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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2013 Ford Fusion is fully redesigned. Highlights include more dramatic styling, improved fuel economy and the addition of the MyFord Touch electronics interface.

  • Fuel-efficient turbocharged engines
  • Advanced technology and safety features
  • Sharp handling
  • Eye-catching styling
  • Composed ride
  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • Quiet cabin
  • Interior design can seem overly stark.
  • Finicky MyFord Touch interface

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  • 2013 Fusion SE 1.6L Turbo ecoboost - 2013 Ford Fusion
    By -

    Overall happy with the car. Pros: Drives well, roomy, solid no rattles, ok fuel mileage, good visibility, creature comforts ok. Cons: Recalls that take multiple days with no loaner vehicle, Rear brake rotors and pads need to be replaced at 34K miles and dealer says not covered under warranty (normal wear) Front aren't too far behind. Every other vehicle I've owned (6) have gotten 60k miles before replacing brakes. Chalk it up to Ford using inferior parts. Not a fan of the transmission, Not smooth and mostly due to the fact that you'll be coasting downhill and then all of a sudden the tranny shifts down to where the engine is revving 3k rpm. Feel like I'm in a big rig yanking on the jake brake. Real eventful driving in the snow when you need to slowdown and the engine is revving off the charts. Many times I throw it into neutral for better control or to simply glide better for efficiency when not in weather. I came from an accord and have to say I'll probably go back when the time comes which is a shame as I prefer to purchase USA. Mildly irritating yet tolerable.

  • Buy something else! - 2013 Ford Fusion
    By -

    I bought this car( brand new) after doing my homework... Thought it would be a great investment. So I got it fully loaded seeing that I planned on having it a long time. Well two months in the problems started... Fuel system was failing. Replaced it. Then recall after recall they kept showing up. Needless to say I was starting to get annoyed. Then the horn and speaker died and check engine light kept coming on. Car only had 15,000 miles on it. Finally the damn transmission started acting up... Shifting so hard I felt like I was driving a stick shift. Took it in. They reprogrammed it.... No change. Took it in again before it started getting cold (drives even worse then) and they gutted the transmission replacing everything and fixed MORE recalls. Then the doors wouldn't lock because of bad wiring. Didn't chance it took it back. The car drove nice for all of 3 days before the hard shifting started again...not even 20,000 miles on it. Just a shame. Don't get stuck paying for this lemon people... Ford can take it back.

  • Would buy again! - 2013 Ford Fusion
    By -

  • DO NOT GET ONE! - 2013 Ford Fusion
    By -

    These are horrible cars. We have only had ours maybe 5 months, got it used. Has 45,000 miles on it. Has transmission issues which dealer has tired to "fix" twice. They reprogrammed the pcm and did not fix the problem. Now were back in the shop with same transmission issue and this time a coolant hose broke and vehicle over heated. Did I mention It only had 45,000? Definitely stick with a Honda or Toyota. I truly feel bad for anyone else who gets one of these they are very disposable, not made to last.

  • troublesome - 2013 Ford Fusion
    By -

    Terrible gas mileage in winter. At least 13 recalls. Still don't have the lane warning working all the time. only once in a while. terrible service from the dealer in champaign, il. they don't believe me and i have the videos to prove when things don't work. hard to take a trip when you don't know what's going to work and not work at any given time. there's a mold smell apparently my family is the only one that can smell it despite reports online. sometimes the phone doesn't connect. one time, the whole system just shut down and went black. sometimes the ignition acts like it's not going to turn over. i could go on and on. after having a Bonneville for 13 years, i finally get a real lemon.

  • Transmission leaves a lot to be desired - 2013 Ford Fusion
    By -

    Purchased new for my wife. Tired of GM and Dodge problems and bought our 1st Ford. Love the design. I am not tall (5'7") and my wife is shorter, but you can easily nail your head on the A-post when getting into the car. Two complaints: (1) the hard shifting transmission which is beginning to cause me concerns after reading all the complaints from owners online. Main concern is internal damage with the ongoing issue. (2) Recall after recall after recall !!! That said, I regret buying this car. It is paid for and I wanted a car I could count on for years, but feel that Ford is no better than the rest of our domestic brands. So much for Consumer Reports. Too many times they rate a new car well, then a few years later the same unit is NOT RECOMMENDED. I recently purchased a used 2012 Jeep GC Laredo with AWD and the V6. Gas mileage is as good as the Fusion 2.0 turbo + it tows 5000 lbs with REAL AWD. The Ford AWD on our top of the line Fusion is really a 70:30 AWD. That being only 30% (maximum) will be transferred to the rear wheels !!! Before buying go to the iihs.org web site to check on crash tests. The new (small overlap test) has caused many to redesign their vehicles. Also go online to check on owner complaints. This Fusion was in it's first year when I bought it. No one to blame but myself. I wanted a reliable & safe car for my wife. It turns out that I would have been best served by buying a Volvo S60 AWD (now owned by CHINA !!).

  • Nuclear Fusion - 2013 Ford Fusion
    By -

    This car is the 2013 Fusion Titanium with the 2.0 Turbo charged engine and 6 speed auto transmission. The car has been trouble free, the only item which required service other than routine maintenance is a rattle in the area of the sun roof. The dealership located the problem, a loose screw and fixed it no problem. It currently has 29,300 trouble free miles on it. We have driven it in a range of conditions and it has performed well. It gets about 32mpg on the highway and considerably less around town as my wife is a bit of a lead foot.

  • Poor quality - 2013 Ford Fusion
    By -

    Many recalls. 3 car rentals. 3 door latches broken. (one came open while driving with the kids in the back seat, another I had to hold the drivers door shut for 7 miles and the last one I can't open) Both center door posts where seat belts attach rattles. Both passenger doors rattle. Rear trunk rattles. Dash rattled when new and the defroster didn't work(broken vent) Ford sync does not work about 90% of the time. Lane departure works about 25% of the time on well marked roads. Most important safety issues still unresolved.

  • 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid From hell - 2013 Ford Fusion
    By -

    What can i really say to sum this all up... Worst car i have ever owned. - I had to take this car in to the dealership at 999 miles and have probably been back to the dealership 40 times ( now at 36k miles). So many build quality issues, servicing issues, Recalls and just in general things either falling apart or the wrong parts being used from the manufacturer. I had to take my car in the first week because of Build quality issues. The panels were not sitting properly, the Rear window of the car was warped and needed to be replaced, the cars trunk was not aligned properly with the rest of the car.... NOTHING Was aesthetically pleasing. This was my first American car and it will be my last. I Do not understand how I can have so many recalls and so many visits to the dealership with problems. They break things, Cause check engine lights, take a week to make any repair and always have the worst customer service skills.

  • Poormileage - 2013 Ford Fusion
    By -

    I only got 21mpg a gallon.19950 miles on car gas mileage is terrible. It never went above 21mpg some trucks do better then this

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