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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2012 the Ford Fiesta is unchanged.

  • High fuel economy
  • Refined yet lively engine
  • Available luxury features.
  • Welcoming cabin
  • Sporty driving dynamics
  • Limited cargo and rear seat space
  • Automatic transmission's quirky behavior.

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  • Remember economy - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    This vehicle was purchased with economy in mind - I purchased it used at a ford Dealer with 14,000 miles. It has proven to have very good Fuel Mileage (38mpg) highway . I did not expect a soundproof air ride and the car has provided basic transportation as I expected. I do like the fold down back seat as I can carry longer items through the trunk. - The Radio is the worst I have ever seen lucky for the CD player. I have had the recalls reported taken care of at the dealer without incident. I do change my own oil and filter every 4,000 miles with genuine Moto-craft parts. At 45,000 I replaced the front brakes. Here is where I have issue - at 57,000 miles and just a year of ownership I brought the vehicle in for the yearly inspection sticker. I get a call within an hour that the car needs upper and lower balljoints it has a leaking front CV seal and bad bearing. The Ball joints were not available and had to be ordered so three days later I get the car back--- Call Ford and not covered by warranty - That is my issue-- If you build something stand behind your product. with only 57,000 highway miles and serviced regularly this is not abuse or neglect. this is poor quality. This is my review... the vehicle was not cheap I paid dealer price and expected serviceability for at least three uninterrupted years. Tires, breaks, maintenance --- ok, Needed-- However mechanical and operation breakdowns are not acceptable traits to be positive about.

  • LEMON!! - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I purchased a used 2012 model from my local Ford dealer as a graduation gift for my daughter in 2013. This car has been nothing but trouble almost from the start! We have had to take the car in for constant service due to the ongoing recalls associated with the clutch, transmission and door locks, and still the car is not up to par. Thank god for warranties! We finally had enough and traded this lemon in for a Fusion hoping for better luck this time around, and peace of mind knowing my child is driving a safer car.

  • Run away as fast as you can - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    This has got to be the worst car ever made by any car company, including Yugo. This car should auto qualify for a lemon. If you buy this car, chose a lemon law attorney the same day you drive off the lot. The ford sync system is terrible and never works properly, and i mean NEVER. The transmission is a constant problem. It sound like it's grinding during every shift point and even when no power is applied. It shifts erratically, surges, stalls out and sometimes leaves me stranded at red lights. Don't buy this car, don't even look at it.

  • Grat car for round town - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I bout mine in july hade no problem with mine. Mine is a five speed manual with only 50.000 mils on it price was ten thousand 20012 se great gas milg on it mine has cruse cantrl tilt ac power window s and no sat radio butt has the aux in it for my ph ps tks ford i did my homework on mine i would re driving a manual

  • A little silver lemon! - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Bought the car in February 2012. Fifteen months later the stereo started "crackling" from a lose wire. Another 4 months later (150 miles past the warranty) the A/C stopped working. Ford repaired the A/C at no cost only after I told them what was wrong with it and how much I KNEW it would cost them for the part. The part was less than $100 and they wanted over $900 to repair it! It took them approximately 40 minutes to repair it while I waited. I've had the car for 3 years and 9 months. The window handle has fallen off, have had A/C and stereo issues, and now there is clutch fluid leaking onto my floor mat! This car just proves that when you buy cheap, you get cheap! I will NEVER AGAIN buy another Ford!!! I'm going back to a Toyota Camry next time. They are most definitely worth the higher car note every month.

  • Great car for towing behind a motorhome. - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    We bought this car because it has an automatic transmission that allows it to be simply put into neutral to be towed. No special transmission cooler required. The car is light enough so that an auxiliary breaking system is not required in most states. We didn't want to get a stick sift because of our age, this was the best option for that reason. So it's a great car to be towed. The transmission is a bit odd, it was totally rebuilt before it had 10,000 miles on it. Ford has increased the warranty on it to 100,000 miles. I currently have about 47,000 on it. One thing I was told by a Ford service rep was to stomp on the gas when the transmission starts to act up. Odd statement, but it works. We've experienced the shifting issues as many on this forum have had, this has happened when driving in town in stop and go traffic. When I can safety excellerate at full trottle, I will do that and it seems to reset the transmission. Just had it into the dealer for a recall on the transmission control module, they reprogrammed it. The module is now warranted to 150,000 miles. They also replaced the door latches, which I didn't know was a recall. I like the car, it is fun to drive, but not the most reliable. I've had many Ford products in the past, but I'm now driving a Toyota for our primary car. It's odd, but Toyota Camry and Siena are listed as more American built then Ford products. The Global economy has blurred the meaning of American made.

  • Buy A Toyota!!! - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I have a 2012 FORD FIESTA that has had to have 2 transmissions replaced and now the catalytic converter replaced due to the issues with the transmission. FORD is aware that the fiesta's and fusion's all have the shutter and lag when you push on the gas. You can call their 800-WE-DONT-CARE number but FORD will not stand behind their product. If enough people come forward maybe FORD will take some action. [HTML removed]

  • Get a different car! Fiesta NO lemon YES - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    Do not buy this cute little lemon!!! Recalls recalls recalls !!! And brake trouble, transmission trouble engine light always on , car revs at stop signs the service manager said I'm not letting the engine warm up before driving!!! As hot as it's been in Southern California that's absurd!!! I'm done!! Time for a lemon law lawyer! I took it for a recall repair and they CHARGEd me 300 dollars for a throttle body !!! And threatened to take it back out if I didn't pay! And claimed to give me a 300 dollar Ford discount to offset the 600 dollar price tag!!!! I will NEVER buy another Ford!!! To think I was trying to support American made items!! Well they aren't supporting me!! I drive up hill to my house each nite and my car stalls for a few seconds each time!, that's dangerous!! Shall I die for an American made car??? %#¥ NO!!! I'm done!!! Give me back my Toyota!

  • Don't listen to them - This car is great - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    First off - DO YOU RESEARCH!!!!! There are recalls for certain parts for this car. They are completely free to have fixed. I did have to have the clutch replaced in my car. (I have the hatchback SFE) This was a recall that Ford had on this model. I waited around 3 months for my service center to receive the part, took it in and had the car back the next day. HAVEN'T HAD AN ISSUE SINCE. Prior to the replacement part, there was an engine shudder coming out of first. I can see where this is a problem. This is not a transmission issue. So don't let that throw you off, Ford replaced the part with no questions asked and it didn't cost me a thing. When the person above me says they had problems with the door latches, SHE SHOULD HAVE DONE HER RESEARCH. I haven't had a single other problem with my car at. all. The gas mileage is amazing on this car. I refuel once a week for 25 bucks. And I drive a ton. Oil changes are painless. I haven't had to replace or fix a single thing yet on it, and it's a 2012. It's 2015, people. The only thing I don't like about the car is the space in the back for passengers. It's fairly small in the leg room area. For a couple that's always on the go, it's absolutely perfect!!!! We throw everything in the back and off we go. The acceleration is amazing, turning is amazing, I feel like I'm driving my passat for less than half the price for maintenance. No leaks, it's not loud, the transmission runs perfectly fine, my door latches work perfectly fine, everything.

  • nothing but problems - 2012 Ford Fiesta
    By -

    I have had constant transmission problems. Car constantly shudders in low gear. i have had it back for servicing 5 times in 3 years and the problem is still not corrected. Car also has constant transmission noises the dealership has stated that the noise is part of the transmission and is to be expected. I owned a Taurus and a Focus before this but i will not buy a Ford vehicle again

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