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This Year's Model Updates:

Other than freshened styling, the 2012 Ford Taurus is unchanged.

  • Humongous trunk
  • Comfortable ride
  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • Long list of standard features and cutting-edge options
  • Handsome and quiet cabin
  • Mediocre braking distances
  • Cabin can feel confining
  • SHO model's steep price tag.
  • Deep-set gauges can be hard to read

User Reviews:

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  • Sure beats the Impala - 2012 Ford Taurus
    By -

    I have had Chevy's for the past 21 years. Absolutely Love this Taurus. Comfort, dual air, great sound, good mph. Love it

  • 2012 Taurus - 2012 Ford Taurus
    By -

    I purchased this car in May 2013, had 35K miles on it. Great on mpg and comfortable. No problems yet.

  • Great Car so far - 2012 Ford Taurus
    By -

    I purchased this with 19k in November 12'. So far no issues. Get's decent fuel mileage on hwy avg 24.8 mpg. Like the size of the car and compared to several other models prior to purchase (toyota, lexus, maxima, bmw). Each has they're advantages, but just didn't feel the bang for the buck was equivilant. Really liked the bmw 5 series. Looks great on the outside, but kind of bland on the interior. Toyota was a little small. Lexus, I really liked, but can't bring myself to spend that type of money. Maxima was a good car, but was comparable to toyota.

  • 2012 sho - 2012 Ford Taurus
    By -

    With about 6k on my sho I like this ride. However I do not love this ride. Steering is tight and communicates with the road. Steering ratio is fair with a slightly heavy feel. The build quality is always way up there with ford, I've had a bunch! The main caveat I offer is this sedan is simply too heavy. Too heavy for fun. It feels it when braking or turning. It's skid pad numbers are poor. It has good styling and the cabin is quiet. Stereo is good. Ford SYNC is a poor interface IMO. MPG for me is for me invariably 20-21. My '12 is basically a fleet land yacht. She doesn't much like turning nor braking and I have the performance package.

  • Another disappoinment. - 2012 Ford Taurus
    By -

    I have been a Ford man my whole life. However, the last 3 Fords I have owned have been severely problematic. The older Fords we have are excellent and have been a great value(00 Taurus, 02 F150), however, this new Taurus has been a disaster. First, the clearcoat is cracking and the paint on the trunk was poorly executed. Ford has offered to repaint, but I am afraid they will make it worse. Next, the interior materials could be better. I barely rubbed my finger on the faux wood and scratches galore! Ridiculous! Now, and apparently this is a know issue, the trunk(when closed), rubs on the bumper and the paint is rubbing away. Also tearing up the tailight. Unacceptable! My last Ford.

  • My Limited saga continues - 2012 Ford Taurus
    By -

    First of all let me say that I love the car itself and were it problem free, I would love it that much more. I picked up my vehicle on March 17, 2012, as of 7/18 it is at the dealer for the 3rd time with the same problem and a new one. All the warning bells go off and I have no tachometer, no speedometer, no air, and all the warning lights are rotating and flashing, then the blind spot fault light and front end collision lights stay on. Replaced computer, fixed a lose connection, still happening. Now on 7/18 it also wouldn't start for a while. Not really sure how to gauge the value or the performance cause as of right now, been without it for a total of 4 weeks.Not a happy consumer.

  • Transmission Issues - 2012 Ford Taurus
    By -

    I recently got a 2012 SHO edition and it was a demo model with just over 5k on it. Once I got it on the road, it drove nice but a few days later, it started to act up with the transmission - When I would let it coast to a stop light, it downshifts really hard - to the point where I am lunged forward. When I do a soft accelerate, it shifts hard. I am not sure what to think any more about this car - I really wish I stuck with my gut and went with a Fusion or a Edge!

  • Windows stick, really??? - 2012 Ford Taurus
    By -

    Only had my Taurus since October 2011. Seemed to be a pretty good car and was looking forward to winter driving now that I have AWD. Only problem is that the first cold morning after I had the car outside all night, the windows were stuck and I couldn't get them open! Finally, one window in the rear opened, but the other three were still stuck. Is this a feature I glossed over and it's actually designed to keep the cold out??? Really Ford - what genius team of engineers is responsible for this flaw??? I can't wait to see what it takes to get this fixed. Also, the cup holders are so tiny I can't find a cup small enough for these crazy things, except maybe a dixie cup. Strike tw

  • almost luxury , beware of goodyears - 2012 Ford Taurus
    By -

    I have put 2,000 miles on this car and still don't know what to think. From the beginning the goodyear eagles 19" have been a joke, it took 10 tires to get 4 that would balance, huge disapointment however dealer was great and made it right. The ride seems to be quiet at times and real noisy at others, road, wind, tires?? i don't know. however the ride is soft the seats real comfy and all the amenities top notch which leaves me to wonder why the crappy tires. anywho a gtreat car to short lease but that maybe it, still its better tan a cadillac cts.

  • Still have quality issue... - 2012 Ford Taurus
    By -

    The car drive well when it's new. We had it about 5 months now. And some issues started to appear. raddled sound from inside the car leake gas when pumping gas. Dealer have no idea why. they are keeping the car for a day.

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