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The 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid is an all-new model.

  • Quick acceleration
  • Responsive handling
  • Refined ride
  • Elevated driving position.
  • Stylish and well-made interior
  • Abundant features list
  • Superb gas mileage
  • Less cargo space than rivals
  • Finicky infotainment controls.
  • Long braking distances

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  • You bought a Hybrid? and a Ford? - 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid
    By -

    I have bought close to 20 new vehicles while I have been driving, american cars, european, asian, etc. The C-Max is the first Ford product since the late 1980's. The reaction from my friends is really interesting, can't believe I got a Hybrid, and if I wanted Hybrid, why not a Prius. The CMax was the first Hybrid that appealed to me, Main reasons: - wanted a hatchback capable of moving a larger item than would fit in a trunk. - wanted all the toys that are available in higher end vehicles - wanted gas mileage in commuting that would hit at least the mid-30s - had to have enough power to get out of its own way. It delivers on all of these. Had the car 2.5 weeks, it is put together!

  • Retired Boomer - 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid
    By -

    Researched long and hard, test drove Prius V, Mazda CX-5, and C-Max to replace '03 Highlander (great car by the way).Liked the room behind the second row in the V and CX-5 and the driveability of the CX-5. Liked the mileage (knew it didn't get 47/47/47), acceleration, handling, quietness, and accommodations in the C-Max. I have put about 1500 miles on the car so far and am getting about 43 mpg overall. Having fun playing the hybrid game! Much of my driving is in town or two lane rural highway. The mileage does suffer if you go over 65 mph. Diesel is probably the way to go if you want great interstate mileage.

  • C-MAX BUMMER - 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid
    By -

    I loved my c-max at first. Didn't mind the first time it went dead for no reason. I thought it was my fault. But after the third time...Come on Ford, stop making excuses. Now it is in the shop again and they tell me it is the transmission that has to be replaced! Really, only 30,000 miles in 1.5 years and I am driving a rental for the 4th time. I travel for a living. I want out of my lemon, but can't afford to trade off because of the upside down amount. Guess I am stuck.

  • C MAX First Impressions - 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid
    By -

    5 days now with the car; 850 miles: 650 interstate and 200 local roads. Ford advises car must be driven a couple of thousand miles before accurate MPG can be determined, but what I'm seeing now is 44 MPG city (lots of stop and go, and hills) and 37 interstate. Surprising that cold tire pressure is 38 PSI. Dealer was flexible on price, even though this is a new model. This is an SEL model with just one option: premium white paint. Car is a pleasure to drive: sporty feel, comfortable seats, quiet cabin, excellent driver interface with gages and displays. Build quality looks good.

  • fromflextocmax - 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid
    By -

    Took our Flex to our local dealer for service. Decided to look new Fusion while waiting. Only Fusion available was a hybrid. Drove it, parked it beside C-Max when we returned. Didn't know what it was, drove it, purchased it. The car available was loaded, really didn't think that automatic parallel was necessary. Dealer made us what we considered a great deal, so we took it. Have yet to try the automatic park. Have had the car a little over a week, no highway driving as of yet. Currently averaging 39-41 mpg town driving. Very impressive car,all my friends who have driven it were surprised with the take off power. Wish a power seat was offered for the front passenger, but no big deal.

  • One month in on the new C-MAX - 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid
    By -

    Our lease came due on our Prius and Toyota did not have product so we went looking and were surprised by the options we had. We drove the C-MAX and were quite surprised by it's features and performance. Overall it is 5 stars. On the test drive we put it thru its paces, rather harshly [I think to the salespersons surprise] but there was not a thing we could find fault with. If I had to list a deficiency, I'd have to list the SYNC system. Like all Microsoft products, it is better on the drawing board. A proper manual [digital would be good] of all the commands and how they fit together would be good.

  • 2013 ford cmax sel - 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid
    By -

    I just passed the 3000mi. mark on my 2013 cmax. was getting 38 mpg until the weather got cold. now it is down to 32 mpg. i believe the car is not worth the extra $15,000.00 spent. save your money! If and when the electric portion comes on, its a miricle! usually after you drive 30-50 miles. yes i am extremely disapointed!

  • electronic problems - 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid
    By -

    After less than 3000 miles we had problems with the "entertainment system" and the air conditioning. The repairs took 10 days, the AC compressor had to be replaced. Took it in for servicing after 5000 miles, including 2 recalls it had. After 500 more miles we had electronic problems again. The external sensors died, the entertainment went out again. The AC made more noise than usual. We are thinking we have bought a lemon! We like the way it drives and are satisfied with 40 mpg, and the comfort is good, but we can't trust it. We may have to use the "lemon law". It's back in the shop today.

  • Love My CMax! - 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid
    By -

    The car handles beautifully, both in acceleration & braking; it's very solid feeling, responsive, and very energy efficient. After 2 days of owning it, it's already giving me an average of 46.5 mpg . I can also put the car in cruise control on the highway and set it for 63 for EV energy only. I was thrown at first by how much the gas kicked in because of the hilly terrain where I live, but after learning more about how it works, that no longer bothers me because it's supposed to do that; considering the mileage I've gotten already, it can only get better when it hits 1000-3000 where they say the hybrid feature gets really good!

  • Disappointing gas mileage - 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid
    By -

    Where is the 47mpg promised? Cant do any better than 35mpg after3 months and 3000 miles. NOWHERE near 47mpg. Had Fusion hybrid 2010, and did recieved the adverised mileage after 1000 miles. Love the car except, really really annoyed with the poor mileage. I am doing worse than the Fusion and only bought the CMAX HYBRID because of the advertised mileage. Time for a class action suit for renumeration or recall for new hybrid engine. Obviously from the other reviews- I am not the only one complaining.!!!!!!!

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