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  • Sassy Scarlet is her name - 2016 Ford Focus
    By -

    I love the car in general. The race red is awesome. The only thing I don't like is the tight back seat. Not enough room for passengers over 5 feet.

  • Great engine and comfortable ride - 2016 Ford Focus
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    I have had the car for not very long but I really enjoy it for the way it is. It drives smooth and as for the hatchback 4 doors; it's a great sporty. I find out that a compact Ford now can completely beat the Japanese models markets and so on. I'm renting it and as for highway rides, it drives really smooth with good performance, wonderful shifting with quiet sound. This 4 cylinder will not make me regret on driving and spending money daily on renting it. Go Ford.

  • Focus Titanium - 2016 Ford Focus
    By -

    Traded a 2016 Mazda CX-5 Gran Touring in for the Focus. Mazda was a POS! Too many problems that dealer couldn't find anything wrong. Anyways...the Focus is a great little car. Rides smooth, quite and gets great gas mileage. I'm getting 33.9 MPG. I drive about 75 miles to and from work each day and I like the savings on gas. Now for the bad. Not much storage up front. The cubby hole in front of the shifter is useless. It's so small I can't use it. The console storage is also small. Both need to bigger. Inside the cup holders there are these rubber things to help hold cups in place. They are very troublesome because they hold your cup too tight and when I reach for my drink, I often pull the top off and spill it. But I will cut them out with a razor blade. No self dimming rear view mirror. Lately the car shutters when accelerating from a slow roll or stopping from a slow roll. Will take to Ford to see what the problem is. Overall I'm pleased with the car. It's just a car and gets me from point A to point B. That's all I need.

  • Great car for the price - 2016 Ford Focus
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    Used to drive a 2000 focus and I decided to buy the newest model. Great car for the money. Drives great. My only complaint is the lack of quality control. The door gaps and body lines. They do not line up well. I expected better from a new car.

  • Value for money - 2016 Ford Focus
    By -

    The Focus model S gives you a completely acceptable car at a great price.

  • Good Looking and Zippy - 2016 Ford Focus
    By -

    I decided to go for The 2016 Ford Focus SE Hatch, this is my first car and I think this was a good choice for the following reasons 1- Loads of safety features (back up cam and parking sensors) 2- electronics, sync is great it helps keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road and 3-ease of operation, this car isn't complicated, during my permit phase I was learning how to drive in a fiesta, I LOVED that car. The fiesta reminds me of the focus (except the focus weights more) so if you drove the fiesta then you will be very familiar with the Focus. Now the juicy details : ENGINE - Peppy, good amount of grunt but the computer is laggy when you need to put your foot down to quickly change lanes or merge on the highway (i believe if your in manual mode you wont have this issue). INTERIOR - Not bad, no squeaks or raddles (yet) every panel seems to fit. I have the appearance package so I have leather seats, they are OK but nothing to shout about. There is a lack of storage cubbys but this forces you to keep your car clean so I am not complaining to much. My car also was equipped with a leather wrapped steering wheel gives you the feeling of driving something that is more luxurious. EXTERIOR - looks great, I like the aggressive look that ford is giving their new line of cars, I opted for black on black theme which means the black 5 spoke wheels and black paint (the leather seats are also black) It has a police interceptor look. I also love the LED running lights on this years model, it makes the car look futuristic in the day and a bat out of hell at night. DRIVING EXPERIENCE AND DAILY USE - I do a mix of city and highway driving and I was very impressed with its highway performance, the cabin noise is low, ride quality is OK (not to stiff or bouncy) and the hatchback and fold down seats are awesome. Overall great first car but i am debating on returning it at the end of the lease. I want to keep it but accessory support seems to be limited to Factory parts at this time and I am very scared of the troublesome for power-shift transmission. I guess time will tell.

  • Dual clutch sucks - 2016 Ford Focus
    By -

    Do not buy this my brand new ford focus se makes grinding noises and trembles when its going from 1 st to 2nd gear.

  • You get what you pay for - 2016 Ford Focus
    By -

    Cons: Bought a 2016 Focus S Sedan less than 3 weeks ago. Within the first 400 miles of driving it the passenger side rear wheel cap fell off. This wasn't covered by the warranty. Luckily the parts are so cheaply made that it only costs $36 to replace, although this should not be occurring with a brand new vehicle. Vibrations are also noted in the front seat roof storage panel, possibly from a loose part. Being an S model, the panel is merely for show and has no direct access without taking the entire panel off. An unnecessary feature in my opinion. Acceleration is minimal at best and the rear seats offer little leg room if you are a taller driver. On the manual transmission model the pedals have a cramped feel; the clutch could be offset to the left by 3-4 inches. Pros: Basic model (S trim) still offers Ford Sync and a rear backup system with monitor. Instrument panel is well laid out. Spacious seating in the front if you don't mind compromising for rear seat leg room. Smooth shifting with a manual 5-speed transmission. Fuel efficient for both city and highway driving.

  • Best. Purchase. Ever. - 2016 Ford Focus
    By -

    Recently chose a Focus as my first new car (SE sedan w/ the 4-cylinder and a manual transmission) after having driven the Mazda3, Golf, Jetta, Elantra, Forte, Cruze, Civic, Corolla and Lancer. Being a driving enthusiast (albeit on a serious budget) I found all but the Ford, Mazda 3 and the VW's to be pretty awful. In the case of the Focus it is for all intents and purposes the same car that I recently drove in Portugal and feels very much like a small European sports sedan. Steering is precise, handling is stellar for what it is, the interior is of high quality (with a bit of a playful, cockpit-like feel), the ride is taught and compliant, the 4-banger produces adequate power and and there's very little road noise compared to the competition. The fact that I paid less than $13,000 (with incentives and rebates) for such an experience is well...pleasingly ridiculous every day. That it came with nicer wheels and tires than the Mazda3 or Jetta (16" alloys with Continentals) and all the basic power and infotainment options including a backup camera, etc. just sweetened the deal. Yes, the VW's are more refined and the Mazda is a bit more playful but for those that love to drive value-wise the Focus blows everything else out of the water. I almost got the Jetta turbo but in the end was happy spending thousands less for a lot of fun while supporting American manufacturing (the Focus is built in Michigan) versus a company that knowingly poisoned the planet and deceived millions of consumers. Yes I was aware of the reliability issues surrounding the dual-clutch transmission and although I understand things have gotten better, I dealt with my concerns by getting the manual I wanted anyway. My only serious gripes about the car is that I would love a center armrest that extends like the VW's and the backseat couldn't possibly be any tighter and miserable than it is. Overall though I couldn't be happier with my purchase and highly recommend the Focus to anyone who loves to drive but doesn't have the funds to spring for a GTI, WRX or ST.

  • Champagne on a beer budget - 2016 Ford Focus
    By -

    I leased my 2016 Focus Titanium in March, and I have put 7,000 miles on it since then. I absolutely LOVE this car - I look forward to driving it every single day. I have owned a 1999 Volvo V70 XC, a 2011 Mazda3, and most recently a 2005 Acura 3.5 RL, and this is by far my favorite out of all of them. Coming from the Acura, the Focus drives and feels like a bigger, more expensive car than the price tag would suggest. It is solid, with a smooth, buttoned-down ride, and exceptionally tight handling and steering feel. It feels much more solid and smoother than my Mazda 3 ever did, and it has much lower levels of road noise as well. The front seats are comfortable and supportive, even over extended periods, and the level of technology is impressive. I love the Sony stereo (which is powerful and has punchy bass), the navigation system, rearview camera, rear parking sensors, and the SiriusXM TravelLink (which has already saved me from several traffic jams). The remote start has been great in both the cold winter weather AND the humid summer weather that plagues New England. Best of all, the gas mileage is far superior to that of any of my past vehicles, especially when it only costs about $20 - $25 to fill the tank. The only true downsides are a lack of rear-seat legroom for taller people, and the dual-clutch PowerShift transmission, which can get a little confused at lower speeds. It is worth noting that I test drove a 2012 Focus back in 2011, and it is MUCH improved over the earlier model years. Certainly not a deal-breaker, and not nearly as bad as some of the reviews claim, just something that takes a little bit of adjusting to. A little more power would be nice as well, but I was spoiled by the V6 in my Acura, and the increase in gas mileage more than makes up for it. Overall, I find my 2016 Focus Titanium to be a fantastic car for the money, and I do not feel I downgraded by switching from a luxury/premium brand. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a high quality vehicle without breaking the bank

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