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This Year's Model Updates:

Only minor equipment changes are in store for the 2011 Ford Taurus. The Limited and SHO models gain a standard rearview camera, while Sync–equipped models receive a complimentary three-year subscription to the new Traffic, Directions and Information service. The optional navigation system now includes HD radio capability.

  • Top crash test scores, long list of standard features and cutting-edge options, handsome and quiet cabin, humongous trunk, comfortable ride, available all-wheel drive.
  • Cabin can feel confining, deep-set gauges can be hard to read, SHO model's steep price tag.

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  • Inner tail lights don't light up - 2011 Ford Taurus
    By -

    I just bought a 2011 Taurus SEL and was very dissatisfied to find out that the inner tail lights that are on the outside of the trunk are basically just there for decoration since they don't light up.

  • 70,000miles Just Fine - 2011 Ford Taurus
    By -

    Buy with largest wheels and heavy duty battery

  • its still early but loving it - 2011 Ford Taurus
    By -

    about 3 days ago i traded in my crap 2008 chrysler 300 w/ 110k miles for this beauty! & i must say i am very impress so far! at 71k miles, better gas mileage, higher ground clearance, quieter cabin, etc. w/ the 300 i was at the pump filling up about every 2-3 days. but w/ this gem, carmax filled it for me friday, drove to college station from houston & back on saturday, then drove to galveston and back on sunday & im just above half of a tank! avg 27.9 mpgs so far! im 6'5 & i fit perfectly in it. i got mines is electric blue! & im not missing the 300 one bit, this one grabs peoples attention already! a later review in a few months to update when i pack on more miles on it!

  • Great car but...... - 2011 Ford Taurus
    By -

    The serious fault with the 2011 Taurus Limited is that it as ALL electronic. That means that if the battery dies with the doors locked, you may not be able to exit the vehicle. There is no manual override for opening the doors from inside. The same is true for the trunk, where most keep jumper cables. If you live near water and a collision sends you into a lake, river etc because the battery fails, or vehicle catches fire, you will have to break the windows to escape. Maybe not a problem in Kansas, but I live in SW Florida. While a situation did happen, it fortunately was on land.

  • Lets be honest - 2011 Ford Taurus
    By -

    OK, I do like this car, but there are something's that are problems. First, when your a merging into traffic at around 20 mph, then you have to accelerate fast. Well you better mash down the accelerator hard, because otherwise it simply falls on it face. The dealer says its normal. Next when you park on a grade, put your transmission in park, you better figure the car will roll another foot before it stops. Dealers says this is normal. If you are over six feet tall, you better remember to bend your head down, otherwise you will hit it on the door frame. I bought this because it was a Ford, and a American vehicle. Future vehicle purchases might be different

  • Best car I have ever owned! - 2011 Ford Taurus
    By -

    Purchased my 2011 Taurus SEL 6 months ago. It was a used rental car with 54,000 miles on it. It was like a new car. Exceptional in almost every way! Am 6'4" and have to move the seat forward to reach the pedals...very roomy front seat. Love this car and have had 42 cars in my life...I'm a car guy...what can I say?!? Though basic SEL with few options it is well equipped with what I want/need in car. As quiet as my previous 3 Lexus LS models, has a slightly firmer ride which I actually like and now at 57,000 miles it is just as great a car as it was when I bought it. Paid $13,992 and got a screaming deal! Great looking, great driving, great car....will have this one a very long time!

  • Door seals/weather seals - 2011 Ford Taurus
    By -

    I have had our car back for repairs for the poor sealing rear doors 5 times since we bought it new.If you drive these cars on any rural roads like we do in the summer you have to just about have anyone in the back seat wear a mask.The dust that comes in is terrible.This design was not tested, the excessive road noise on this model compared to the 2008 which I had is a huge increase. There will not be a repair done, Ford seems to be putting this off and hoping it will go away, instead they are loosing a lot of good customers who stayed with them for a good30 years like myself. My 1970 Ford F100 does not get as dusty in the cab as this car does.

  • Good acceleration, not as fun as Speed 6 or G8 GXP - 2011 Ford Taurus
    By -

    I may be one of the few people who have owned a Mazdaspeed 6, a new Taurus SHO, and a Pontiac G8 GXP with manual. I lost the Speed 6 in a divorce, downgraded for a while to a police interceptor (fun to abuse b/c its cheap), then bought a 2011 Taurus SHO with performance package in october of 2010. Mine had most options, only lacking adaptive cruise control (I think). I got a good deal on it (had to cross shop 4 dealers from 200 to 1000 miles away), but walked out $8000 under MSRP. I loved all the luxury features (not a Lincoln after all) and fresh styling. Overall a good value. However, I regretted not buying the G8 gxp instead (was hard to find) and eventually sold SHO for the GXP.

  • Love My Car - 2011 Ford Taurus
    By -

    I have owned another Ford Taurus and though really liked the car the transmission made me think I would never again own a ford, but so far this Taurus SEL make me change my mind about Ford. I drive at least 65 miles daily and I love it more each day

  • So So SHO - not reliable - 2011 Ford Taurus
    By -

    Beautiful vehicle although too many safety issues. Sensor in the engine was bad and it took Ford 3 months to diagnose and repair the problem. The vehicle shuts off randomly and Ford has no solution for repair. Now the roof leaks. Not a happy Ford customer at this time. My SHO is a lemon!

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