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  • Will not die - 1993 Ford Festiva
    By -

    I have owned three,my brother three and brother in-law fixes them for resale. We all love them! To many miles on all of them never saw one die! Best combo fuel injection paired with a five speed manual.

  • Best damn car i ever had!!! - 1991 Ford Festiva
    By -

    I had this car for 17 years before having to make the sad decision to let her go at 225k miles when she had electrical issues that were going to be to pricey to fix. In its early days I experienced gas mileage in excess of 50 mpg hwy and nearly 60 mpg on long road trips at approx. 70 mph. Even when it got older she still got over 40mpg highway but I chose to no longer take her on long road trips for fear she wouldnt make it. This was also the best car I have ever driven in the snow. I never got stuck once. Wish I could find another one. I'd take it in a heartbeat.

  • Best car ever! - 1993 Ford Festiva
    By -

    I have 323,000 miles on mine. I didn't change the fan belt till after 10 years. I haven't changed the fuel filter or plug wires yet! Just a great little car for what it is. Take the back seat out and you can haul two mountain bikes and some camping gear in it.

  • Stick It To Big Oil! - 1992 Ford Festiva
    By -

    Just bought this little jewel. Color of the ocean with pink racing stripes. It turns heads, especially as gasoline climbs back up again. Compared to my Ford 4x4 f150 the Festiva is a godsend!

  • Built like a tank - 1993 Ford Festiva
    By -

    Have know about these cars for a long time. Motor is like a rock, flawless. manual transmission, flawless. I get 41-47 mpg depending on how hard I run it. I agree with the window issue. Have only replaced the alternator and battery. Tires are very hard to find. I am 6"2" tall and I am very comfortable. Really enjoy driving it as my daily driver. I will keep it until the day it dies.

  • Just get one - 1993 Ford Festiva
    By -

    You're not gonna spend that much on one and will be surprised. You can buy one as a spoof then soon realize it's your baby. I wanted one just for novelty but got caught up in festiva fever. This car has never left me stranded and only required a new alternator and battery. Farthest I have traveled in it in one day was about 300 miles when i first got it and true to what others have said "I no longer trust this car on long trips." I don't know why I don't, but i just don't. These cars do die sort of. I have seen one not work with 256,000 due to bad ignition switch. I have seen one with 125,000 that was in an accident, but engine was pulled to put in one with over 300,000 that barely began to smoke

  • 295k review - 1990 Ford Festiva
    By -

    Ok so here I am @ 295k. I was going to wait till 300k but I just couldn't. Well my little festy is still going! Still uses almost no oil between the 4k oil changes. Just minor problems with the interior locks and doors. And my after market speakers need to be replaced again. Mechanically she still seemed sound I am beginning to believe that I will really make it to 300k? Well see? Only problem is I am spoiled now in thinking that I should get 300k out of every car and I probably wont. Even the 2009 Toyota Tacoma I just bought. The festivas can teach Toyota a thing or two about durability!

  • 90 festiva lx - 1990 Ford Festiva
    By -

    i have a standard lx and man its fun just fixing it up a bit now but looking for a manifold and exhaust for it and than its in tip top shape. it has 393k kms and it still is a great car so i planed on fixing it up and it has lots of place to put in a bigger rad. but nothing but good news for this car

  • I love my festy! - 1991 Ford Festiva
    By -

    I love my Festiva. Great MPG, fun to drive, Very reliable. If you want a good fun reliable car with unbelievable gas mileage then buy a festiva. They are getting hard to come by. FESTIVA!

  • 93 ford festiva - 1993 Ford Festiva
    By -

    just purchased a 93 festiva this car i very dependable and gets a consistent 40 mpg fun to drive and handles well they should be making these cars again tires are getting hard to find easy to work on.

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