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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 Honda Civic has been fully redesigned. Highlights include mild styling updates, improved fuel economy and more power for the Si model.

  • Spacious interior
  • Available coupe body style.
  • Comfortable and composed ride
  • Wide variety of powertrains
  • Good fuel economy
  • Small trunks in Hybrid and Natural Gas models.
  • Cheap interior plastics
  • Excessive wind noise
  • Busy-looking dash with navigation

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  • Alternator Issue - 2012 Honda Civic
    By -

    I had to replace the battery because it went dead. When I got replaced the battery at battery + I was told that I need to get Alternator checked out because it not charging the battery the way it should. So I called dealer they wanted $80 to run diagnostic on vehicle instead of spending $80 I went to my mechanic who is working on foreign cars for a while. He checked to see if battery is being charge while car is running and it wasn't, it was showing battery was holding at 12.4 V and it should have been 14 V. He tried various method to see if it charges the battery and finally when he turn the head lights on while car is running battery started charging and showing 14 v. He told me that it is weird and never saw anything like this. He thought probably the alternator was made that way. So I called to confirm with Honda company to see if they have any thing on this issue I was told they don't have information or recall on it. Rep at Honda company was pushing me to take it to dealer and pay $80 for diagnostic.

  • Superb gas mileage champ - 2012 Honda Civic
    By -

    Initially bought the Civic for my long commutes. Stop and go on the freeway I averaged 35mpg. Now the wife's lead foot averages 25mpg city only driving. The front seats are not designed for long road trips. Any trip under two hours is fine. Did not purchase navigation. We have smartphones. My one tech gripe is the 1-2 second audio delay while streaming Bluetooth. The factory tires were not designed for use in the rain. Probably should have bought leather interior. My work clothes get dirty. I did buy airbag compatible washable seat covers. Factory sound system makes noise. It's not Bose or Mark Levinson. This is reliable transportation that requires little effort to drive and starts every time.

  • Awesome - 2012 Honda Civic
    By -

    I have a 2012 Honda Civic EX sedan all black. And to be honest it's the greatest car I have owned yet. Comfort is amazing, sport look to it, and I get great gas mililage to. Since I bought I had to put in a battery only because the owner before me had a smaller one in it. I'm planning on the staying with the civic. Plus it lowered my car insurance to. I like the whole set up of the car and technology of it.

  • Floridian Cajun Si-er - 2012 Honda Civic
    By -

    Great car for the money!! Lots of power from the K24 engine, even though a turbo would be really sweet. A bit too much cost cutting for 2012 interior plastics cheap, but better than a 80-90's Big 3 car sway bars thinner than previous generation and the 2013-2015. A "sport minded" car should have full instrumentation, not idiot lights!! And the tach doesn't need to be so big. Radio is great, iMid is great, big speedometer at eye level great. Needs a rear window wiper. Economy great! One trip from TN to FL at 80 mph got 36mpg! Not as good as a an EX or LX, but way better than my old Camaro. Would definitely buy another, can't wait to try out the 2017 Si.

  • Even Honda knows they screwed up - 2012 Honda Civic
    By -

    What more evidence do you need that the 2012 Civic was a half-baked effort than Honda refreshing the car every year following 2012? Their only performance-driven model during this MY neutered the fun of the previous generation, put in the boring engine from the CR-V, and eliminated the light and nimble experience in favor of unconfident bodyroll and numb steering. The exterior is odd AND impractical. By extending the windshield angle and adding small quarter-panel glass to the side windows, the front pillar creates a front blind spot during turning of any kind. The car feels heavier than it should. Thanks Honda for destroying the resale value of the 2012s by immediately updating the interior/exterior the very next year. Worst of all these cars come with a faulty clutch plate with defective springs that loosen and make a horrible grinding noise at 30K mi. I was lucky enough to get it changed under warranty, but many owners weren't so lucky. Don't bother with this model, especially the 2012 version.

  • Midlife speedster - 2012 Honda Civic
    By -

    Test drive it get into the drive and see this handle it's fun it's great on gas only when your being good... Very hard to do. I bought this car for me and wife nobody sits in back.. Lol no tickets

  • What has Happened! - 2012 Honda Civic
    By -

    I have driven a Honda since I was 16, but thanks to Honda's following other auto makers to increase profits and forget about why we buy their products, which was that they used to run forever. My Honda needed new wheel bearings at 50000 miles, road noise is terrible, volume/tuner control knob stopped working by 75000 miles and customer service at my dealership is terrible, I feel like I owe the receptionist at the service department an apology for bringing my car in for repairs and interrupting their day.

  • Love my civic! - 2012 Honda Civic
    By -

    ROAD NOISE SUCKS THOUGH!!! Very noisy. And there no outside air display which is kind of weird. Other than that it is amazing. I love the gas mileage and that it takes regular gas. Looks super sporty on the outside and slick interior is nice and simple. So far so good! 19.120k miles and going strong.

  • Worst Vehicle I Have Ever Owned (out of 22 cars)! - 2012 Honda Civic
    By -

    I will try to start positive here: this car would get 42-45 MPG on a routine basis in city driving and I got a peak of 55 MPG on the highway. Unfortunately, that was the only positive point about this vehicle! Honda redesigned the Civic Hybrid in 2013 for good reason. Wind noise from poorly fitting doors, an interior door panel that would bow in about a half inch when the power window hit the top, deafening road noise which included the sound of fuel sloshing in the tank, stumbling and hesitation out of stops, a film that would appear on the windows about every 2 weeks requiring they be cleaned, oil accumulation in the air filter during heavy load situations (fully loaded, highway driving) and uneven, rapid tire wear. At 24K miles the transmission (a CVT) started slipping and I traded the car.

  • Honest review - 2012 Honda Civic
    By -

    This is my first Hybrid car, first cvt transmission also. Bought this car for gas mpg and it has really impressed me on the mpg's. We just got back from a long vacation, 2565 miles with varies roads from Hilly, interstate, and city driving, it average 45.8.

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