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The Jeep/Eagle division was formed in 1988 shortly after Chrysler bought the American Motors Corporation in 1987.

At the time, Detroit brands like Chrysler were trying to fend off increasing sales by import brands with the creation of their own import-style sales divisions. Eagle began with the Renault-influenced products developed for AMC, the Eagle Premier and the Eagle Medallion. The rest of the division's portfolio was filled out by vehicles from Mitsubishi, the Japanese company that had long been Chrysler's partner in the importation of small, fuel-efficient vehicles.

Jeep sales gave some energy to the Eagle division, but once Chrysler broke off the sport-utility brand and made it available to its own dealers as the SUV boom began in the 1990s, the Eagle brand quickly foundered. Chrysler announced the end of the Eagle brand in November 1997 and the last Eagle Talon, a badge-engineered version of the Mitsubishi Eclipse, came off the assembly line shortly thereafter.

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  • catchy title - 1991 Eagle Talon
    By -

    its a fantastic car Its now 5 stars [non-permissible content removed] Now test driving and purchase date

  • test review - 1990 Eagle Talon
    By -

    test review

  • Problems of age - 1998 Eagle Talon
    By -

    Well I was given a 1998 Eagle Talon as a gift. Always look a gift horse in the mouth. Apparently the previous owner had drove it like he stole it. It needed a rad hose which was not a problem or a great expense but it also needed a new front axle on the passenger side. Easy change. Normally but not with the Talon. The axle was seized in the hub and as a result it had to be cut out and the hub had to also be replaced. That came to $300 plus a lot of time. Next I discovered that the front suspension was shot. I could not buy the parts locally and had to use the internet to find them. Also a part on the rear suspension was bent and I could not get it period. Had to straighten it.

  • 18 years of fun - 1997 Eagle Talon
    By -

    In case you didnt know, this car is virtually identical to the Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. This family of cars is known as "DSM." I ordered my 1997 TSi AWD in October, 1996. It was my first new car. I still own it and doubt Ill ever sell it. I love this car! It has 113k miles at this point (Sept. 2014). The turbocharger let go at 80k miles (2006) and I took the opportunity to upgrade. I discovered DSMtuners website at that point and, over the years, became a "DSM Wiseman". Ive done almost all of the work on this car myself ever since. The only issues Ive had with this car in its 18 yr life have been the turbocharger and radiator hose. Ive "rescued" others in deep snow many times.

  • a great car, beats ever new model of other makes - 1997 Eagle Vision
    By -

    easily one of the best cars i ever owned. wish that they were still being made. i would own a new one now. got 32 to 34 mpg on the open high way. great car.

  • The Best Car Ever - 1993 Eagle Summit
    By -

    I bought this car new in 1993. Was a camper and lived in it for 20 years. Only major problem was gasket between transmission and motor had to be replaced. After 332,000 miles I donated it, not because of any problems with it, but because I got something a little bigger. That little car could have easily gone another 100,000 miles...no problem. I absolutely loved it. Good bye old friend...wherever you are.

  • Best car I ever owned. - 1994 Eagle Summit
    By -

    Bought this car new in 1994. Over the years, drove it hard. Did routine maintenance when due. Replaced 3 timing belts, the accessory belts 2 times, 1 alternator, normal replacements of expendables like tires, batteries, brake pads. I live in MN, where we use tons of salt each winter. Only in the last year has the body started to rust. Other than that, it has the original engine and manual tranny, neither of which ever has been opened. Synchros still work, and it uses no oil. It is criminal that these cars no longer are available in the US. Bring these cars back! This vehicle was the same as the 3-door Mitsubishi Expo. Mitsubishi should aggressively market them.

  • 1990 Basic Eagle Talon Review - 1990 Eagle Talon
    By -

    Purchased new in 1990, still own and only 15,000 miles on it, styling ahead of its time, my Batmobile cockpit. Black cherry with a black top. Love driving it real good cruiser. Only issues I have had with it is a $800 dollar clutch pedal replacement, present have a soft clutch pedal hoping it is an easy fix. Spent most of its life so far as a garage queen, in good shape for the year with all the original parts and original tires. The base model had a lot of nice features for the $. The only thing I wish I had was air , very noisy with the windows down. The car is still a head turner after 20 years, sporty, sexy and fast looking, one hot little sports coupe.

  • nice - 1994 Eagle Vision
    By -

    i dont know whats wrong with all these other peoples cars. maybe they just have bad luck or i got the best one out of the bunch. i bought the car back in 01 with about 90000 miles on it previous owner said no problem with it and as far as i can see he was honst because ive had this car and have to do no major repairs just the minor keep ups. i actually love this car so much i went ahead and put alloy rims on it a sunroof on it and i put wood grain all through interior of car. its now 2010 it has 144000 miles on it and its still running nice!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  • Have to mod it - 1997 Eagle Talon
    By -

    97 talon tsi awd, Swapped a 1G (91) 6 bolt motor, Big FP T28 turbo, 750cc injectors, 95 eprom ecu and a chip, 3" turbo back exhaust. Greddy FMIC, This car is a rocket!! I run 18psi on pump 91 and has 280whp! when i cruise at 80mph i get 37mpg. This car should have came this way stock. I Love this car, so much more rare then a GSX. If you can find one BUY IT!!

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