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This Year's Model Updates:

There is some minor shuffling of content for the 2015 Fiesta and a new Performance Blue color available for the performance-focused Fiesta ST.

  • Stable highway road manners
  • Upscale interior
  • Sporty handling, particularly with the ST model
  • Powerful and efficient EcoBoost engine.
  • Available luxury features
  • Automatic transmission's quirky behavior
  • Limited cargo and rear-seat space
  • EcoBoost engine and ST model are manual transmission only.

User Reviews:

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  • Not impressed - 2015 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I drove a rental ford fiesta for a month after my 2004 Camry was declared a total loss. The first thing I noticed was the lack of power and poor transmission. The shift button on the automatic transmission seemed like a cool idea but it was hard to use and irradic. I used to drive a Honda Fit with paddle shifters, Honda's design is much better. My second big complaint is the turning radius is terrible. The car is approximately 2 feet shorter than my Camry, yet I could not make U turns that would have been easy in my Camry. The car also felt cheap and the radio/Aux input were not intuitive. Gas mileage was decent and it's easy to park in the city. The ride is sort of jerky, similar to the Honda Fit. For me the compact size is the biggest plus. If I we're looking for a car this size, I would not even consider the fiesta though, check out the Honda fit or smallest Prius.

  • FUN and Sporty - 2015 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Had my 2015 Feista for 2 months and very impressed. Looks small but once you get in its bigger then you think. Also was amazed at the power it had going from ramp to highway. Inside was designed with good taste and style. Why pay so much more for a bigger car when you are paying for empty space. Know I know why Europe has so many smaller cars.......there smart.

  • Superior hot hatch - 2015 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I wanted something that was more fuel efficient than my lifted '05 Wrangler (which I traded in for the ST) that would be fun to drive, practical, and would not cost me a fortune. After extensive research and test driving 32 different cars over the span of a little over a year, I chose the Fiesta ST. This car really hits the sweet spot of efficiency, performance, and practicality. If I want to drive it hard this car is more than willing to play. If I want to be efficient, this car has no problem taking it easy. I particularly like the 6sp manual transmission feel and the VERY responsive brakes. Although my car is not tuned for greater performance, the aftermarket is booming for this car as well. In mixed driving I get 32.6mpg with 93 octane. Although I have not had the opportunity to take it on a long road trip I'm very confident that if I use the cruise control and drive it intelligently, I could easily hit closer to 36mpg. I drove similar competitors from Subaru, VW, & Fiat...the Fiesta ST was the clear hands down winner. I'm currently at 7K miles and am stoked anytime I get to drive this car anywhere. Truly outstanding in the hot hatch 4cyl turbo class! Strong suggestion: try out the Recaro seats before committing to buy the vehicle. I tried both Recaro & regular ST seats and opted for the regular seats. While Recaro makes excellent products, the seats in these get tight from side to side if you are normal to above normal width.

  • Feels like a MUCH larger car - 2015 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    First, I will preface this by saying that I traded a Miata for the Fiesta ST, so yes this car feels MUCH larger than it is. I bought the ST with the Recaro package, and I can understand how some people would say that the seats are uncomfortable, especially if the person is of larger size (I'm 5-9 and 175lbs). These seats grip you like velcro in ALL situations, especially hard cornering - try them BEFORE you buy the car. I love them, but I drive "enthusiastically". They take some getting used to in the getting in/out process and I can easily understand how some would hate them. I'm 54, and after a Miata they are really NO problem. The 6-speed manual transmission shifts like rowing a knife through honey, with very smooth clutch action although it does engage a bit close to the floor (this might change with more wear). The 8-speaker stereo does sound a bit tinny or thin on sound, but money spent with Crutchfield will fax that eventually. The exhaust note, while louder than lesser Fiestas, is not quite as "racy" as it could be given this car's mission, but that is entirely my opinion. Handling is top-notch (again, I came from a Miata), being extremely smooth and predictable. Corners can be taken at MUCH higher speeds than you think the car will handle due to the roll stability control (which can be switched off) you would swear it was rear-wheel-drive with gobs of grip. The car car has numerous safety-related add-ons, none of which I will address here - I didn't buy the car for being safe. If you're considering it, check out Ford's website or Edmunds for the list of standard safety equipment. The best thing about this car? Turbo power. The rush from the Ecoboost engine is absolutely ADDICTING. That, combined with the engine sound coming into the cabin will have you feeling and driving like you're back in high school (and I mean that is a good thing). Bottom-line, if you want some "civilized" performance while being able to carry three passengers and you want to buy a domestic car (yes, I know the Fiesta is assembled in Mexico) with top-notch quality, your search ends here.

  • Deroyadams - 2015 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I had this for two months and love it. It feels comfortable driving it. Love the rims love the seats. The inside front big. Love the grill and color

  • 2015 Ford Fiesta SE sedan - 2015 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    The Fiesta is very nice little car. Comfort issue are in back seat even in sedan, which are better then the hatchback model. Nice size trunk in my car.Performance and Build Quality issue are only in the weird shifting transmission. The voice SYNC system is also a small problem. Get Ford My Touch I wish I wish I did get that option in my car. Maybe I need to get flash drive stick and upgrade my Sync on my car Still a very good car in first 2000 miles.

  • Great car, great value - tight, quiet ride - 2015 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Sold a 2012 Civic LX to my daughter and bought one of these a few weeks ago for $15,000 (SE model, Magnetic gray). Have about 700 miles on it and the ride is tight over bumps (very solid suspension!), handles and steers great, and is a genuine fun drive. the 120hp engine is pretty peppy all things considered. Averaging 31mpg mixed driving so far, which is about what my Civic gave me. Really a fun car with great exterior styling. Threw a all-around tint job on it and I'm done! So far loving this thing. Really saved a chunk off MSRP, as all I wanted was the factory Ford aluminum wheels and the SYNC system, and that's what I got. Ford's 0% financing was great as well (interest-free is great).

  • Best car I've ever driven - 2015 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I only drive fun cars. I used to drive a '06 Audi S4, my wife drives a BMW 335i with the sports package, and after reading so many glowing reviews of the Fiesta ST, I decided to give one a spin and then easily decided to replace my Subaru WRX STi. The Fiesta ST is not only better than all those cars but also far cheaper. There aren't many instances where you can replace something more expensive with something less expensive and have a better product in the end, but this is one of those times. The Fiesta ST actually does live up to its hype - it is that good. If you enjoy driving and love fun to drive cars, there is no more fun that can be had in any other car - no matter the price.

  • Best driver's car under 30k - 2015 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    First a little background. I am 47 yrs old. I have owned and driven many so called performance vehicle, many of which have been Fords. I still own a 2001 F-150 Lightning which I purchased in 2001 and has around 500 rwhp. I was driving a MKV GTI with stage 1 as my daily driver for the last 2 yrs. The warranty was almost up so I started looking. Since I have an hr. Commute each way to work, my main priorities were fun to drive and decent gas mileage. My price range was around 30k. My first choice was the Focus ST. Then got my car & driver mag and see the Fiesta ST received 6th place. Time for another test drive! That was all it took! A little less room but 4k cheaper and more smiles!! SOLD

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