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  • is ok would be better if I get it cheap. - 2016 GMC Canyon
    By -

    The starting price, to much secrets onthe price and all the info that you need to send before you get a price that discouraged a pitential buyet.

  • Best little big truck around - 2016 GMC Canyon
    By -

    It didn't give the option for the 2.8L diesel but that's what I have and I love it. The mpg is great I usually hover close to 30 mpg.

  • Duramax is the way to go - 2016 GMC Canyon
    By -

    I have had the Canyon for just a few weeks now. I purchased the 2016 model year since there was minimal changes to the 2017 model. I wasn't really looking for a diesel, but the more research I did made me realize it was the right choice. Major factor for me was the reduced pricing (was able to buy for 37K + fees) -would not have bought the diesel if it was over 40k. At that price would have gone with the Sierra. Here are the things I really like so far: Parking is so much easier than full size truck, fits in the garage, crew cab has plenty of room for family of 4, fuel mileage, cosmetically pleasing exterior - it actually looks like a smaller version of the Sierra. The leather interior, infotainment system and back up camera are all nice features. I love the purr of the duramax and can't wait to tow something or go up in the mountains. Here are my complaints: drivers seat does not have enough adjustments and not comfortable on longer drives (I bought a cushion at Costco for extra padding) I am average build, so was surprised abought the comfort level of the seating. The cubbies in the doors are completely useless and hard plastic feels cheap.

  • I got a $29k truck for $22k.... - 2016 GMC Canyon
    By -

    I was looking for a crew cab small truck for around $20k. Unfortunately, these days you don't have many options for $20k. Honda Ridgeline was way over priced, scarce to find a low trim model as most of the left Ridgeline was over $40k, Tacoma was also way over priced and the driving experience was horrible. I was left with a used Frontier which is a great small truck until my local GMC dealer had a couple of left over 2016 over stock Canyons that they knock off $7k. So I got a new $29k Canyon for $22k. For the a low trim, it is nicely equipped like electric seat, back up camera, and OnStar. No complain so far.

  • Too Tall Truck - 2016 GMC Canyon
    By -

    The best improvement they could make would be to lower the body by at least 3 inches. I really doubt anyone needs the clearance it has. I drive graveled and dirt back roads and go some rough places and don't need the height. That makes it difficult for many [I have a bad leg] to get in and out easily. AT the risk of voiding my warranty I'm seriously considering lowering it myself. I test drove one with a step and it really didn't help much. Other than that it is an excellent buy. More than one friend has said that it rides better than most cars. Even my wife is jealous of the ride. UPDATE: Still a great ride but now I have back problems and getting and out is very difficult. After more than a year I'm generally pleased but still feel it could be 3 inches or 4 maybe lower. And watching for other Canyons I've decided it is the choice for people who want to drive a truck or be seen driving a truck but not necessarily using it like a truck. I use it, but notice that most work trucks seem to be the Chevy version. Finally, I have a friend with a 40+K Toyota RAV4 who much prefers driving my Canyon. She says it's a much better ride. I agree.

  • Nice Truck for the Money - 2016 GMC Canyon
    By -

    Nice truck handles well. Priced right so far so good

  • Read this - 2016 GMC Canyon
    By -

    First of all, I need to ding edmunds for not even listing the model with a Diesel engine. The engine is great. Love the vehicle but I am outraged that the first gravel road I went on, gravel blasted the protruding portion of the rear wheel area. Vehicle should have had mud flaps on the front. You should demand flaps be put on by your dealer. At least recommended. I will bash GMC on reviews on this everywhere I can. Major oversight on GMCs part.

  • Great - If it had any semblace of a decent tranny - 2016 GMC Canyon
    By -

    It's a nice truck, that rides fairly well. SLT interior is rather nice. It sucks fuel, less than 14 mpg in city driving with the 3.6 V6. The transmission, WHAT A JOKE!!! It has no idea what gear it wants to be in, constantly hunts and when it does pick one, it's 2 gears too high for the situation. Case in point, turned left into my neighborhood, speedometer says 18 mpg. Press the gas pedal to accelerate. . .nothing, downshift it (which causes it to drop one gear and actually display the number rather than the D), and it's in 4th gear. That means, it was in 5th gear of a 6 speed transmission going 18 mph. How does that make any sense?? I drive it like a manual with the manual shift just to have power when I need it. Now, it's started a new "feature" You'll stop at a stop sign, or a light with the tranny in drive and when you press the gas pedal to go. NOTHING. No RPM increase, no movement, look at the shifter and the D is flashing red. It's almost killed me 3 times so far and just this morning, did the same thing trying to reverse out of the garage. Dealership said I didn't know how to drive the "new" auto transmission since I've been driving a stick for the last 18 years. Can't WAIT for the 2018 Ranger, this thing will be history. The last GM I owned was a 1990 Grand Prix, it, like this truck look pretty, but are rolling piles of junk. DONE WITH GM.

  • Coffin Dodger - 2016 GMC Canyon
    By -

    Good pickup for older person. Rides and drives great. Not bad mileage. Don't regret buying it.

  • One Poor Truck - 2016 GMC Canyon
    By -

    Some of these vehicles have issues knowing when to shift. I have had this truck back to the dealer countless times for this issue. I have even had the region service tech work on the truck twice. The story is the same "it is a characteristic of this model" what a very poor excuse for GMC. They have no idea what they need to do to fix this. I have complained to GM as well as the dealership and NO ONE does anything. I am a very regular buyer of GM vehicles. one every 16-24 month's. After this experience I will never own another GM vehicle again or work with the dealership. Thankfully I leased the thing so I can walk away in 36 mo.

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