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  • I3 the electrical failure - 2014 BMW i3
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    Has abundant of electrical issues. Especially with the drive train. The vehicle went to the shop for over four times within a 50 day span and has yet to be resolved. My I3 is a LEMON.

  • Horrible experience -returned in one day! - 2014 BMW i3
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    We purchased this car, I loved the look and everything about it. We were told it would charge over nite in our garage. When we got it home the car showed it wouldn't be charged for 20 hours. Then it runs for about 100 miles on that charge. The BMW chargers are about $6,000 and then it is a shorter charge time. After paying $60,000 for a car we didn't want to spend that. Other chargers can screw up the system. We returned the car and on the way back to the dealership at 45 miles an hour trying to reserve the power to get there, a tire blew out and completely shredded so there was no tire left. After you pay top dollar for the car there are thousands of dollars of upgrades and insurances. Be sure to pay for the tire insurance, they insisted we would need it because of the low profile of the tires they don't last very long but we never dreamed one would blow out the first day we had the car. Wasted two days and will never buy an electric car after this!

  • Charging Issues - 2014 BMW i3
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    First, the good: Averages about 80 miles/charge, 3,000 miles on 1/4 gallon of gas. Now the bad: charging faults when using delayed charge program after 2 months, took in for service, and was told there was a "customer satisfaction bulletin" posted that involved new hardware and programming. Five days later the parts were installed, but charging fault still existed. Returned to dealer for another week, this time got a loaner car. Service department said faults were cleared, and the problem was caused by my using a level 2 charger for our Chevy Volt, rather than the BMW charger...although it worked fine for two months! Delayed charging with the Volt charger is working after the second service.

  • Tires worn out in less than 3 Months /2000 miles - 2014 BMW i3
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    I was shocked when I looked at the tires of my new I3 that I bought two and a half months back. Rear tires have lost their tread completely. I mean completely that the steel wires are showing. The car had been wobbling and shaky from day 1 even at 25-40 mph speed . Took it to the dealership and they said it has small tires and this is usual. My other friends who have this car had the same tire experience in 6 months. I am totally distraught with I3 experience .

  • Most efficient EV in the market - 2014 BMW i3
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    i3 is the most efficient in current market. It is the lightest EV (thanks to CFRP). I can get 4mi/kWh easily. Battery is 22kwh, but only drive able with 19Wh. VW eGolf is nice, but you can't compare acceleration to an i3. MB B Class is just too heavy and it does not have DC FC option. In comfort mode, you can drive it as an ultimate driving machine. In Eco Pro or Eco Pro +, you can drive it with efficiency. You need to plan ahead for long trip. I have 1300 miles in a month and total cost to charge is $25. (There are some free charging stations). There is no gasoline Tax.

  • Driving a Spaceship - 2014 BMW i3
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    I have the base model without range extender, but this is my commuter car around the city with chargers on each end. It's not practical for a weekend trip outside the range unless you plan your travels in stages with 2+ hours in between for recharging, but I love this car for commuting to and from work (32 miles each way). It's a funky, awesome exterior and the interior build quality is eco-luxury. I love the carbon fiber details and the eco-leather on the seats. The accent lighting makes me feel like I'm driving a spaceship. Also I love how BMW is really into the electric car movement by creating new manufacturing and technology to build them. It's not just a compliance car here!!!

  • Its a BMW and an EV! - 2014 BMW i3
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    I have driven BMWs for 10+ years and this all-electric BMW lives up to the ultimate driving machine claim. It is sporty and solid and handles the road like my 328i. It is filled with high technology with a large screen for nav, music, apps, and information. The construction is solid and the carbon fiber and all-aluminum construction makes the car safe and rust-free. Bodywork is actually less costly than a steel car. This is not for long trips as the practical range in temperate weather is 80-90 miles. But get the DC fast charge option as that has helped me go 300+ miles at times.

  • 1500 miles and 1.5 gallons of gas later - 2014 BMW i3
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    I originally ordered a I3 BEV Terra. The plan was to keep our old Prius as my "airport car" (I'm a pilot) and the I3 would be my fun car. I reran the numbers and decided to sell the Prius and get a Range Extender. I love it. My first BMW. Great driving experience. No range anxiety. Back seat is fine for 6 foot driver and rear passenger for around town (it's a city car). Air conditioner battles Texas heat just fine. My power bill has gone up $60 a month, but that's for TWO electric cars (my wife has a Leaf). There's no going back.

  • The Future is Here Today - 2014 BMW i3
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    Revolutionary from the ground up, sitting on top of a aluminum skateboard with batteries underneath in a carbon fiber passenger space capsule while seated in a Swedish living room and catapulted forward with instant, silent torque. Perfect size, design, airy, comfortable, quick, awesome turn-in, one-foot driving. Honestly thrilling. The proof of the pudding is in daily traffic (vs. a test drive on a freeway which is also awesome) when you wish to place yourself in a certain position and the car is already there by the time you think about it, and you made no fuss while not making a fool of yourself. Unique functionality, purposeful build to be an EV achieves mission perfectly.

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