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This Year's Model Updates:

There are no significant changes for the 2012 Ford Fusion.

  • Good fuel economy from Hybrid model
  • Abundant high-tech features
  • Spacious interior
  • Comfortable ride
  • Available all-wheel drive.
  • Engaging handling
  • So-so power and fuel economy from midgrade V6
  • Hybrid's price premium.
  • Button-heavy audio and climate controls

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  • Oh My Aching Back! - 2012 Ford Fusion
    By -

    I purchased this car in early 2014. When I first had it, I fell in love with the Sirius radio (I actually used a plug and play radio for years until this one), and I had a Focus for four years prior. I thought this car would be an upgrade, but it has turned out to be the bane of my existence. Keep in mind, I don't have an ax to grind with Ford, as I've had an Escort before the Focus. I guess I've learned that I probably need a smaller car, however, it is more than that. I've had more issues with back pain than ever before, and I don't think this car has helped. I've tried to move the seat in every position, and still pain. I've also noticed than when I don't drive it for periods of time the pain begins to subside. Lately I've noticed that the visibility while driving is not good either too many impediments, like the rear view mirror and the windscreen side posts (probably due to my incessant seat position moves). The only thing that I can say positive about the car is the MPG-it's pretty good for a car this size. It's too bad Ford had to squash it down so low to get this MPG. The seat seems to dip too low in the back, which creates no lumbar support and a heavy strain on the lower back in general. Now, I will say that I do use my lower back quite a lot, but I've come to the conclusion that the car does not help, as I've ridden in other cars that feel like heaven. My only advice is to people over five foot five, and that would be to never buy a Fusion. I hope i can sell mine 'cause I have seen several on the lots lately. Hmmm, wonder why? Good luck fixing this thing Ford!

  • RECALL - 2012 Ford Fusion
    By -

    I love my car but it kept cutting off for no reason....Come to find out it was a recall on my Throttle bottle...Took it back to dealership..Replace for free..Speedy service...i love it. Angie in Spring Texas

  • terrible shifter - 2012 Ford Fusion
    By -

    Bought this car new, and now with 61,000 miles on it, the transmission is still the worse part of this car. I have not had any issues with the car other than the lousy shifting, sometimes feels like it is slipping transmission. When I first bought this car, the dealer service department told me that they get complaints all the time about the transmission. I recently test drove a 2013 Ford Escape, and it too had this lousy transmission so I didn't buy it. I have owned a lot of Ford's but this will be my last unless they get rid of this tranny.

  • Great road car. - 2012 Ford Fusion
    By -

    I am 6' 240. Drive 1500 mile trips weekly every month. Often PA, WV, and TN interstate mountain driving. Fusion awesome road car for these long trips. Typically cruise at least 75 mph. Without cruise, going 90 before I know it. Handles great, even climbing and curvy mountain driving. Have never driven a luxury vehicle, so cannot honestly compare as far as road noise. Fusion seems very quiet to me. Have had noisy cars in past. On long trips simple solution is cotton in ears. At 80,000 miles, the worst I get on my trips is 32 mpg. Very roomy front and back. Huge trunk. Other than tires, and brakes, and religious oil changing, I've never had to put a penny into it. I am far from a techy, so its lack of all of these fancy cameras and computer screens and other such crap is only a plus to me. Best performing and most reliable road car I've driven.

  • Was Inlove - 2012 Ford Fusion
    By -

    I only had the car a year unfortunately but I absolutely loved it never gave me a problem not a peep starting at 50k miles and only putting 10k more on it. Heart breaking to see it go and even harder to find something to compare. ( I averaged 22 mpg and I drove mostly city took a good highway trip and it averaged 27mpg )

  • Fabulous Ford Fusion gets A+ - 2012 Ford Fusion
    By -

    This is probably the best car I have ever owned, and I have had everything from Cadillacs to VWs. In over three years it has given me absolutely NO problems! It is very comfortable and gives me a good ride every time, city or highway. I plan to get another one ASAP. The only slight disappointment is the resale value (it should be better)..

  • Replaced a 2003 XLS Avalon... - 2012 Ford Fusion
    By -

    ...this my second Fusion.. first was a 2010... yes, I was shocked when I parked the two next to each other... Both are almost the same length- its negligible at ...best for the Avalon... and the interior room is greater... but its a wider FULL-size car (insurance was 700+ for six months vs the Fusion is a midsize one with insurance at 850 lol. I enjoy the feel of the Fusion. Its more fun and engaging to drive... yes, its NINE years younger than the Avalon, but with 145k fewer thousand miles.. I hope its equally or MORE reliable. Started having electrical issues with it (battery terminal and cable burned somehow) and I wanted a fully loaded car with sunroof, leather, heated seats, and preferably a system like Sync for music and stuff. not to mention some version of spaciousness (couldnt get approved for the 2012 Azera I wanted) The Chevy version is great- had it in a rental Cruze LTZ, but this Fusion was a one-owner with 24k miles- still under factory warranty for the same or lower price as the newer and SMALLER Cruze LTZ. I will come back and update this review after Labor Day. I have a couple road trips coming.

  • Still love it three years in - 2012 Ford Fusion
    By -

    I got my 2012 Ford Fusion almost exactly three years ago (end of January 2012). The last time I purchased a car before the Ford was a 2005 Honda Civic. I bought the Civic for affordability but I was never really that into it. I love my Fusion. The best thing about it is the pickup. That's something that you notice when you're coming from a Civic. The Fusion has 175 hp minimum (depending on your model) and so it's easy to get up to speed when getting on the highway. My car is FWD but it handles okay in the snow. It's bigger and sturdier than my Civic so it doesn't slide around the road as much every time the wind blows. The "L" gear has also come in handy for getting out of snow banks.

  • My first four-door sedan in 10 years! - 2012 Ford Fusion
    By -

    I replaced my aging and heavy Chrysler Pacifica with this Fusion, knowing that it shares its engine and platform with the Mazda 6. Hondas and Toyotas are too expensive to buy used, so this was a good option. I drive about 35,000 miles a year so brand new is out. The four cylinder is suprisingly powerful and smooth won't win any drag races but the six-speed seems to find the right gear to suit the situation. Seats are a little hard on the bottom cushion but supportive. The interior has a little too much black plastic but fits together well, and all controls have a nice soild tactile feel to them. Leather seems to be of the "harder" variety which means it should be durable as well.

  • Such a shame - 2012 Ford Fusion
    By -

    I had a 2009 Ford Fusion I adored. Started having some issues at 105,000 so I traded for the 2012 Fusion. Man did they ruin a wonderful car with the changes. I hate the weak underpowered 4 cylinder in it. Gas mileage is about 28 mpg overall. Seats are hard and uncomfortable. The worst part is the transmission problems they can't seem to fix in the newer Fusions. It slips, shifts hard and jerks you, shudders trying to go up a hill etc. Had it in the shop and told after a computer update that it will fix itself! What a joke. AVOID this car!

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