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  • Aweasome - 2016 Honda CR-V
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  • Buy a different car ! - 2016 Honda CR-V
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    Our top of the line Touring CR-V 2WD has only one power seat , only one side camera when right blinker is on .When you engage the cruise control the Collision Mitigation Braking System or the Forward Collision Warning will slow you when it senses a car in front of you and when that car drives away the car will down shift to catch up so hold on . Now remember this car has a Eco button that softens the gas pedal rate which will save gas but does not inter function with the cruse engaged. The car has electric controlled mirrors but the car won't remember your settings but has a 2 person seat memory . When in reverse the camera works but will NOT warn you if there is an obstruction in the warning area and the camera is poor visual quality . The screen and it's electronics are not user friendly , When entering the car and starting the radio will come on but you have to use the steering wheel controls to lower the audio sound. Looking for fuel rangeor instant gas mileage, it won't be on the fuel screen in the center of the dash you have to select it in the center cluster . I don't even think the mirrors will fold in with a push of a button. The main screen , I have been trying to get the clock to default to if your done with say audio or your done with the navigation . The lane Departure Warning seems the best part of the car it will correct the steering to maintain its position in the lane and warn you if your getting close or it can't sense the lanes position , This is great as an autonomous feature , I just wish I could adjust the warning signal to integrate into the audio and in a louder tone . All of this in just 680 miles . I would seriously consider another car ....................BMW X1

  • Great car & price; thanks to Edmunds Price Promise - 2016 Honda CR-V
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    Edmunds Price Promise and the dealer's confirmation of this price via email and call. There was no quibble with the dealership. A very satisfying experience. Thanks very much for the Edmunds Price Promise -- I highly recommend it!

  • Perfect vehicle for my college age daughter - 2016 Honda CR-V
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  • Another disappointing Honda - 2016 Honda CR-V
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    I expected better from the top shelf trim line. The control knobs and surfaces are cheap. Transmission just slides no shifting involved, being that it is a cvt, not a fan. Don't try to tune or adjust radio and climate controls while driving, collision possibilities are increased markedly with the tiny buttons. Can not comment on reliability too new. Ride is decent, handling should be better. Cargo area is handy. At 32k purchase price I am not impressed but wife is happy. All together should have gone with the Acura RDX.

  • You should know - 2016 Honda CR-V
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    The gas and brake are dangerously too close Honda says too bad! The car goes 5 mph weither you like it or not Honda will refuse to change it in other words it may be your car but we do not care what you want!

  • 2016 Honda CR-V EX-L AWD - 2016 Honda CR-V
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    Road noise in this vehicle is horable. Edmunds says the vehicle is quiet and best in class? I was thinking I got a lemon but on researching the Road Noise it seems to be a problem with all Honda's. I would suggest anyone concidering this vehicle do a Highway test drive to see if they can handle the noise problem. On a recent trip my wife and I had to shout at each other and radio was useless.

  • Second CR-V - 2016 Honda CR-V
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    This is my second CR-V. I traded my 2008 in for a 2016 CR-V Touring. I love the upgrade. This model is must quieter than my previous CR-V. The cargo area is larger and there is more leg room in the backseat. I love this car and am very pleased with my purchase. Honda is a quality, dependable vehicle.

  • Just got it - 2016 Honda CR-V
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    Still new and getting use to the vehicle. Bought it for the safety features and the AWD (NE Winters).

  • hard to steer - 2016 Honda CR-V
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    steering wheel feels hard to turn the front wheels. why? horrible technology screen (hard to see, buttons buried deep, doesnt respond, slow speaker, repetitive speaker, not user friendly. is like a fred flinstone computer.

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