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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2013, Ford has adjusted the Focus' standard and optional equipment, with the main changes being the discontinuation of the SEL trim level and SE Sport package.

  • Nimble handling
  • Refined and quiet ride
  • Abundant list of upscale and high-tech options.
  • Stylish and well-made interior
  • Lively engine
  • Quirky automatic transmission response.
  • Infotainment controls are finicky to learn and use
  • Backseat is a little short on legroom

User Reviews:

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  • Never buy a ford again - 2013 Ford Focus
    By -

    2013 ford focus is a joke. Bought the titanium edition with all bells and whistles, got the nice lcd touch screen with navi (2500$ option). After about 1 year and 38,000 miles the lcd touch screen stopped working rendering the navi and most other options useless or a complete inconvenience to use. Ford says sorry, but warranty ended at 35,000 miles and it is an 800 dollar repair, sorry about your luck. Did I mention on my second oil change dealership noticed a transmission leak. Then there were Multiple trips to dealership for reprogramming, cleaning clutch plates. Recently at 80,000 miles vehicle wouldn't switch out of 1st gear. Ford says just needs computer update,that should do it. Two weeks later as I'm attempting to accelerate onto freeway tach goes to 7000 rpm and I can't get out of first gear as the vehicles jerks and sputters. Left me stranded about 50 miles from home. Had to get it towed off the freeway. Now ford says it just needs a new control module, that will fix everything. Yeah right!!! Do not buy this vehicle, you will be sorry!! Ford is not stepping up to the plate to get these issues fixed. I will never buy another ford vehicle!!!!!!

  • Some good, some bad - 2013 Ford Focus
    By -

    The bad: the transmission is terrible, the dual clutch system is terrible, everyone agrees this should never have existed and this alone might be a reason to stay away from the car. Additionally, the Ford Sync technology is faulty at best. It reads my phone about 1/2-2/3 of the time and has trouble switching between bluetooth, USB, or auxiliary. The good: great AC and heater, comfortable front seats. Good storage with the hatchback. Handles great, good gas mileage (on the highway, modest in the city), good price tag. Bottom line: with a different transmission I would definitely get this car. With the current one I'm definitely thinking of selling.

  • Good and Bad - 2013 Ford Focus
    By -

    This car is well built and very nice looking. Easy to clean. Logical controls are easy to use. Surprisingly roomy. Surprisingly nice handling, and adequate power. A fun car to drive. By using the cruise control as much as possible I could get well over 40 mpg. However the driver's seat is a deal breaker. The seat is NOT height adjustable. The back part of the seat surface does adjust up and down but the front part - which touches the backs of your knees - does not adjust. This is a problem for anyone shorter than 5'6". And the seat back is narrow and curved which pushes your shoulders forward. There is no lumbar support at all. The headrest, even when pushed all the way back, leans forward too much and prevents you from holding your head so that your eyes look straight ahead at the road. This poorly designed seat will cause you to need frequent chiropractic care. After 19 months of trying different adjustments and different types/sizes of seat cushions I could not take sitting in that seat anymore and I traded the car for a Taurus. A few other dislikes - the glove box has no lock and no interior light. The headlights cannot be turned on unless the engine is running. No cup holders for the rear seats. No heated mirrors, which affects visibility in the rain or cold weather. The switch for the dome light is illogical: the button closest to the back turns on only the front light, whereas the button closest to the front turns on the back and front dome lights. This means that a rear passenger can turn on the front dome light but not the rear one, unless he loosens his seat belt and leans forward and reaches the front switch that is close to the front passengers. The driver and front passenger can easily turn on the rear dome light, but in order to turn on both lights he'd have to reach back to the rear switch. Trade in value is not good because these cars are so common, "a dime a dozen" so to speak. Used car dealerships are flooded with these. The are so many great things about this car, but the few not-so-great things outweigh them. I was glad to get rid of this car even though I still had 43 payments left.

  • Complete junk!! - 2013 Ford Focus
    By -

    So in 2011 I bought a new ford fiesta and after having it for one year the transmission went out. I figured that car was just a lemon and traded it for a new 2013 focus se...big mistake!! After having it for a couple months it started jerking and shuttering very badly. Took it to the dealership and they said it was not supposed to do it all the time just every once in a while. For two years after that I complained about the car and took it into the dealership and all they would do was reprogram it or say there is nothing wrong. Finally in July of 2015 the dealership replaced the clutch and it stopped shuttering almost entirely. It's been 3 months and I have only felt it shutter twice, huge improvement, but of course something else went wrong. Then one day my car did not want to go into reverse and the engine light came on as well. Then it would not drive after putting it in gear. I had to have it towed to the dealership and the transmission control module had to be replaced. This was before ford sent out the letter about the problems with the tcm. Now I am having another problem! Yesterday when I turned my a/c on it made a loud whining noise,the entire dashboard started vibrating, and no air came out. I turned it on and off and the same thing happened. The third time the a/c came on and no more noise. This car is a pile of crap that needs to be recalled but we all know Ford doesn't want to take responsibility for it. Do not buy this car PLEASE!!! Everyone I've known with one has had problems. It is a waste of money and unreliable.

  • Lemon - 2013 Ford Focus
    By -

    I have a 2013 Ford Focus I bought it new. I have had it in to the Ford Garage to fix the shaking and shuttering twice now and here I am a year later having the same issue. I just called the Dealership that I bought it from and they tried to tell me this is "normal"!! It's definitely NOT normal!! Do not buy this car... run as fast as you can away from it!!!

  • Steer clear of the new focus'. - 2013 Ford Focus
    By -

    Dont buy one with an automatic trans. They are total junk. Dual clutched, fluidless paper weights is about all they're worth. May as well put a lemon badge on the front grille. I bought my 2013 SE flexfuel sedan with 13 miles on it. Ive got over 60k now, but ive been in the shop 4 times due to trans. My car is actually on its 3rd. transmission since new. Still getting the issues as the first 2 did. Guess i should've bought a foriegn car. Atleast they're a lot more reliable. Thank you FORD for ruining 1/3 of american automotive reliability. The worst part is that most car lots wont even give a fair trade in automatics because they are aware of focus' transmission problems... ughh!

  • Transmission Problem Fixed! - 2013 Ford Focus
    By -

    We own a 2013 Focus SE & Focus Titanium - both have had the transmission problems as many have experienced. A few weeks ago my dealer informed me of the TCM recall for both - had them both done and car shifts and drives 110% better - I can squeal the tires on take off (huge improvement from the sluggish, hesitant shifting between 1st & 2nd gear).

  • Lemon! - 2013 Ford Focus
    By -

    This is by far the worst vehicle I've ever owned, and Ford has been the worst automobile manufacturer I've ever dealt with. The car has all of the transmission problems others have noted: shuddering between 1st and 2nd gear, sometimes failing to shift at all, and now a sudden apparent shift into neutral while driving, which will not resolve until the car is shut off and then turned back on some time later (maybe a few seconds, maybe minutes, maybe longer). Ford has told us all of these things: 1. "The car is designed for European drivers." 2. "It functions as designed." 3. "We couldn't duplicate the problem, so we had to charge you a $50 diagnostic fee." 4. "We know what's wrong with it but we have to jump through a million hoops and wait for Ford to get it fixed." I'm ready to get rid of this car. There is an extended warranty, but the car cannot be permanently fixed despite multiple repairs, it is not safe to drive, Ford won't help and won't acknowledge that the car does not function well. I'll NEVER have another Ford.

  • Avoid The 2013 Focus Automatic At All Costs - 2013 Ford Focus
    By -

    I almost lost count of the trips to the dealer for warranty work on the infamous dual-clutch transmission. After a recent update, the car stalled out while in slow-and-go traffic on I-95 in Virginia. I traded it two days later. Not safe, not reliable.

  • Beware of transmission - 2013 Ford Focus
    By -

    Ford admits to "shuddering" and "rough shifting" vehicle is not comfortable the head seats can not be removed to clean seat the gas mileage is around 19 city for me with 87 octane and around 15 with Ethanol. Don't believe me? Test drive today.

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