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The 2012 BMW 7 Series is no longer the athlete of the flagship luxury sedan class, but its blend of comfort, luxury and driver involvement give it wide appeal.

  • Standout handling
  • Sublime seats
  • Supreme long-distance capability
  • Smooth and powerful engines
  • High-tech features might overwhelm
  • Clumsy throttle action in Normal mode
  • Ride too firm for some.

User Reviews:

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  • BMW 750 is the worst car I have ever owned. - 2012 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    I have owned various high end vehicles and have always found them to be well constructed and a pleasure to drive. That is, until my BMW 750IL. During the warranty period I had to make numerous visits to service for warning lights etc. and the dealer mechanics could never identify a problem. That is, until the car was just outside the 50K miles warranty. Then the problems started en masse. At 52K, major engine repairs (valve seals) and three of the four electric window controls failed. About 1K miles later had to repair ball joints, leaking oils components, battery, etc. My view, stay away from BMW at ANY cost. They claim superior enginerring but exact opposite in my case.

  • horrible customer service - 2012 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    i leased BMW 750i for 3 years and can tell you that I will never lease it again, I had the worst customer service experience and was overcharged by $650 at the end of the lease...

  • 2012 750iX - 2012 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    I have been driving 750iX for 4 months now. The vehicle is solidly built. For those who are interested in purchasing one, following might be of concern 1. Throttle response on normal mode is below average. I feel it's hesitant to push forward and there is jerky feeling in the process 2. The car gets quite noisy in over 80 mph both from tires and wind. Mine is equipped with all season run flat tires and that could be the reason 3. When I shut off the engine, the radio (or ipod) still continues to be on. I have to press the start button one more time to shut off the radio and this is annoying 4. I have to get really close to the garage door to open or to close

  • bmw 750i m sport package - 2012 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    I Just purchased 2012 750i, executive package and M sport package. super nice vehicle, i think bmw used more synthetic leather then real leather on door and some other parts on new 7 series, but drive is amazing, gas mileage very poor comparing to last gen 7 series.

  • 750ix - 2012 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    I have leased 7s for 25 years. This is the very best by miles. The X drive showed its value last terrible winter. I haved drived the car for 10 months and hasn't been in for repairs. No bugs. Past 7s have had a number of technical problems and a return for service. This is an exceptional auto and is fun to drive with comfort and safety . The I drive is much improved compared to past models. it is very well worth the cost. Highly recommended.

  • Great car for long road trips - 2012 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    Too large for daily errands

  • Noisy Luxury Vehicle - 2012 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    I owned a 2005 BMW 745i, which I considered the "Ultimate Driving Machine" prior to purchasing the 2012 BMW 750 Li X. Shortly after purchasing the vehicle, I noticed the wind noise and road noise was almost unbearable. I complained to the service advisors and was told that either they couldn't hear any unusual noise, then it was the road, then it was the run-flat tires. The adaptive headlights provides poor night vision on dark roads, drivers seat material worn excessive at 40, 000 miles, there is vibration during takeoff, there is little to no storage space for cell phones, etc, in the console or glove boxes. When steering wheel is adjusted for me, mileage, temperature, and navigation controls are obstructed. vehicle feels heavy, bulky, and requires a firm grip handling. Cargo space is rather small for such a large sedan.

  • Great car once it's imported from Germany - 2012 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    Great car once it's imported from Germany. Be sure not to get 1 assembled in the USA.

  • Second BMW 7 series in our family!! - 2012 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    Got my 750i a year ago. Car was from 4 years lease program. BMW Canada provides extended warranty on it. On delivery there were quite a few problems ( thermostat, knocking in steering column, alignment, weak front drive shaft). BMW fixed everything without questions. After one year of owning have no problems at all.

  • 750li - 2012 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    Nice car!

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