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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2011 BMW 5 Series has been completely redesigned. Highlights include less adventurous styling than in years past, more powerful engines and new technology features. The wagon model has been discontinued. All-wheel drive is not available currently but will return later in the model year.

  • Respectable fuel economy.
  • Clean interior design with high-quality materials
  • Plenty of high-tech features
  • Strong turbocharged engines
  • Capable handling
  • Feels a bit bulky on tight roads.
  • Smaller trunk than rivals

User Reviews:

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  • Complete Disappointment - RFT Tires are nightmare - 2011 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    I purchased this Car in May, it is now October and I'm returning the car to the dealer and taking the loss on the taxes and extended warranty I paid for to trade it in for a different car. Almost $10,000 down the drain plus whatever amount that car has devalued from use. First of all, let me just confirm the complaints about the tires I see from other reviewers. They are a total nightmare! I have the receipts for 14 tires that I have replaced in the last 5 months. I bought 4 brand new tires at almost $500 bucks each after my first two flats. 1 had a bubble and subsequently popped within 24 hours of having it installed. I had it replaced with a new tire using the road hazard warranty and within a week, the two front tires blew out again. At that point I was driving scared and being extremely careful not to hit any bumps. Ive owned 2 door coupes with 19" wheels and thin tires and never had this problem. I even tried getting tires with a bigger sidewall to see if the extra cushioning would help and it only made things worse. The Car started to have an issue with the transfer case. According to the dealership the car has to use the specific tire measurements that come with the car or the transfer case gets confused when doling out power to the wheels. So basically I had no choice but to keep replacing the crappy run flat tires that costs $500. Ludicrous, I am trading in the car because the money I will lose from purchasing the extended warranty , does not add up to the cost of constantly replacing these tires. Other issues I had in my short time with the car are: The windshield fluid stopped working and pump had to be replaced. iDrive controller completely stopped working so the entire infotainment system was uncontrollable. Driver seat kept causing a warning that it could not be calibrated. Radio kept having a strange feedback noise at high volumes. All of these problems are minor issues that could easily be fixed by the very attentive and pleasant BMW staff at the service center. They were great and very pleasurable to work with. However it takes a month just to get an appointment at any BMW dealer in the New York area and some dealerships don't offer loaners unless you purchased the car from them. When I went to the Service Center I was shocked, They had over a 500 Cars on the lot for repairs. Ive never seen anything like it. I previously had an infiniti and never had to wait for a service appointment or worry about getting a loaner. Not to mention the Inifiniti facilities are infinitely (no pun intended) better than anything I've seen from BMW. To say that I'm disappointed is an understatement. Im trading the Car in and trying out an Audi A7 or a Benz CLS. Hoping that other German Car brands don't turn out to be all hype.

  • 2011 535xi = Worst Car Owning Experience - 2011 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    I've always leased cars and thought I should finance for a change. I couldn't see anything wrong with that decision figured BMW quality is top notch (German soccer), performance (autobahn), and good looking (even old German cars look sexy). In order to be safe I even ditched out 5k for extended warranty which didn't cover anything. Couple months after my purchase my tires need to be replaced. Couple weeks after that I'm merging onto the freeway and my piston blows up and takes out two cylinders with it. Twenty grand after that my thermostat breaks and I have no heat in the middle of winter (thank god for electric heated seats). Couple snowstorms after that my battery needs to be replaced

  • Good riddance - 2011 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    Electric throttle + turbos = you never know what you were going to get, or when you are going to get it. Merging onto a highway was a stressful event. Seats were uncomfortable. Not enough leg room (I'm 6'1"). Run-flat tires were junk - developed bubbles and made for harsh ride. Alloy wheels were so soft, and/or car was so heavy, that it was not possible to keep the wheels "round" or in balance. HVAC temperature control never worked right (it always blows hot air). Car handled like crap - the opposite of the ultimate driving machine. The car rolled so much during a turn - usually suddenly - that it was downright scary. Car was way too heavy. I was glad to trade it in.

  • RIP 550xi - 2011 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    Nice car, albeit a bit overpriced, however there is something seriously wrong with this engine. After about 40,000 miles (still under warranty), POOF the engine blew up and caught fire. The problem started with a chassis stabilization malfunction error and the car went into limp mode where you cannot exceed 11mph. After a mile of driving, car engine started to smoke up. After shutting off engine, car engine eventually ignited. Prior yo the fire, I would receive random errors in the battery and noticed burning oil smell. Anyway, although I am a bmw lover, I'm not sure I see a new bmw in my future unless bmw 'makes it right' and incentivises me to buy another one.

  • Poor Tires equipped for the 5 series - 2011 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    I'm a BMW fan and had several BMW cars bought or leased from BMW dealers before this 550I leased in Sept 2011 from Nick Alexander Imports in LA. No problem with BMW cars before this 550I which we had replaced 3 run flat tires within 7 months of lease with the same problem-internal cuts on tires. This is really unusual as I never had this tire issue with other BMW cars before. I filed a complaint with the dealer from which I leased the car but was told driver was responsible for tires.

  • I've driven the compettors and I'm happy I bought the BMW - 2011 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    I like the car. My parents have been mercedes fans since I was 16. Two s classes at one point for awhile. But I drive my father cls 550 and it is no more fun to drive and have a young family (2 & 4) than either the s- class which has the in headrest dvd players... okay, those are worth it they're nice. I have never been in position to afford such a car but I tested them all, the a6 came closest. It cost me roughly 35 with a 100k warranty, 24k miles on it when I bought it, premium package 2. Better acoustacics than the mercedes s class. Considering a new accord v-6 or maxima cost more I think it was a wise choice for an inevitabley poor investment.

  • Not a BMW anymore - 2011 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    I have an '02 530i, love it. Purchased a 550ix because I love BMW....used to love BMW. This car drives like a Buick. Even sport mode floats on the road. The seats are awful and the engine sounds like a 4 cylinder Honda. I can't believe BMW would even put this out! I finally gave the car to my wife and went back to my '02 530i. Now that BMW is no longer "BMW", what do I buy?! So disappointed! Shame on you BMW!

  • Handles like a Hippo on Stilts - 2011 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    I upgraded from a 335 to the 535 cuz I wanted a bigger car. The transmission failed in the 1st month and they had to do a complete rebuild, which cost @ $3,000. The car is pretty fast, but unfortunately, it exhibits way to much body roll and modest curves have to be eased into. The interior quality is top-notch, if a bit bland. Also, BMW will nickle and dime you for pretty basic features on a luxury car. There are better cars out there. Choose Wisely.

  • RunOnFlat. Stay Away. - 2011 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    It's a first and a last time I own the car (535xi 2011)with RFT tires. I changed 4 tires already and 2 more on a way. Each one is $500.00. The problem is always same: the buble on a side of the tire. Beside the danger to drive it (to yourself and others on a road), car will not pass the inspection. There is no spare tire. If the tire goes bad at night or on Sunday, that it. If you live in an area with roads with a lot of potholes (NY) , forget about this car. States should regulate sale of cars with RFT tires. Every car has problems, but this is ripoff

  • Overvalued lemon - 2011 BMW 5-Series
    By -

    I've owned this car for almost two years. My first and last BMW. How much I regret this purchase. The ride is rough, noisy and irregular. This car has a problem. There is something wrong with the ride. It shudders and vibrates badly. Yet, the dealer has been useless. They find all sort of excuses in order to dismiss my concerns. It is supposed to be normal!!! When my beloved Honda Pilot 2006 rides smoother and straighter than my $60,000 2011 BMW, you can tell this junk is worth nothing. So much for the ultimate driving... scam!

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