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For 2012, the BMW 528i trades in its straight-6 in favor of a more efficient (and more powerful) turbocharged four-cylinder. All-wheel drive is also offered on the 528i this year. An automatic stop/start system is now standard on both the 528i and 535i, with the latter getting improved fuel economy as a result. Every 5 Series also receives a recalibrated throttle, correcting the irritating lag that plagued last year's model.

  • Strong and relatively fuel-efficient turbocharged engines
  • Excellent seats
  • Clean interior design with high-quality materials
  • Capable handling
  • Plenty of high-tech features.
  • Top safety scores
  • Feels bulkier and less sporty than past 5 Series
  • Smaller trunk than rivals.

User Reviews:

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  • Disatified Owner - 2012 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    I owe a 2012 BMW 528i. This car has been nothing but trouble since I got it. It breaks down without warning only to find out it can not be towed because the vehicle cannot be put in neutral. The car has to be put on a lift to deactivate the transmission which cannot be down when you are stranded. Dont waste your time with this vehicle. It looks great but not dependable. Not worth the price or inconvience.

  • 5 Major Failures in 50K miles - 2012 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    I'm the first and current owner of a 5 series BMW. The car has had the following failures - power train, tie rods, turbo charger, engine tune-up, oil filter housing, and coolant system. We've had the car towed twice and have had the car in the dealership a half dozen times for repairs. We've escalated to BMW USA but they have refused to provide any additional assistance. Save yourself the trouble...

  • Best comfort and handling car IMO - 2012 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    I test drove a used silver 528i. Owned a 3 series in the past. BMW handling is given and this one was no exception. This 5 series was by far the most comfortable ride with great handling. Perfect balance. Did test drove 550 couple years ago, super power but little to stiff for me. The car was comfortable, roomy with grest view. Navigation was easy to operate. Everything was great. The only thing I did not like was the auto stop. I got caught in 5 traffic light within 4 minutes. The car being shut of and starting again to me was very annoying.

  • Run Flat Tires will disappoint! - 2012 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    Only four things you need to know about run-flat tires (RFT) First, they wear fast, don't last as long as stated (we got roughly 20K on first set). Second, they are more susceptible to flats! (we've had 3 flats in 3 years) Third, they are very, very expensive ($450 a piece for cheapest all-season). And fourth, though sold under the guise of 'safety' and protection for the vulnerable driver upon flatting... driving to safety (insert image of wife or children stranded), in my experience they burst at the sidewall, which renders them undriveable, and therefore driver is subject to a massive inconvenience of waiting for a tow truck, and being driven to dealership (more on BWM assist later) or tire shop for the pleasure of spending more on a new run-flat tire. We have flatted twice in the last 4 months, both times in the middle lane of an interstate, in the flow of traffic. And three times total in the life of our 2012 BMW (and I've been driving for over 30 years w/o a flat, until buying a BMW). Regarding BMW roadside assistance: It will be sold as a first class experience. Any issue and free tow to dealership. Truth: BMW needs this lifeline, and second, it's not first class. It's run by All State, and requests for towing are farmed out to their network of towing vehicles. They state bids over 1.5 hours are rejected. But expect to remain stranded (regardless of location), and be held hostage to their queue. We've used the service twice, both for RFT incidents. The first happened on a Friday after work, my wife managed to drive home on side streets under 50 mph. We decided not to get picked up that night (leaving BMW on a tow overnight in a random lot), and waited until the next day. It took ALL DAY to get picked up and have tire replaced. The second happened on I-70, in the middle of Denver. Waited over 2 hours (really, in a big city, on a major highway?)... Tow truck driver said BMW's (flat tires) and Honda's (electronics) keep him in business. Here's the deal... it's a known issue! The company line is 'safety'. If you don't like the all-season option, they'll sell you on the plan to have two sets of tires, one for winter the other for summer - paying them to store and change out the sets twice a year. After repeat visits, and getting the know the staff.. you'll start to get the 'no comment' response when inquiring if you are the only one with less-than-acceptable experiences. The staff can not speak to it, some holding firm... others will acknowledge the issue, quietly. We love the car, no other issues. We are not hard drivers and follow the book on maintenance suggestions... but I will not buy another car with fun flat tires.

  • unleash the kracken! - 2012 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    If your looking for good gas mileage the automatic 550i 2012 is not your car! But if you want a mustang/ vette killer this is your car! The torque and speed is hair-raising! I timed my 0-60 @ 4.4 . The 550i paddle shifters launches you out the box so fast that no crappy rice burner or Mustang 5.0 will ever recover. I havent loss a street race yet. ( lol) The fit and finish is first class and the seat position feels custom fitted. You will never find a a better combo of performance and luxury for under 35k.

  • My Second - 2012 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    My first BMW was a 328i which I got new back in 2007. I really liked that car in many ways. This time around I was looking for something bigger and faster that could handle a mid west winter and the crappy roads that such winters leave behind. I looked at various choices and settled on a CPO 2012 535xi with sport package, tech, premium, cold weather, sound. Although I've only had it a short time, I've been hugely impressed thus far. There's a lot of power on tap, but at the same time it gets great MPG. The ride is also spectacular, absorbing all but the most obnoxious of road imperfections.

  • Ultimate Driving Machine, Not Ultimate Warranty - 2012 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    My recent dealer experience was good as always. The background experience with BMW Corporate was unacceptable. My 2012 5 Series with EDC emits a crunching, groaning metal-on-metal sound that the dealer did a good job of diagnosing, but BMW would not authorize warranty repair for the reason that it is "characteristic." Exploding airbags that spray shrapnel, deadly ignition system failures, and self-accelerating cars are "characteristic" of other brands, so this does not give me comfort. It seems the ultimate driving machine is not backed up by the ultimate warranty. Since the defect is characteristic, I will find a class-action lawyer, who have their own unfortunate characteristics.

  • Run Flat Tires will Fail - 2012 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    2012 BMW 550, low miles but already 5 run flat tires have failed on me. Sidewalls splitting - effectively destroying tire. The left front tire has been replaced THREE times. Unfortunately BMW does not stock these tires, so when it falls apart your car will be in shop 5-7 days while they order new tire. Motorwerks in Minneapolis does not have any loaner cars when this happens, so consider your BMW a $70,000 bus pass. YOU WILL BE TAKING THE BUS A LOT. Not a fan of run flats - what are you supposed to do when the sidewall splits and you are 1000 miles from home in the middle-of-nowhere? . Give me a spare BMW!!!

  • Great car but different from past BMWs - 2012 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    Got a 2012 528 M Sport, traded in my 2002 540i 200k miles later. The 540 was a 4 door sports car and I loved it. Negatives first - this one is a luxury car that tightens up in sport mode to be a great grand touring vehicle, but its not a sports car. Which is fine with me because it is my daily driver. Positives - WAY more comfortable and quiet, spectacular fuel economy (getting 34mpg hwy and 27.5 average). Love the interior (switches all in the same place as my E39) + large NAV screen. The turbo 4 takes a little getting used to coming from a V8 but it really goes if you push the pedal far enough.

  • My first BMW - 2012 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    I have always been attracted to BMW design (with the brief exception of the Bangle years). I was looking for a luxury car but wanted something efficient. I was hoping for a diesel 5 but apparently BMW isn't quite ready so I opted for the 528i as more efficient than anything from Audi or Lexus. I sprang for the premium and technology packages and added the heads up display. I should have taken the heated seats but didn't. The car is a beauty. I've had it one year. I wouldn't call it the ultimate driving machine but it makes an impression and it's reliable w/ strong fuel economy. Kids fit comfortably in the back on road trips. Electronics are disappointing compared to my wife's 2011 Toyota.

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