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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2014, the Ford Focus is essentially unchanged.

  • Nimble handling
  • Strong engine
  • Refined and quiet ride
  • Abundant list of upscale and high-tech options.
  • Stylish and well-made interior
  • Quirky automatic transmission response.
  • Infotainment controls are finicky to learn and use
  • Backseat is a little short on legroom

User Reviews:

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  • Get a manual! - 2014 Ford Focus
    By -

    This car for the money is one of the best handling, comfortable, and sporty small size cars on the market. Although the 2.0 4-cylinder would be worlds better with a Turbo, the small engine is tuned up enough to make the SE Hatchback fun to drive. When looking at other reviews over and over again were issues with the duel clutch automatic transmission, my wife and I loved the car and wanted to get one but no way with all of the bad reviews on the automatic transmission was I going to buy one. So we made the decision to get a manual, it is fun to drive, a great little car so far, and we avoided the transmission issues which plagued the automatic. (I hope and think Ford has changed the auto transmission by now, such a shame because it is such a great little car). For the small car segment this is one of the best cars to buy, everything is great about the car but if you are looking to purchase one - it has to be a manual.

  • 2014 focus se auto Trans slipping - 2014 Ford Focus
    By -

    Our focus automatic transmission is having problems. It slips on take off.. dealer gave price of 1200.00 to install new clutch.. 500 miles over warranty. What a joke....

  • transmission issues that they will not fix - 2014 Ford Focus
    By -

    The 2014 Ford Focus has major transmission issues-"shudders' to the point of stalling. No one will fix it.

  • My second Focus with a bad transmission - 2014 Ford Focus
    By -

    After two trips to the shop in under 30k miles, I thought my 2012 Ford Focus was a lemon so I traded it in and Holy Cow...my 2014 does exactly the same thing. The transmission shakes and jerks so badly that it scares my passengers. I feel like such a schmuck for buying this car twice , but I can't believe Ford gets away with this!!!

  • One Huge Problem - 2014 Ford Focus
    By -

    I just have one complaint about this vehicle, but that one complaint makes this vehicle extremely unreliable. The vehicle's transmission has flaws that cannot be fixed by Ford. I have taken my vehicle into the dealership for transmission problems a total of 4 times. Every time it has been at the dealership ive been without a car for a week or more at a time. The vehicle makes grinding noises, shutters, slips gears, and transmission overheats. Everything else could be ignored except for the transmission overheating. It's gotten so bad, that when stuck in traffic the vehicle instructs you, through the small screen in between the gauges to pull over. When the transmission starts to overheat, you can really feel the vehicle shake and pull hard. Its gotten so bad to the point that I was almost stranded on the freeway at almost midnight, in some of the worse traffic I have ever been in. I had to pull over 3 times and after the second time I had to call into work because I did not think I was going to make it out of the freeway without being towed by AAA. I know this vehicle cannot be fixed no matter how many times its taken into the dealership, and even though my warranty was extended to 100,000 miles I know problems will continue.

  • omg me too - 2014 Ford Focus
    By -

    so like everyone else I'm having transmission problems and I wish I'd read this before buying. I went from a Honda to a ford. sigh. it's dangerous. been repaired 3 times. I want to know how 'reasonable' and 'safety' are defined by the California lemon law.

  • Ford Focus are for crap 2014 - 2014 Ford Focus
    By -

    My Ford Focus is a 2014 and having problems since the day I bought it with a recall on the Transmission and yes they Fixed it because its covered under our warranty, been having oil changes there at the dealership where I purchased this car and the recent oil change that I had done now has a oil leak and now the transmission is acting up again. I will be complain to Ford company and getting all the info I need and getting to see if I can get the Refund on the Lemon Law.. Very sad that we have to spend so much on these cars and they are crap and not to mention that the mileages on these are for crap as well.

  • Bad transmissions - Ford will not fix the problem - 2014 Ford Focus
    By -

    Please take time to Google the transmission problems Ford has caused with the Focuses and Fiestas. I have a 2014 Focus, and had to have my transmission repaired after owning the car for just a few months. The car lurches forward on its own, stalls when you're trying to accelerate, and is generally dangerous to drive. Ford switched to "automatic dual clutch" transmissions in these cars, saying they help with fuel economy. They are dangerous. I've been calling my dealership for four months since the problems came back, and every time I call they say that Ford won't send them the parts to repair these transmissions. Ford is choosing not to fix this. Buyer beware.

  • AVOID FORD FOCUS - 2014 Ford Focus
    By -

    I bought a 2014 Ford Focus it is in the garage for the third time for transmission problems. Ford built it knowing they had bad transmissions. Auto-nation Bradenton Fl sold it to me knowing there was problems. The salesmen sold it to me knowing it had problems. Ford the dealer and salesman all lied to me and are immoral,unethical.

  • transmission nightmare - 2014 Ford Focus
    By -

    My 2014 ford focus has become the biggest purchase regret. Just to start i live in ga with one of the strictest lemon laws. My transmission started having issues around 25,000 miles just outside of the lemon law guidelines. Our family car has been in the shop 6 times in seven months. Total days in shop over 75 days. Our ford dealership says repairs done are only according to ford motorcompany guidelines. They are only as good as what they are given. This was my answer the service manager gave me. Contacted ford and was given a refernce number to have a customer service manager to call me. She did.. Told i would hear back after she spoke with dealership manager. Over a course of three weeks and leaving her three voicemails i never heard back. Fourth week i made contact. She actually answered the phone. I asked why???? Her reply....i need to advise you your lemon law in the state of ga. There is nothing we can do for you. I was blown away! Now i have contacted the bbb auto line. No help lemon law in ga is one of the strictest i was told. We will contact ford for you but u are really at a loss. I drive a ford truck as well and love it. It will be my last. Buyer beware.... Ford did not back this customer. The ford vehicles i own now will be my last.

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