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  • It's nice to get more then you paid for! - 2014 Ford Shelby GT500
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    My last Mustang was a 2010 Roush 427r modified with 500HP and although overall an easier car to drive it certainly can not compare to my 2014 Shelby GT500. Simply put it's an animal under full throttle and very drivable for daily driving BUT and its a very big BUT one can not expect a supercar to be smooth as a Honda Accord. Logic dictates that high power requires heavy duty components and heavy duty requires a little more effort to handle. I ordered mine with the performance and electronic package and just love driving this car. The exhaust note is unbelievable and I just can't understand how Ford was able to build this quality car at these low prices. It's a nice testament to Carol Shelby!

  • 2014 shelby gt500 convertible - 2014 Ford Shelby GT500
    By -

    so I now have 5300 miles on my 2014 Shelby gt500 convertible and feel its time to write my review, first this car can be beast or a pussycat depending on how you want to drive it, if your going to drive it hard you need to be careful, make sure your going straight, the goodyears do not grip great especially if its under 60 degrees out, much better in warmer weather but still need to be careful, this is actually one of my complaints about the car, it has so much power and the gearing is so high that you can't floor it in first or second because you'll be all over the road and if you do hammer it lets say up a highway entrance ramp by the time your thru 3rd your at 130 mph, in a weird way its not as much fun to drive because you do have to be so careful and essentially you can only really push it in 3 gears unless you want to get to 150 mph in a hurry. I have had a 2007 Shelby gt500 and a 2007 saleen s281 and while neither could hold a candle to the 2014 they were much easier to drive fast and in a way more fun because you weren't as worried about pushing them. That being said the 14 is an incredible car in every other way, the brakes, handling etc are great, even though this car also has a live rear axle it is way better than the 07 saleen and Shelby that I had. I have the recaro seats in mine and they are very comfortable, big complaint is the ford sync system, it sucks period, navigation hasn't been right yet, hands free phone never works, stereo is weakest in any new car I've ever owned and its the upgraded version with the sub in the trunk, thank god the exhaust sounds so good lol, I realize you don't buy this car for the stereo or navigation but shame on ford for putting this crap in a 70k car. as for driving this car like a pussycat its very tame if you want it to be, the stories about the horrible clutch are bs, the pedal is not too stiff and I have yet to ever stall it, even though its geared so high I can pull into my road at 15mph in 3rd and move fine up a pretty steep hill to my house. Overall this is an incredible car, if your looking for something that sounds incredible, is just about the fastest thing on the road and will command attention this is the car for you

  • Learn to drive it kick butt on track, - 2014 Ford Shelby GT500
    By -

    This car is very capable track car. The power is there, the basic design is there, very few low cost upgrades such as Watts link, rear torque arm, lower control arms and Ford racing 5300L lowering springs (track pack suspension/821A package shocks) to keep Bilstein shocks working properly and most of what people will bring to the track will not hang with this set up. Plus!!!!! the5,8 Trinity engine entire lower end is made in Germany. That's right German precision. Search the trinity engine and read what you bought. A new engine alone costs $32,000. That's what we pay for. And the Shelby name. I like mine. I think the GT 350R will have trouble beating mine.

  • Bad Ass Car - 2014 Ford Shelby GT500
    By -

    Not much driving time in the new Shelby yet, but love every thing about it so far. It is quick. It sticks to the road. Styling is awesome. I am not sure how they got everything to fit under the hood, but it does fit nicely. My Shelby is a Metallic Red Convertible. I consider it the most beautiful car I have every seen. Not because it is mine. Looking forward to putting it on a road trip this summer.

  • 2014 shelby gt500 - 2014 Ford Shelby GT500
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    I've owned and driven many high po cars. This one is special in many ways. Critics complain of break fade. I've not experienced any even though pushing the car hard. Turn in is excellent mid corner and exit excellent,yes bumps can upset solid axel but it's predictable and controllable. Even irs cars can be upset with bumps. Ford chose gearing it high for a good reason. People always look at 0-60, 1/4 mile, and top end. Ford made first gear tall so they did not have to shift going to 2nd. Saves time get excellent time. Same with 1/4 mile. And 200mph top end with 3:31 gear. Then there is better gas milage no gas gusler tax all good marketing for ford.a lower gear would be a plus.

  • 2014 Shelby GT500 review from the average owner - 2014 Ford Shelby GT500
    By -

    The 2014 reviews I have read always compare the Shelby GT500 to cars of different catagories. The comparisons to me are skewed and biased. The Shelby GT500 is just what the late Carroll Shelby wanted-The fastest and most powerful pony car on the planet. It should not be compared to all the high end sports cars that are double or triple the price. Paid reviews or biased opinions can't diminish the fact the Shelby GT500 has the most hp of any American production model vehicle ever and it is a blast to drive.

  • The 65 427 cobra has been replaced - 2014 Ford Shelby GT500
    By -

    The car is awesome but demands respect, I traded in a 2012 GT. When you pulled out to pass a semi at 60 and nailed in the GT it just took off and went, nail the GT500 in 4th gear at 65-70 will bring the back end around quickly and you are starring at oncoming traffic!!! The car is fun but you must remeber there is a BIG difference between 400 and 700 hp. I have seen these cars on a dyno put out 616 hp at the rear wheels which equates to about 700 at the motor. Overall an iconic car, but it did make number 2 on the video "The top 10 cars that want to kill you"

  • High Performance Vehicle Rating - 2014 Ford Shelby GT500
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    My ratings are based on the intent of the car; a very high performance coupe. Those wanting cushy rides and, though it does have a great sound system, Nav, plug ins for all your electronics, that is not what this vehicle is made for. So, if you don't understand what a very if not ultra high performance coupe is, don't buy a GT500. You might kill yourself. That said, this car is extremely easy to drive, yet when asked changes modes from docile to 'screamer'. It rides like a performance car even with the suspension set to 'normal'. Obviously more harsh in 'track mode'. Summary: Ford did a great job with this car. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who understands and enjoys very high performance cars.

  • Sally is incredible - 2014 Ford Shelby GT500
    By -

    Only two weeks old and 500 miles on the clock, but this animal is incredible. Getting on the freeway from the dealership after I picked it up,I wanted play with it's roadholding, so got on it.....just a little...on a very tight 360 degree entrance ramp. Hugged the inside edge and looked at the speedo at the merge point of the freeway: 113 MPH and it was hardly breathing! The G-forces are unbelievable. People stare at it, give me thumbs up and smile. I've had performance cars my whole life (including a Jack Roush built Lincoln MK VII with a 5 speed manual tranny and GT40 motor), but none of 'em hold a candle tot his. I need to re-read the complete owner's at least 3 more times.

  • big blue toy - 2014 Ford Shelby GT500
    By -

    I got my GT500 a few days ago and have driven it all of 45 miles so far. I'm a big guy and I was worried that the Recaros might pinch, but they don't. Still getting used to the shifter/clutch and being very gentle with the loud pedal. Shifter has a fair amount of mechanical resistance. Ride is very stiff, even with the Bilsteins on the soft setting- haven't played with the driver-assist controls yet. On the freeway, it's just waking up at 75 mph.

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