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  • Great little gem for the money. - 2016 Fiat 500e
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    Great little car for short distance commute and travel. Has plenty of space in the backseat even though trunk space is limited. Charging is easy but know that on standard 110V outlet it would take an entire day to charge up. 24V commercial chargers can do the same in 4 hours or you can install a 240V at home. Love the styling and it's a hoot to drive. Instant torque and no shifting makes the car feel like it has way more power than it does. No problem at all passing cars with easy and it handles very well. Slightly wobbly on highway with high wind. One of the best EV out there that drives handles and performance as good with any gasoline vehicle - 500E is better than any other 500 variant including the Abarth IMO.

  • My Favorite car out of dozens! - 2016 Fiat 500e
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    I bought this car because 95% of my driving is short range for shopping, post office, etc. when I am not traveling out of the country for business. Also - the dealer and government incentives made the lease price so low, the car was essentially free - the lease is about the amount I paid for gas monthly. I truly did not expect to fall in love with this little car! It makes me smile every time I drive it. It is amazingly quiet and solid, and very quick. You really need to watch your speed. It brakes very well, and also handles better than expected considering it has hundreds of pounds of batteries in the floor. Whenever someone new gets in, the first thing they say is "Wow - it's nice! And it's roomier inside than I expected!" It is usually just me and a dog, or the two of us, but we have had 4 people in the car to go a short way to dinner, etc. The fact that there is NO SOUND except the (excellent) radio turning on when you "start" it, still takes some getting used to. The seats are surprisingly comfortable considering that they are so small and thin. Totally adequate for the car. The sound system is better than my Acura's. The NAV is a simple TomTom system, but it works, and it has nearby charging stations pre-programmed in. The Bluetooth works perfectly as does the climate control system. This little car really is well equipped with everything except a backup camera, but the rear bumper is about 10" behind the rear window so it isn't a serious issue, and it has the parking sensors anyway. Yes, there are a few little ergonomic issues about the car that frustrate me, and the steering requires real attention on the freeway, but in general, for what it is intended for, this is what everyone should be driving around town. I have owned around 50 cars, and this will be the one that will be hardest to let go of. GREAT WORK FIAT! And thanks to Fiat of Glendale for making the purchase so easy.

  • Zippy Electric Vehicle - 2016 Fiat 500e
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    The 500e has a better response than the gas-powered version. It handles better, has the best pickup and go, and is so fun to drive. I wanted to lease an electric vehicle so I wouldn't have to pay for parking in my city's parking meters and garages (my city has an incentive to lease/purchase EVs) especially as I work downtown and must pay to park. It's a dream to drive and park, and recharges when you break, so it becomes a game to get as much mileage from a charge as possible. So far, I've had no problems with the car at all. The lease is up the end of the year, and I've become spoiled with having an EV; it's wonderful not to pay for gas, oil, or smog check! I hope to continue with either leasing or owning another EV. At least in California, this is the way to go especially as the state has a pay back money incentive to own/lease an EV.

  • Great-ish car. - 2016 Fiat 500e
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    I like the way the car drives, but dislike a lot of the interior features. First off, the performance is great and I've never had such a fun car to drive. The acceleration sets you back in your seat and is instantaneous. I don't mind the range as we kept our gas cars and 95% of our driving is local. The charging has been fine with the standard 110 outlet and I don't see a need for the fast charger. My 7 year old daughter fits in the rear seat without a problem, but I'm happy the lease will be up in a few years as we'll run out of room as she grows. As for the bad....Headroom is awful. I'm 6'3" and basically have to put my head into the sunroof area to drive. Backing out of a driveway is difficult as the rear visibility is very poor. I'm happy for the sensors. Storage inside the car is also horrible. The glove box interior is flat so all your stuff comes out when you open the door. The cupholders are too close together for even 2 medium drinks. There's nowhere to put a cell phone. I hate the radio. There's a navigation warning that comes on for a while that prevents you from changing the channel...unless you take your eyes off the road and hit the "accept" button twice. I don't need navigation as my cell phone does it better. The Satellite Radio sounds compressed and worse than a cassette tape. There's no CD player. I love audio and honestly can't speak to the quality of the speakers since broadcast radio is the best quality thing I've listened to. I hate that every statistic is listed in MPGe, but we fill the car in kilowatts. I find MPGe to be a worthless number. One cool feature about the car is the smartphone app that allows me to turn on the climate control before I get to the car. It's just tough that it only turns on the last setting you had. If I drove with the air off and the windows down, I have to remember to turn it back to automatic 68 degrees when I park if I want to use the app. I also love/hate the App's function to show where the car is because it allows the person with whom you share the car with to spy on you. I have nothing to hide, but it gets weird when the other person knows where you went out for lunch. The regenerative braking is cool, but it doesn't seem to activate fully until the car is less than 90% charged. i.e. It will regenerate up to -10kw, but after 89% battery remaining it will go up to -40kw regeneration. It almost pays not to fully charge the car if you don't need the range. There's also a weird spot between 5mph and 0 where the brakes engage differently and grip strongly into a forceful stop. Overall I like the car as a car, but don't like the comfort features. I'll miss it when the lease is up because it is such a unique experience.

  • WAY more expensive than you can even imagine!! - 2016 Fiat 500e
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    DO NOT BUY THE FIAT 500e!! There is a major design flaw that will cost you $2000 at least once, and likely $2000 / year. This is NOT covered by the warranty. Before buying one, take a look at the plug (where the gas cap would normally be). It is very fragile plastic. Now think that for 8 hours or more a day, this will be plugged into a charger with a handle slightly smaller than a gas pump handle. Now think that if a small child bumps that even once, the plastic connector will snap. That simple looking connector costs almost $2000 to replace. It is part of a cable bundle that runs to the front of the car. It takes 7 hours to replace (at least that's what they bill). This will break!! Beware before buying this car!! Warranty will not cover it because they say it is the child's fault for bumping into it, not a car problem.

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