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  • first 5000 miles - 2016 Ford Fiesta
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    let's face it everyone one loves a new car so lets keep that in mind. Took my new ford fiesta titanium car on a 4000 mile round trip holiday get away and it was better than great. The only problem was fitting two people ,winter clothes, a dog and Christmas presents all in an economy car. This car has a very large hatch back area an I had hoped to fit it all into the back and not have to pile it into the back seat. Well that dream died quick. So for this trip I should have got the Escape. However as the gas mileage creeped up over 40 mpg (which the sales man swore it would once it hit 2000miles) I became more pleased with my new ford fiesta titanium. The great stuff: 1)the leather heated seats - the best 2) the huge display for the radio and Nav so even I can see it . 3) the sun roof -makes the car seem bigger and lets in the fresh air. 4) this car is layed out so you feel like you have driven it forever. we rent cars and some car brands put things in stupid places 5) a real glove box and console to rest your arm- sounds simple but try to find this in a car under 20 grand and you will see what I mean. 6)dead pedal - a place to rest your left foot on long trips- a back saver. 7)the sync 3 system works great with my iphone The not so great: 1)the nav/gps works good but I have used the garmins for so long that its all I know. So for the first 5000k review this is a great car! we will see at 30k if I cheaped out or got a great fully loaded car that fits in my garage for 18k and change.

  • 1.0 Ecoboost - Fun, cheap, efficient, quick, fun - 2016 Ford Fiesta
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    Fair warning that the Ecoboost version of the Fiesta only comes with a manual transmission. Also consider that the front of the car is very spacious and comfortable, but if you push the front seats all the way back you'll have trouble fitting anything other than a child in the back. You can fit people back there if you need to, but you'll need to schooch forward. I personally don't like to schooch. It's best to think of the Ecoboost Fiesta as a fun and practical driver's car, but certainly not a family vehicle. This car is amazingly fuel efficient while packing way more punch than ANY Prius. When you need to move, you'll move and even be pulled back in your seat just a little bit thanks to that turbo. Unlike a Honda Fit, which is also a fairly zippy car, the engine won't be screaming at you when you're cruising on the highway either. The Fiesta hums at a quiet 2,500 RPM when you're moving at 75 MPH. Now, I said you should look at this as a driver's car because of the manual transmission. A lot of driving enthusiasts are going to mainly have their eyes on a Fiesta ST, but here's the rub. The Ecoboost will get you 45 miles per gallon on the highway, is exceptionally quiet and comfortable and has all the power you could ever need in real world driving. It's a much more practical choice and still quite fun to drive. Here's the big thing, though. The Ecoboost is also much, much cheaper. There's a bit of a trick to this. My Ecoboost had an MSRP of $18,575. It came fully loaded with the moon roof and comfort package (you can't get certain options such as the touch screen system on the Ecoboost.) I got my car brand new for $15,000 with minimal negotiation. The thing is that a Fiesta ST only comes with a manual transmission, but they're in demand. In comparison, dealerships can't even find somebody to test drive the Ecoboost, because anyone who actually knows how to drive a manual only has eyes for the ST. If you find an Ecoboost that's already on the lot, the dealership will be desperate to ensure you walk out the door with it. You name your terms and they'll jump through the hoops. The 3 Cylinder Fiesta Ecoboost is an excellent combination of practicality, fun and price. A rare hidden gem that will be difficult to ever find pre-owned because you'll be hard pressed to find someone interested in selling theirs. Plus, mechanically it's just a neat little car. Lots of clever engineering makes it a unique and interesting choice for car nerds.

  • Awesome little beast - 2016 Ford Fiesta
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    Fastest sports car that doesn't look like one!

  • Got what I wanted but??? - 2016 Ford Fiesta
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    I was glad a first (2,000 miles) but now I do not know. Car buzzes behind driver's seat, clutch clicks every time I engage it, driver's outside mirror (inside) is smaller than passenger's mirror and passenger's seat (Recaro) rubs against center console (like it is not centered where it seats) squeaks. I have called 5 Ford dealerships to come in and get it repaired under warranty but most want to keep car for 2 days to fix (without loaner car). What kind service can we expect when they refuse to give me a loaner when I have NO other car?? All this is fit and finish problems. I will update once somebody fixes my car under warranty.

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