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For the first time in nearly 20 years, the 2011 BMW 7 Series gets a six-cylinder engine. Found in the new 740i and 740Li, it's an uprated version of BMW's twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline-6.

  • Variety of smooth and powerful engines, standout handling, supreme long-distance capability, sublime seats, enhanced maneuverability of four-wheel steering.
  • Delayed throttle reactions in Normal mode, high-tech features may overwhelm, ride on the firm side for some.

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  • What a waste of money!!!! - 2011 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    Please do not spend any big dollars and buy BMW. I have this car and it has been to dealership five times in matter of just three years. Car stopped while I was driving!!! they had to change fuel injectors and then it happened again after few months. Then the back up camera did not work!!! The fuel injectors started to make clicking noise and they said it was normal. !! I have just 27000 miles and it is four years which is not much for any car. So please take my advice and think and do more research before you spend huge amount of money on this car.

  • Poor Interior - 2011 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    I have a 2011 750LI Xdrive BMW. The paint on the knobs on my panel are coming off, I called BMW to complain. I went to a dealership and found that other 750LI X were having the same problems. If you are having this problem please call the head quarters of BMW and file a complaint maybe we can get them to replace the knobs. I had a 2007 750LI BMW and never saw any fading on the heat controls , startup controls and a few other. To spend 100k BMW should not put cheap anything on this car.

  • Worst car ever - 2011 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    Purchased a 2011 750li .only had car for two days ...drive moderate comes on engine light appears have paid two car notes ..car still in shop...if bmw can't fix there own car who can.....a piece of crap...

  • Nice but issues - 2011 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    I considered the S hybrid but chose the 740Li because it drove better. Sadly my alternator has gone out and needed replacement. The car drives well and is pretty fast, but the ride is not super smooth and the car could definately be quieter. I found dealer support to be poor as was that from BMW corporate. I will buy an S class next time.

  • excellent car but tire problems - 2011 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    I am leasing the 750ix for one year, excellent car inside out except the run flat tires I have to change 6 tires and one rim in one year you have to buy the tire insurance otherwise you are risking too much. Fun to drive almost perfect except dealing with frequent dealer visits to change tires. If you talk to their customer service about the tire problem they refuse to deal with the problem. I personally know many BMW car owners who have the same problem of frequent tire problems. This my last car with run flat tires very disappointed it is a waste of money, time and resources(rubber).

  • Understated Luxury - 2011 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    After driving the Jag XF Supercharged for the last three years I thought that this superliner might be boring. It is not. This car inspires confidence. Whether driving it on the Autobahn at 130 or motoring around town, this is a car for all seasons. It corners like a smaller car, has good power, absorbs bumps, and gobbles up highway miles. It appears that the design of this car was to ignore curb appeal, and focus solely on driver dynamics and comfort. Yet, if you can live with not being the bell of the ball, you'll enjoy every moment behind the wheel.

  • Perfect car, really - 2011 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    At $100k you should expect your car to be perfect, unfortunately not all are. They may be missing something...like cutting edge technology, great seating, high end finishes, or an amazingly powerful engine. The 2011 750Li gives you everything. I have owned the SL55 more power, yes, but lacking in comfort and technology. Don't forget covered maintenance! Miles per gallon isn't ideal, but considering I have nothing else to sacrifice I will deal with teen digit results. It's very quick, comfortable, quiet, and full of luxury. It doesn't wash itself... But with the camera package it practically parks itself.

  • Perfect in every way! - 2011 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    I never have called or considered myself a "car guy" as my mode of transportation had nothing to do with my personality. This is probably because I am 6'5 and I look for comfort over brand and performance. This is actually how I came to learn about the 750 Li series. I was surprised how my search for an SUV lease put this car within my budget ( apparently everyone knew bmw's lease well but me ) After getting quotes in the $1000's for an Escalade or Navigator lease, even got a quote for $1100 on an Expedition. I have had the car for a week and I find myself making excuses to drive. It is comfortable, sporty, dynamic and very very very fun to drive. I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY BMW 750 Li :)

  • Great car - 2011 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    This is an exceptionable car-the engine is perfectly mated to the drivetrain-there would be no rational reason to go with the V8. Very quiet and comfortable cabin. Navigation is the "weakness" of car-somewhat non intuitive.

  • Best Luxury Sedan of the Year - 2011 BMW 7-Series
    By -

    I have previously owned the S-Class and 750Li (2006). This time, I was debating between 750Li and 740Li (S-Class IS A JOKE to me) and went with 740Li. Reason, driving feel almost the same, except you will feel a bigger Torque. 740Li, however, doesn't feel the turbo lag like the 750Li. The power kicks in sooner where 750Li will lag (very obvious). & 740Li has all the bells and whistles as it big brother and better mileage. It is the smartest choice over any other brand and even its own big brother. Unless you are all about big engine and want to show off you have more $$$$$, 740li is absolutely fun and slightly economical to drive than the big engine brother. No remorse, guarantee

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