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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2014, the Ford Fusion sees a number of minor changes. Chief among them are a new 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine option and some newly available features, including inflatable rear seatbelts, a heated steering wheel and ventilated front seats.

  • Fuel-efficient turbocharged engines
  • Advanced technology and safety features
  • Sharp handling
  • Composed ride
  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • Quiet cabin
  • Eye-catching style
  • Slow processing times and frequent glitches with MyFord Touch interface.

User Reviews:

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  • "THE DARKSIDE" - 2014 Ford Fusion
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  • Looks nice but poor execution. - 2014 Ford Fusion
    By -

    So, I have had my 2014 2.0 AWD Fusion for a little over a year now. I purchased it as a highway crusier for work and because of the advertised fuel economy. I also rent quite a few cars as well for work to balance out the mileage but still managed to put 24k miles on my car in 1 year. What I like: The car is very comfortable and quite to drive over long distances. My favorite part would be the front seats. I like how they are contoured and support my back while driving. The car is also very quiet while driving. The stereo is also sounds quite nice. The trunk in the car is huge and I have been able to haul all kinds of stuff that I have not been able to put in my car before. Also, the backup camera/sensors are quite nice and convienient. What I do not like: MPG: The MPG is no where near what Ford claims. I mentioned earlier that I rent quite a few cars for work and I almost always hit the EPA rated highway mileage or I am close to it. With the Fusion (EPA rated 31 MPG) I am lucky to hit 28 MPG on the highway, 25-26 is typical and I have even seen as low as 22 MPG. Needless to say I am very disappointed. I have even tried overinflating the tires by a few PSI to see if that helps to no avail. Premium gas also does not make a difference. Transmission: The transmission is probably the worst that I have driven. The common hard shift between 2nd and 3rd is almost always present and the dealer said this is all operating within specification according to their computer (I saw this with my own eyes while driving with the technician). Now, if I put the car into sport mode and let the car shift on its own it feels like a rookie manual transmission driver. It constantly jerks while down-shifting and up-shifting. This also raises concerns with long term transmission reliability as the shocks to the transmission cannot be good in the long term. HVAC: The automatic HVAC controls just pain do not work well, especially in the months where heat is required. What happens is that after car warms up and the cabin temperature it starts blowing cold air. Now, why would anyone want that? Also, the fan controls do not go to a low enough setting when controlled manually. Tires: Not a problem with the car but Ford put poor tires on the car for snow traction. Engine: Like other reviews of the 2.0 Fusion, the car seems underpowered for the engine rating. Windows: It is not possible to just put the driver's window down on its own and drive. If this is done there is a horrible buffeting (this might not be the best term to describe this) that happens inside the cabin. The manual even calls this out and the solution is to open another window. This just shows poor engineering on Ford's part. Sync: This is not so much an issue with Sync but more so with any car with touch controls and not real buttons. The controls do not have a place in a car. Tactile buttons will always work better. You can reach over and feel your way around and find the control without hitting 5 other things at the same time. The same goes for touch screens. It forces you to be very precise and that means more time with eyes not on the road. I know there are the steering wheel controls and the arrow buttons are not responsive enough and it still means time with eyes not on the road to follow the screen by the speedometer. I will avoid any vehicle with touch controls in the future. Visibility: The A and C pillars are quite large and do hamper visibility. More than most other cars that I have driven. The rear view mirror also does not adjust enough for my liking. I just cannot tilt it high enough for my liking and I have the driver's seat in its lowest possition. Final thoughts: I would not buy a Fusion again. I am not going to sell it as it does not make financial sense but I am not going to buy another.

  • The best car I've owned, if only for a short time - 2014 Ford Fusion
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    Unfortunately someone decided red means go at an intersection and totaled my 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium after I had purchased it about 40 days prior. But here's my take on the car. This is an absolutely fantastic vehicle. The 2013 was a nice redesign but the engine reliability ratings took a hit compared to the 2012, which receives close to perfect scores across the board according to JD Power. I was coming from a 2011 Chevy Malibu V6, which I ditched because of engine problems and poor gas mileage. This, by comparison, is a DREAM to drive. The steering is responsive and the cornering is excellent for a mid-size sedan. There's plenty of power in the 2.0T engine that puts out about 240hp. The fuel efficiency in the 2.0T is still decent as I averaged about 25.3mpg combined hwy/city driving. I put about 2,700 miles on it in the 40 days I owned it because I drive a lot for work and decided to drive from Seattle to Spokane and back, which put on several hundreds of miles in one weekend. But everything about this car was incredible. I hope the Fusion can continue to climb the fuel efficiency charts as Ford is starting to make very good engines and building quality interior/exterior parts to compliment them. In terms of value, it's hard to beat a Fusion in the mid-size category. The crash experience that totaled the car showed me that this car is built very well. I was t-bones at about 35 mph and you had no idea I was hit looking at 3/4 of the car. The doors on the passenger side of the vehicle were toast and it would need extra body work and probably frame work which is why the car was totaled, but should 5 passengers have been in the car there wouldn't have been any injuries other than some whiplash or banging of hands/legs against the door or other parts of the car. The Sony 12-speaker system is fantastic compared to much of what's out there in a 6-speaker configuration. There's plenty of power to satisfy drivers even with windows down. The low-end performance could use a little bit of help as the speakers overdrive a bit on heavy bass tracks that feature sustained low-end tracks that also have some kind of low-end attack/punch (top-40 hip hop artists like Wiz Khalifa would be a good example of what I'm getting at), so you'll have to moderate the bass EQ to prevent the OD, but that's also only at about 75-80% volume. To be honest, you'd be crossing into enthusiast/audiophile territory if you had any more power and any better bass response, so you're getting quite a bit out of this system. The touchscreen interface takes some learning, but it's quite capable and just a little laggy for pressing on-screen buttons - nothing that will frustrate you though. If you're considering buying this car used, it's a good buy, especially once the 2014 has been out for 2-3 years as you'll find the Titanium packages for under $18k - a steal for the options you're getting. The car is also pretty comfortable and will surprise anyone riding along that hasn't been in a newer Fusion yet - I got a lot of "oh wow this is really nice" comments from people because it looks good on the outside and feels great on the inside. I'm 6' 2" and it offered plenty of room for me and usually worked out well for people sitting behind me too.

  • Going Back to Honda - 2014 Ford Fusion
    By -

    I like my fusion, it's beautiful. Here are the reasons I'm going back to Honda after this car. 1. My car is one year old. My back up camera has already quit working. Fortunately, it is covered under warranty. However, it still took a half day of vacation to go get it fixed. 2. The transmission is already acting up. 3. I get 16 MPG in the city and 21 on the highway 4. When I start the car, my the air from my vents smells like mildew.

  • still new - 2014 Ford Fusion
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    It is hard to rate this car due to low mileage,but I feel good about this car because it replaced a 2008 fusion that replaced a 2006 focus all with the 4 cylinder engine,I am yet to have any failures.They have really made this a nice car,my wife loves it.

  • Great Car - 2014 Ford Fusion
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    When writing a review you cannot select the 1.5 or 1.6 engines. Ive got the 1.6 ecoboost that comes with a manual transmission. I really like it, I rented the 2.0L ecoboost a couple of times and really like that engine too, I really wanted the manual transmission and its great. Very nice ride stays on the road and handles well. I got the sport appearance package and the MyFord Touch with SYNC. I had that before and I really like it. I have seen a couple of glitches with it but the PROs outweigh the cons. You can control almost anything with your voice, and once you learn all of the commands and features it works really well. The steering wheel buttons were designed with me in mind. they are perfect. I recently rented a 2015 escape and they messed them up, i hated those compared to my fusion. the volume up down, track forward back, sync command and cruise control are all right where they should be. I am 6'4" tall too and I fit better in the fusion than in the escape. the fusion has plenty of room. The odometer features where you can change how you see the info is awesome too. really cool options of viewing the tachtometer and live fuel economy as you drive. Plenty of leg room in the back. all 4 windows are one press and they fully open or close. keyless open all windows when its really hot you just hold the unlock feature after 5 seconds all the windows open. they just thought of all of these little things and I really appreciate them. Some reviews complain about the SYNC but i really like it, i dont use the touch part of it too often and the only glitches ive had was the temperature setting, neither the touchscreen nor the button below work sometimes. one time it seemed the button got stuck and bumped me down to min temp. Once i stopped and killed the engine and started it up again the glitch went away.

  • Excellent choice. - 2014 Ford Fusion
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    Now have 15,000 miles on a car purchased new in early '14. Small (1.6L) eco-boost is plenty powerful.. Averaging 25.6MPG overall with mostly local driving. Nears 35 or 36MPG on the interstate. I'm a big guy and have no problems entering or exiting or with interior space. SE model with leather and MyFordTouch system is perfect for me. The large screen for the rear camera and the avoidance tones are really helpful. Have spent up to 5 or 6 hours in the drivers seat and have had no aches or pains. The driver seat is infinitely adjustable and the power passenger seat is also a neat feature for those traveling with me. The instruments are also adjustable to just what I want to see. USBs and a SD port is also a neat feature. This car was bought to replace an '07 Fusion SEL and it hasn't disappointed at all.

  • Great car - 2014 Ford Fusion
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    We bought this car to replace our 2011 Mercury Milan. That car was too small for me. There was no room in the drivers seat. I was looking to replace it with anything I could find bigger. I stumbled across the Fusion test drove it and was sold. Power was great for the 4 cylinder. Gas mileage is better than the Milan and comfort is much more impressive. Glad I found this car. I have driven Fords or Mercury's for the last 40 years and with the redesigned Fusion, I see no reason to change now.

  • Great car - 2014 Ford Fusion
    By -

    Bought this car after having a 2007 Fusion that I never had to fix anything on besides normal things like tires and brakes. I have 22k on the new car with only one problem the seatbelt in the back was made wrong. The dealer replaced it and every thing works great. My 2007 Fusion got about 26 MPG (2.3l 4-cyl manual transmision) on my run to work and had about a 160Hp my new Fusion is getting about 27-28 MPG with 240Hp (2.0l turbo)...I'd say that is a win for EcoBoost. My Ford Touch can be slow at times but I love it. Heated and Cooled seats are the best. The heated steering wheel needs work the outer rim heats up but nothing else. This is the first automatic trasmission that I have not hated. I usually drive manuals but my wife talked me into an automatic because she can't/won't drive one.

  • Make friends at your local gas station - 2014 Ford Fusion
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    I love the way this car looks and drives.... but, it's never seen a gas station it doesn't want to stop at. Getting a combined mpg of less than 21 is simply not ok for a modern car with a 4 cylinder engine. I'm sure it's the AWD that's costing me at the pump, but I never expected to take such a huge hit over the EPA estimates. I'm no leadfoot, and I regularly get better than the EPA estimates in most my cars. Finally, I'll never buy another car with a built in navigation system. I've had one previously (in a '99 Volvo), but this one is much worse. First, it can't be used while the car is moving. I know. I know. It's a safety thing. But if my passenger can't use it while I'm driving, then it's simply not going to get used at all because we both have smart phones, and I'm not interested in stopping to fiddle with the nav system. And of course, the navigation system needs map updates. Ford sets the price on these at $149 per annual(ish) update. That's right, for the cost of a Garmin GPS with lifetime map updates, you can buy a one-time map update. Besides, why on earth would I buy another Garmin? I've got a smart phone. It's maps are updated in virtual real time, and the google traffic updates are FAR more accurate. I'm glad I didn't pay extra for the nav system, but it will always be there as a constant reminder of poorly implemented technology. Not sure how long I'll keep this car. I'm just not interested in pouring money into a gas hog.

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