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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2015 Ford Flex carries over unchanged.

  • High-tech features
  • Refined ride
  • Excellent turbocharged engine option.
  • Outstanding visibility
  • Spacious and versatile cabin with genuine three-row space
  • Tech interfaces can be difficult to use
  • Two-person-only third-row seat
  • Standard second-row bench doesn't slide.

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  • Flex - 2015 Ford Flex
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  • wheel alignment - 2015 Ford Flex
    By -

    good car... first tires lasted 47000 miles. New tires at that time, had a four wheel alignment @ $79.95. One year later w/54444 miles we are told we need another rear wheel alignment...Is there a problem with the car (won't hold an alignment) or is someone looking for a free lunch? Having been an auto tech ( Ford and independent) for a number of years my experience has shown me there may be some cars with parts problems that would require the alignment be checked more often. Without this problem an alignment should hold longer than 7500 miles. Has anyone else had this same problem?

  • Liked the flex until it tried to kill my family! - 2015 Ford Flex
    By -

    Was looking for a large, safe family vehicle to replace my minivan that was totalled in Feb of 2015. Found the ford flex. Loved the size, comfort and technology! Hate the gas mileage!! Ford should be ashamed of themselves! If my minivan gets 30mpg on trips - so can the flex! It gets 17!! 17 mpg - pathetic! Anyway - on Thurs Aug 13, on a vacation with my kids in the smoky mountains and the steering starts acting a little strange. No lights or warnings. Stopped to check power steering fluid and figured out its electrical - no fluid! We called 2 ford dealers and were told its fine and get it checked when we get home. Was told there is 1 recall on fuel delivery module - thats it. We continued our day and on the 2nd largest mountain on the entire east coast- Clingmans Dome - the power steering warning lite comes on. It bongs 5 times and BOOM - NO POWER STEERING. None! On a huge mountain. Took all my husband had to wrestle it away from a guard rail - avoid traffic and stop it so we didnt dive off the cliff!!!!! 2 1/2 hours to get a wrecker to bring us off the mtn! 2 traumatized kids that dont want to drive in the flex ever again! 2 hour drive to the Knoxville airport to get a one way car rental because locals wont do a one way rental. Do you know what Ford corporate says??? We would like to say that cars come off the assembly line perfect - but - they dont. Thats why theres a warranty!!!! Are you kidding me?? We could have died - LITERALLY! Will they reimburse me for the car rental? NO. Will they help me get my car back? No! I have to get out of work. My husband must get out of work. We must drive 3 hrs- each way- to get the car. Asked why they dont care that the car almost killed us? No response. Asked if they would be upset if I went on tv to warn others. They said sorry you feel that way. He will call me next week to see if we got the car back. DONT BUY A FLEX! DONT BUY A FORD! I used to like fords! My kids and I will never buy another Ford vehicle! They should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!!!!

  • Love Our Ford Flex - 2015 Ford Flex
    By -

    Roomy, comfortable, quiet...no road noise while driving in comparison to other cars we have owned. Easy to drive and love the ease of getting in and out of it and the styling. Stands out from any other car on the road and get a lot of compliments on it! Exceptional family car!

  • Should I buy a Ford again - 2015 Ford Flex
    By -

    Last year a trim piece flew off of my Ford Flex. Let me say that again. A trim piece flew off of my Ford Flex.(its a little plastic piece that goes from the body to the roof of the car by the window) I went to 32 Ford and they said it was the manufacture's fault so they would fix it for free. Then 5 days ago the same piece from the other side flew off. (WOW really pieces of cars just come flying off?) Since 32 ford closed down I went to Beechmont Ford and they charged me $269.29 to get it fixed. I'm confused. Should I ever buy another Ford, Should I ever go back to that dealership, or should I just go back to Toyota where car parts never flew off of my car before?

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