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  • OH MAN - 2015 BMW M4
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    This car is a beast!!! The car flat out flies and will get you into trouble if you dont watch your foot. The interior is ok, it is not the real leather that you would expect from a 80,000 dollar car. My 09 z4 has beautiful real leather seats and wood trim that to this day is beautiful and so nice.

  • Awesome M4 - 2015 BMW M4
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    I was initially looking at the Audi RS5 and S7 as well as the new Corvette and decided on the BMW M4. I was impressed with the exterior styling with a very aggressive front and rear. I get a few compliments on my M4 each week. Next, the power and torque are off the charts. This car is scary fast and handles extremely good. The iDrive is very easy to use and the technology in the M4 is like that of a more expensive car. The seats are very comfortable and good for people like myself who have back issues. The braking is incredible and opted for the standard brakes. I got every option offered on the M4 except for the ceramic brakes.

  • 2015 M4 Coupe...Oh, my... - 2015 BMW M4
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    I previously owned a 2009 M3 and got rid of it after only a month. I never understood why all the excitement about the V-8. Sure, it had plenty of top end, but there was literally no torque. It was anything but fun to drive and I grew tired of being blown off the line by EVOs and Mopars. Now, this new M4 is a completely different beast. Its a ROCKET and has beautiful, aggresive styling. I absolutely LOVE driving this thing. Its mid range torque is other-worldly. I would compare it to the feeling of driving a 911 Turbo. Having owned Porsches, Ferraris, AMGs, I think this is the best performance car you can buy under $100K.

  • One sweet M4 convertible - 2016 BMW M4
    By -

    I have had my 2016 M4 convertible (with competition package) since the middle of May (it is now the end of August). I have 5000 miles on it now. It is a FANTASTIC car. It is the most comfortable car I have ever driven. My daily car is a Lexus is350. My wifes is a G37s. Of course neither come close in any type of performance comparison but neither come close in comfort either. The first week I had the car we headed down hwy 101 & 1 to Santa Monica that was an epic trip. But the car utterly surprised me on the way back to Sacramento as we did I5 home. I set the suspension to comfort and was utterly amazed at how comfortable the ride home was. As I got to know the car had to come to the conclusion that it is a beast in a tuxedo. Well refined and subtly luxurious, but put the setting to sport/manual mode on the tranny and take traction control off and it shows its beastly side quite wonderfully. I only have 2 picks with the car. 1. The auto high beam works only half the time. And 2. The remote controlling of the convertible roof opening works only half the time too. THAT ONE is extremely irritating when you are standing beside the car and want to drop the top so you use the remote feature. AND IT DOESNT WORK!! For a $90,000 car that should work every time. Those are the only 2 negative experiences I have had with the car. The sound system is amazing. Really amazing. As is the heads up display and the navigation. Ive lowered the car 3/4" front and back. Put Niche rims on and went to 305s on the back from the stock 285s. It is one....... My 2 business partners have opted for coupes. One got his this week. The other is headed to Munich next week to enjoy a European delivery. He will drive his around Europe for a couple weeks then BMW will ship it home. We each have our own specific tastes in the car. BMW offers a wide range of color combinations. If you can afford the car, you will not be disappointed

  • M4 the great - 2017 BMW M4
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  • Batmobile on steroids - 2016 BMW M4
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    It is the perfect car. It is civil in everyday traffic, but is a lot of fun whenever you need (or want) to accelerate or shame a Mustang owner. The Launch Control function is so fast, it is scary. Anyone who complains about the instrumentation being too complicated should go back to the dealership and get a five- to 10-minute primer on the iDrive, etc., from a BMW "Genius." I have wanted an M3 for years, and finally made the plunge. I opted for the M4 coupe, and it has not disappointed.

  • M4 - 2016 BMW M4
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  • Fun to drive but controls not intuitive - 2017 BMW M4
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    Beautiful Car and GREAT to drive. I ended up picking this mainly because I wanted a hard-top convertible with some power. This car drives great, is comfortable, and great with the top down. Overall, Im happy with the purchase but am a little annoyed by some things that dont make sense to me, a lot related to difficult function controls. Ive only had it about a month so part of this might be just adjusting to BMW ways. First of all, it isnt possible to put this car into PARK without turning off the car. So weird and annoying if you want to be SURE that it is in PARK. It switches to park automatically if turning off the car in Drive or Reverse, but otherwise you can only put it into NEUTRAL and set the parking brake if you want to sit idle, or turn it off and turn it back on. Also, the lack of touch for the screen interface is inefficient for entering addresses, and the finger spelling on the console control knob is not a good replacement--much easier to tap out a number on a screen than trace each individual number/letter. Also, the volume control is only on the dash or on the right side of the steering wheel--this means if you have your hand on the console knob controlling your nav/media, driving with your left hand, you have to move your right hand from the console knob to the dash or the steering wheel. The car has options for comfort suspension for daily driving but there isnt a way to make that a default--it always goes back to the more rigid SPORT option so that you have to reselect each time you start the car for COMFORT. There are other little things like the toggle for the hard-top requires you to pull BACK to put the top UP/Forward, and push Forward to put the top down/back -- just not intuitive. LOTS of media options but difficult to sort out. Anyway, Ill stop with these things since overall its a very nice car with AMAZING driving profile, which is what most people might be looking for and the little things might not matter. Its my primary car so the daily use things are a little annoying to me. As far as hard-topped convertible with power, I think this is the only good choice. I was considering going Mercedes C63 Coupe but didnt test-drive it since I still wanted the convertible.

  • Not user friendly - 2016 BMW M4
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    The door handles have to be pulled twice to get in or out of the car. The door unlock is in the center of the dash. Its inconvenient. The automatic transmission is difficult to get into park. Difficult for anew driver to get into drive. Its very easy to turn on the paddle shifters when putting into drive. My wife refuses to drive it anymore. The garage door opener was impossible to set. I gave up. I have set it for years on American cars. The electronics or command in center console not user friendly. I would never buy another BMW or German car. American cars are much more user friendly.

  • Great car, my 2nd M - 2016 BMW M4
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    Im loving my daily driver M4 convertible. Its a sport convertible, with limited space. Dont expect to put 4 large luggages, its not made for that. But it has reasonable space for a hardtop that goes in the trunk. I also wanted a 4 seater and the seats seem to have more space than my E46 M3 convertible. Overall, great car, but you do pay for it. I would buy it again.

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