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This Year's Model Updates:

The Honda CR-V carries over unchanged into 2014.

  • Strong crash test scores.
  • Ample standard tech features
  • User-friendly controls
  • Abundant passenger and cargo room
  • Good fuel economy
  • Some cheap cabin materials
  • No available engine upgrade
  • Transmission lacks a manual mode.

User Reviews:

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  • Lost my favorite aspects of car - 2014 Honda CR-V
    By -

    Happy with reliability of CRV. However, there were 3 things I loved about my 2010 CRV that are now gone. Floor to roof cargo height reduced by 8" (have to put bike on slant now). Open floor area between front seats (great for computer bag) now filled with a useless console. Middle folding rear seat good for putting skiies through and 2 passengers - gone to 2/3, 1/3 split - now skiied and only 1 passenger. Plastic grey trim on top level trim - ugly and cheap. So my favorite things about car gone and I am in work around mode. Probably will look at other alternatives. Hoping the tires on this car last longer than the 30K on 2010 model. "Sport utility" is a completely different concept than "family" vehicle. Keep it in mind Honda.

  • All around traveler - 2014 Honda CR-V
    By -

    If you need a good all around vehicle, I would recommend this one. I'm really proud of this car. The trunk is really roomy and there is a lot of legroom. Perfect height for average people, even my 4yo can get in and out by herself. But still high enough to go through 2.5 feet of fresh snow up an 1/8 mile driveway. We used to have a honda odyssey minivan and we replaced it with this CRV. I was worried about stepping down from a V6 to 4 cylinder for our road trips. Going over the big mountain passes in cruise control, the odyssey would downshift to around 3k rpm and this CRV does the same. I feel that the lighter weight offsets the smaller engine. I would have given 5 stars if it weren't for the darn VTC actuator clacking on cold starts and darn front seat head rests/restarints. I have checked with my mechanic and the VTC actuator is just an annoyance. I have to recline the front seat back a little and then the Fwd cant of the headrest is not so bad. The head rest was designed this way to reduce neck injury, so I understand. I took this car for a 3000 mile trip this last winter and it did about 25.5 mpg with blizzaKS and a Thule roof box. Again we had so much snow in utah. With studless snow tires on, I went through all sorts of snow. Handling was great going over Snoqualmie pass, blue mountains, Sierra nevadas, tahoe, donner pass and siskiyou's. We had white out conditions with blowing snow and this little CRV did not skip a beat. Good tires are important to go and stop, awd just helps to go fwd. I'll update again after this spring break trip to Mt. Rushmore from Seattle. Hope this review helps

  • Thumbs down on CRV - 2014 Honda CR-V
    By -

    Tinny and unsafe unpredictable driving in New England weather. Slid right through a red light today - braking and AWD useless - no problem though for the little Prius in front of me! This vehicle has been disappointing since day one and is very overrated. MPG is 22.5 at best. Does not hold its value- I owe more than it is worth . Owned Jeeps for 20 years and loved them. Did not consider another one due to Chrysler Corp's and local dealership very poor customer backing and service. They do not stand by their customers or honor warranty's so that is why I did not consider doing business with Jeep/Chrysler . Definitely not impressed with Honda though. Probably go back to Jeep - at least I will feel safer while driving in New England winter weather and will not depend on customer backing by Chrysler or dealership.

  • Beware of posted fuel mileage. - 2014 Honda CR-V
    By -

    We purchased our CRV in November and love the vehicle with one exception. The fuel mileage isn't anywhere close to what it was sold as being. My wife has a daily commute of 30 miles each way to work, so fuel economy was a major factor in our decision. Although with 90% of our driving being interstate, the vehicle is only averaging 23.5 mpg even with the eco turned on. If you are looking at the CRV for the fuel economy, I would recommend looking at another vehicle.

  • Very Good SUV except for one thing - 2014 Honda CR-V
    By -

    The VTC actuator. During cold winter mornings a loud rattle occurs when first starting the car. Honda says it's normal and is the VTC actuator which is not causing any damage. I've had my CRV for 2 years now and Honda has not made any repairs for this. I consider this a manufacture defect. I don't like an SUV that rattles during the first cold start of the day. If this isn't fixed in the next year, I'm getting a Toyota.

  • Honda sells a name, not quality - 2014 Honda CR-V
    By -

    Arrived to dealer from factory with a defective windshield- replaced. Battery leaked acid after 7 months - replaced, stealership tried to charge for battery service - battery leaked acid and it had to be wiped - failed, warranty service. Uncomfortable seats, no arm rest on passenger side, impossible to vacuum debris magnet upholstery, carpet, worst materials ever, plastic is prone to scratches, no hand brake, only parking brake pedal too low, seat height adjustment lever in a bad spot, touch with the thigh every time get in and out, seat lowers and needs to be raised. The more i get in and out the more often it happens. Paint prone to scratches. Radiator is open, no grille, not possible or difficult to custom install, MPG combined stop-and-go bumper to bumper or highway normal conditions low 20's. No maintenance schedule, have to go by the stupid maintenance minder. Nothing like my previous 2004 honda. This one is my last.

  • enjoy this car - 2014 Honda CR-V
    By -

    I really enjoy this car, and here is why. 1) the transmission shifts like I think a transmission should. Nice clean shifts, no hesitation, quick to downshift. I've had GM's version (Equinox/Terrain/every other 2.4L GM car) and I hate the way their tranny shifts. 2) the seats have fold down armrests - they are perfect for me. 3) the center console with the sliding door - so easy to open and access from the driver's seat. 4) the controls for heat/ac and radio are so simple and straightforward. 5) the mileage - i regularly get 28mpg on my 65 mile roundtrip to work and back through mixed hwy/city. If I had to complain about anything there are two things. 1) on startup in colder weather, the engine makes a quick rattle that sounds like metal on metal. Many Honda 2.4s have this, apparently, but the dealer says its nothing to worry about. So i don't worry, but it sounds bad in the morning. 2) wind noise is more noticeable than in my wife's Ford Focus. Its not bad, but could be quieter. All that being said, I can't really say for sure what I like best, just that I really enjoy driving this car. And I've had a lot of cars. This is one of my faves. Got about 15,000 miles on it so far.

  • "Cry wolf" tire light and redundant warning screen - 2014 Honda CR-V
    By -

    I bought the 2014 model because I needed an AWD in central NY snow. I like to wait a year to post reviews because I want to really get to know my car. PROs - Reliable, comfortable, functional, gas mileage CONS - After starting the car, it takes several screens of warnings before I get to my GPS and punch in my destination. Why? FIrst a screen about the satellite for 60 seconds. What is stupid warnings like "Driver is responsible for operation of vehicle" warning? Really? The DMV thinks so. When will you Honda? Duh! WHy don't you have me sign a release when I buy the car so I don't have to look at this every single time I start my car. Takes 30 seconds AFTER you hit OK for the next screen.T hen comes a screen saying your phone is connected for another 30 seconds. Malfunctioning tire pressure light since the day I bought it. Dealership cannot fix it. This is so stressful when you are driving in bad weather because I can't tell if this time the light is for real or just faking it. Poor radio reception. I get 2 stations while all my neighbors get 6 or 8 stations GPS navigation is not intuitive like other cars. Needs too many clicks to get your destination or to find your address book. Screen is invisible when sun shines on it. Need anti glare screen. it takes several screens of warnings before I get to my GPS and punch in my destination. Why? Salem dealership is not knowledgeable. Did not fix my shuddering brakes. Just told me to keep driving and it would go away which it has not. Cruise control has 5 - 10 miles/hr variance on hills after I have set it. This could result in a speeding ticket! Motor is very loud while driving

  • Worst riding new car we have ever bought!!!!!!!!!! - 2014 Honda CR-V
    By -

    We bought this 2014 Honda CR-V ELX new from Howdy Honda and have had problems since we purchased it. The radio is useless because you cannot hear it for the road noise. Brakes are bumpy when applied with an uneven brake, release, brake motion. There is a noise that increases and decreases with speed (sounds almost like a belt in one of the tires has shifted or a bad wheel bearing). The actuators on the back hatch door are bad and will be replaced. The pneumatic tire pressure indicator is always coming on. Steering is too quick ( There is no comparison between a CR-V and an Accord with the Accord being far superior. There are other makes that offer more options for around the same cost. Rough riding vehicle. We tried to tell Howdy Honda we were having problems with this car and they would drive it and say there is nothing wrong with it. Finally at my request a service manager (AND MYSELF) took the car for a test drive (he drove it) and he admitted it had problems. Bear in mind your complaints are (concerns at Howdy Honda). I also asked him how about driving a new CR-V to compare rides (mine has had these problems since the first time I took the car in for an oil change) and the service manager quickly stated it wouldn't be a good idea as the technology has changed from 2014 to 2015 (can you believe that). Honda has become a company that makes excuses for its flaws instead of standing behind them and doing what is right. On the defective hatch actuators (support arms) a service person tried to tell me I would have to duplicate the problem (the hatch has become locked in the open position twice and I thought I was going to break it if I applied more force in trying to close it). I felt like telling this individual he was an idiot and he really made me angry at doubting my integrity. I told him what was I or my wife supposed to do----drive the fifty miles to the dealership with the hatch stuck up in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This CR-V ELX may have 26,000 miles on it but the problems listed have existed since we purchased it and complained during the time of the first oil change. Ronald Lee

  • My 3rd CRV - 2014 Honda CR-V
    By -

    This is the 3rd CRV I have owned. Jimmy Sears at Autonation Honda in Chandler, AZ was my sales person and the experience was exceptional. Now I am the proud owner of a 2014 CRV. I have owned two others previously and traded them in to drive other vehicle I thought would be THE vehicle for me. Obviously I have come back to the CRV. In my opinion it is tough to beat the convenience and reliability of these vehicles. They give you the comfort of a sedan with the convenience of an SUV and the gas mileage of an economy car. I'm done experimenting with other vehicles. I have my CRV and this what I plan to drive from now on.

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