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  • Sport fun, sore right elbow - 2016 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Love the car in every respect. One change should be made, that is the middle console does not give elbow enough shifting room without hitting.

  • Love It! Lot's of fun! - 2016 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I couldn't believe the trunk space and ride of this compact car!

  • An Amazingly well designed piece of Car. - 2016 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    The Ford Fiesta ST, although carrying that ridiculous name, is by far one of the best designed vehicles for the dollar i have ever driven. The Car's designers wen in on Day 1 and said OK how much do we have? OK! Lets put it all in the Handling, Transmission, and Engine, and whatever's left we will add into the interior. The ST has the shittiest door handles you;ll ever see, and the pedals are missing a dead pedal which is absolutely essential for a manual drive car. The Cup holders are ridiculously close to the Handbrake, and the rear view mirror reminds me of my 87 300Z. Here is where the 5 stars come in. The Controls are all fully purposed and perfectly designed. The nav is amazing! I would even say it is better than Google maps in some respects. The handling is both fully responsive and light, and the car just pulls forever with that clean running turbo. The transmission pulls you towards the next gear but doesn't fight you when you try and force it down one. All this handling, power, and responsiveness, and still has a really good Sony Stereo. The optional recaro seats are a complete must as they hug and comfort you every turn you take. My previous car was a 350Z and this car is much more fun to drive, and feels so much lighter on the turns vs having to wrangle the car into them. I highly recommend the ST to anyone who is looking for a fun commuter, but doesn't want to lost the sports car fun.

  • Fiesta st - 2016 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Love the car very fun to drive

  • Ford Fiesta-Great bang for the buck! - 2016 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Our 2016 Fiesta SE Sedan is our new RV motorhome tow car. The Pro's: Good road handling, good acceleration, sport car feel steering, great visibility, incredible gas mileage (38/39 Hwy), large trunk, well thought out instrument panel. blue tooth and nice radio. Con's: transmission quirky and not as smooth as I'd like, rear leg room limited for full size adults. With a base price of $13,900 it's a great value and over all we're very, very happy with it.

  • Finally a fun American small car - 2016 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    America hasn't had fun small cars like this since the German Opel's. Great car, small, fast, nimble, cheap to own and to operate. Nothing fancy mechanically that will break the bank later, very nice amenities inside. Not for a family of four all the time unless you're all small, but as I now have a new driver, I find that as a "2 seater with four doors and a lot of storage", this car is perfect. 3 people easily also, but the storage isn't awesome. She is a little car after all.

  • first 5000 miles - 2016 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    let's face it everyone one loves a new car so lets keep that in mind. Took my new ford fiesta titanium car on a 4000 mile round trip holiday get away and it was better than great. The only problem was fitting two people ,winter clothes, a dog and Christmas presents all in an economy car. This car has a very large hatch back area an I had hoped to fit it all into the back and not have to pile it into the back seat. Well that dream died quick. So for this trip I should have got the Escape. However as the gas mileage creeped up over 40 mpg (which the sales man swore it would once it hit 2000miles) I became more pleased with my new ford fiesta titanium. The great stuff: 1)the leather heated seats - the best 2) the huge display for the radio and Nav so even I can see it . 3) the sun roof -makes the car seem bigger and lets in the fresh air. 4) this car is layed out so you feel like you have driven it forever. we rent cars and some car brands put things in stupid places 5) a real glove box and console to rest your arm- sounds simple but try to find this in a car under 20 grand and you will see what I mean. 6)dead pedal - a place to rest your left foot on long trips- a back saver. 7)the sync 3 system works great with my iphone The not so great: 1)the nav/gps works good but I have used the garmins for so long that its all I know. So for the first 5000k review this is a great car! we will see at 30k if I cheaped out or got a great fully loaded car that fits in my garage for 18k and change.

  • Front Wheel Drive blows. - 2016 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Considering this is a FWD car it handles great and is a driver's FWD car. Unfortunately though, it's still FWD. The car torque steers all over the road if there is any kind of rut or standing water. The 17 inch rims are too big for the car and it gives the car poor ride quality, handling and makes road noise unbearable. The acceleration is pleasantly surprising. There is very little turbo lag which is nice for me personally because I have driven N/A V8 mustangs and pickups my whole life. The handling will surprise you and the car responds well to throttle burping/modulation while in the center of the corner as long as you don't enter too fast. Sometimes the back end will try to step out if you dive too hard after a Scandinavian flick, in my experience I have found this a somewhat typical trait of FWD cars. The rear wheels have no purpose and are therefore just along for the ride. One feature that often goes overlooked is the hill assist. For an experienced manual transmission driver this is the bees knees. I drove this car somewhere between 10,000 and 20,000 miles (sorry I'm not doing that math lol) for Lyft in San Francisco and never once smelt burning clutch. Generally I never even rolled back and it blew American customer's minds (they must've owned a prius). European tourists never gave it a second thought that I was driving a manual and some who had ridden with other drivers around the bay were relieved to see an American driving stick. The manual transmission is the selling point in this car, it is crisp and over built for the equipped 1.6L engine as it is the same 6spd found in the Focus ST which has over 50 more horsepower. The main reason I chose this car over other "Hot Hatch" vehicles is that there is no automatic transmission option so I knew going to the dealership I wouldn't have to search for a car with a stick. Storage space is an issue; however, I never had to turn an airport customer away for luggage although I did have some suitcase induced blind spots from time to time. Visibility in this car is great and I love how there is no backup camera. One of the best things about this car is that you can tell it was designed by a driver, not by a guy in a suit. The little corner mirrors within the side mirrors can easily be adjusted to eliminate blindspots. The sync 3 system is too much for me so I have nothing but great things to say about it. I didn't want or need sync 3, but I got it and I use it. The exterior design is very appealing and the kona blue color is stunning. Overall the car is impressive for what it is. If you drive it right you can hit a high 14 second quarter mile then drive home at 40mpg. I will say this though, you have to drive very conservatively to achieve 40mpg. I've done it with 3 tanks, the highest of those 3 being approximately 42mpg(92 octane ethanol free, 40.2mpg was my best on crumby California 91 octane). If you aren't that patient it's pretty easy to get over 35mpg despite the window sticker claiming only 33mpg highway and that is why manual transmissions are the best. I took the car to autocross one time and that was enough for me because I'm used to autocrossing my Foxbody mustang, the FWD is just lame and uninspiring. There is no way around it, FWD sucks. I'd also like to notate that I always turn off the traction and stability control for two reasons; 1: better driving feel, 2: better fuel economy(less friction, better economy). Driving position is great for visibility but my right knee gets banged up during hard cornering.

  • If the following are true, you probably want one: - 2016 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    1) You don't need a ton of space for passengers or cargo. It's perfectly reasonable for everyday use, but 4 adults won't be comfortable for more than an hour, and it doesn't have the kind of cargo space to pack more than for like a couple's long weekend. 2) You can put up with a stiff ride and some wind noise. The suspension is very firm; the ride isn't crashy, but it is firm. If you open the windows above about 60mph, there is buffeting. That's it. This thing is a riot, start to finish: energetic, fun, easy to drive, agile beyond its competition, and surprisingly connected and cohesive. It performs with a lovely balance and sort of cleanliness to its handling. The shifter isn't good, but it works well and a shift kit is easy to install. The steering is actually communicative, and is well-weighted with a nice ratio. The engine is charming: revs hard into the limiter and always wants more, with an adorable medium-pitched bellow under throttle. There's a bit of lag and torque steer, but nothing that detracts from the experience. The handling is as good as the magazines say it is: great turn-in, and puts the power down well coming out of a turn. Brakes are strong and easy to modulate. You'll get mileage in the high 20s even if you drive like a maniac. Base seats, by the way, are fine, or at least not bad. I didn't feel bad about saving the $2k by skipping the Recaros.

  • 2016 Ford Fiesta - 2016 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    So far I really like the car although I have not received my $300 off the car they promised they would make a payment which I have not got a confirmation of as of yet

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