in the Acura RDX and people are complaining about the same problem. I'm just waiting for something to break loose under the hood and cause a accident. HONDA FIX YOUR MAJOR DESIGN FLAW

  • Ignore pro auto reviews! - 2013 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    Just bought "13" Crosstour. It was the only car that filled all our needs. Build quality is flawless. We are first time Honda owners. Loaded with tech goodies that all work as they are supposed to work, not like Ford's MY Touch by MicroCrap and GM's gouge you every month OnStar. If you are not a race driver "want a be" and don't want to spend 50k on a Benz or BMW show me a car that does what the Crosstour does without breaking a sweat.

  • Nice looking, comfortable - 2013 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    Coming from an older accord this is a nice transition, without going to big and boxy SUV. Particularly like the blue dash lights, large nav screen, xm buttons, darkened rear windows, 3 view rear camera, right side camera on demand, safety rating. Banking on Honda reliability I've had in past.

  • The Hump Back Honda Delivers - 2013 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    I knew the vehicle I wanted when I walked into the dealership and the dealership in its own right is a whole different ball of wax nor do I wish to elaborate. The Crosstour has better handling than I expected from other reviewers though not as good as the 2011 accord which I also own. Four wheel drive I learned by the way does not mean you can go over 60 on ice and snow and not expect to spin out. The car did manage to right itself again when in a 200 yard skid over ice and snow as I realized the safe alternative would have been to travel at like 40 give or take in the first place. I didn't hit anyone or anything fortunately as the thoughts were going through my head, "please not the mail box, and I don't see anyone in front or behind me!" I have had it off road and it can get frustrating in thicker mud as it seems to clump and traction seems a little less (with no dents or scratches). It seems to have good cargo space as I am able to fit my string bass in the back and the seats all to easily come down. I also like the cabin as it reminds me of my old 1979 toyota celica supra with a lot more comfort. The ride is very good with little or no distortion over bumps or rough road. As with any car I recommend Sea Foam gas and oil treatment every 3 - 6 months.

  • My new used crosstour - 2013 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    Just bought my 2013 crosstour and love it. It drives well and has plenty of room. It's quiet inside and has a very smooth ride. The heated leather are great.

  • Crosstour V6 - 2013 Honda Crosstour
    By -

    Make sure you're coming comfortable in this car, that's one of the only things I don't like about it, and the reason I would sell it, its not a fun car to drive, point A to B. At nothing more, the power..yes only the v6, I wish mine was AWD it may make a difference in performance significantly,

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