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This Year's Model Updates:

A new range-topping trim level, the Titanium package, debuts as a cosmetic upgrade. Besides that, the 2011 Ford Flex only sees a few minor changes in colors and feature content.

  • Turbocharged engine option
  • High-tech features
  • Excellent safety scores
  • Genuine three-row space
  • Refined ride
  • High-quality cabin
  • Unique styling.
  • Less maximum cargo space than competing minivans and some crossovers
  • Second-row bench doesn't slide.

User Reviews:

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  • Flex Facts - 2011 Ford Flex
    By -

    Be prepared to love it.

  • No Boost Needed - 2011 Ford Flex
    By -

    I want to mostly state that reviews generally speak of the Boost Engine and not the 3.5 v 6 . The 3.5 v6 is stated to have 262Hp, The 3.5 V6 Boost is at 355 Horse power. I wish to give some perspective .. A 1965 V8 Mustang had 277 Horse Power. That is FAST. My Flex has the standard ...It is FAST and quick. I traded my 2008 Ford Edge for the 2011 used Flex and LOOOVE it. I can not believe I did not buy one sooner. I paid 22K used and the sticker new was 37K. This is the way to go. I was sold on Ford because of the EDGE, solid and dependable. Is Ford Customer Service good? LOL I have no idea because I have never had a problem.. Quieter than my Edge or my Avalon.

  • My Flex - 2011 Ford Flex
    By -

    Test drove the Durango, Pilot, Explorer, Edge, 4Runner,Highlander, MDX,Tahoe. Then there was the Flex. We loved the Flex but something was holding us back. It did everything better than everything we drove, is it the look? I kept telling my wife Form=Function, that is the beauty of the Flex. It is more than just skin deep. We still held back, looked at the competition but the Flex kept calling us back. Which of these has the luxury, space, utility, style, technology and performance we wanted. None. Back to the Flex. Found a used 2011 SEL, bought it and love it. Don't miss out the Flex is great.

  • 2011 Ford Flex California Review - 2011 Ford Flex
    By -

    With our 2001 Honda Odyssey mini van approaching 130K and on its third transmission, we set out to see what sort of new vehicle might fit our fancy. I have had my eye on the Flex for some time but we also looked hard at the Mazda CX9. For us, the Flex has the larger more comfortable cabin, a ridiculous amount of leg room in the second row, and the look of a poor man's Range Rover. The CX9 has super supportive seating as well as a sporty ride and engine. But the Flex has a uniqueness about it that nothing else compares to. And, if you can still secure a 2011 with the hefty rebates, you will have a vehicle that pound for pound surpasses anything else.

  • My Amazing Flex SE Ingot silver metallic charcoal black interior - 2011 Ford Flex
    By -

    I decided to trade in my 2004 Jaguar XJ8. I went looking for an affordable crossover with comfort,room,standard features, and gas mileage. I have never owned a Ford. After driving the Flex I was sold instantly. It is comfortable, roomy,quiet,and great mileage. The list price was 32,000 but I was able to get it for 24,000. The options include second row club seats, sync, roof rails, and and tow package.

  • Great vehicle overall beware dealer transfers! - 2011 Ford Flex
    By -

    Overall the flex is great however I was disappointed with missing paint on bumper (where bumper meets sheet metal), some squeaks in ceiling air ducts and undisclosed minor hail damage to my vehicle. I will never do a inter dealer transfer in the future. Further my dealer (Maclin ford) also told me the vehicle had no break in period. After I received the vehicle I was disappointed to read that there is a 1000miles break in where the engine speed needs to be varied. Unfortunately the dealer tranfer involved a drive of almost 1000m. Seems to me like ford sales either does not know the product they are selling or they were dishonest in order to fininsh the sale.

  • Better than what I had read - 2011 Ford Flex
    By -

    I am in my mid 60's, & have driven muscle cars, subarus (lots of them), suburbans and pickups. I live in the foothills west of Denver @ 8000 feet. So far this fall we have had about 20" of snow between two different snowfalls. Although our new flex (purchased in early september) is not a high profile car, and it does not have dedicated 4 wheel drive, it has handled what nature has thrown at it. (we have an avalanche for the deep snow). I LOVE this car, which is beyond my feelings about the many other cars I have owned. It has great torque, and acceleration. It has good gas mileage for its size (19 / 24 so far). And, it is much cooler than I expected (gets lots of thumbs up)

  • It's okay, but there are better choices... - 2011 Ford Flex
    By -

    After spending considerable time driving my 2011 Flex on different types of roads, under varying conditions, I'd say it's good as a people-mover, and a good alternative to a mini-van. However, it is not as sporty as it's image portrayed on TV. After 11,000 miles the drivers window squeaks like a pig, and the auto tailgate is very annoying (way too slow opening & closing). Unless you have 6 or 7 people to haul, I would suggest an SUV like the Honda CRV or Toyota RAV4 instead. They have as much useful cargo room, handle much better and get better gas mileage.

  • We test drove everything, selected Ford Flex Limited - 2011 Ford Flex
    By -

    Our 2003 Yukon hit 140,000 and started to break down so we started looking for a 7 seater replacement. Couldn't face the stigma of a minivan so considered everything else in the $30-50k range. Reviewed and test drove many vehicles, including the new Yukon, Enclave/Acadia, Mercedes R/M, Lexus GX, Pilot, Highlander Hybrid and others. The Flex was not on our original shortlist and we only tried it because we had a spare hour last Saturday and dropped into the dealership. 2 test drives later and we ordered a fully loaded Limited from a nearby city. Love the car, the drive, 3 spacious rows, and the interior is like a business class aircraft cabin (great gadgets, dual DVD, fridge/freezer).

  • Never Thought I'd Drive a Ford... - 2011 Ford Flex
    By -

    I just went from an '05 Infiniti FX35 to the 2011 Titanium Ford Flex. Did I just really type that sentence? First off, I should say I test drove three minivans Odyssey, Routan & Sienna. Out of the three, the Odyssey was the best BUT, it was a minivan. I couldn't get over the horrid styling of all three. We actually considered the MINI Countryman since it's such a fun drive, but the lack of space was a problem. Then, we drove the Flex. Hands down, the smoothest ride. This SUV is big but uses the space wisely. We've heard nothing but good things from those who have bought a Flex, too. So happy with our purchase! Get one...it's totally worth it if you need space but don't want a minivan.

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