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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2012 BMW 3 Series sedan has been fully redesigned. Highlights include updated styling, additional interior room and new engine and transmission options that bring about better fuel economy and power. The 2012 3 Series coupe, convertible and wagon models are unchanged and still belong to the previous generation.

  • Elegant hardtop convertible design.
  • Upscale cabin
  • Powerful and reasonably efficient engines
  • Excellent ride/handling balance
  • Four body styles
  • Limited interior storage space
  • Options can inflate price quickly
  • New sedan is less involving to drive than carry-over models.

User Reviews:

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  • Extremely disappointed - 2012 BMW 3-Series
    By -

    This is my second BMW my first was a MY 2006 325i that I bought new. This time I decided to get a CPO 2012 328i. I have had the car for about 45 days it has been in the shop for 15 of those days. It needed: A NEW TIMING BELT (after I was told that the blender-like noise the engine was making was "normal" until I took it back to the dealer to investigate it further), an new window regulator, a new seat belt latch, re-charged AC, and crack in the instrument panel plastic covering the instruments. A week later I had to take it BACK because the steering wheel was making a load groaning noise when turned, and the stereo intermittently recognizes that I have a CD in the player or my iPhone connected to the USB. Sometimes I have to go without music on the wonderful upgraded Harmon Kardon stereo until the system decides to reset itself. The dealership still cannot diagnose this issue. Also, the only way to drive this car is to leave it in "Sport" mode. The default "Comfort" mode makes the car feel like a 1980's-era Cadillac-all floaty and bouncy on the highway. Steering and handling are tops in Sport mode, though. Overall I'm disappointed in the quality. I had the 2006 325i for 5 years, and had ZERO issues other than the sunroof not wanting to close from time to time. I put 102,000 miles on it and only did basic maintenance-no unexpected warranty visits. Thank tha LAWD I got the extended warranty with this CPO (Certified Piece Of _____). I had a Mercedes C300 and Volvo S60 in the interim of the BMW's and getting this car-sad to say, I think I may go back to either one of them. Beautiful car inside and out, though.

  • Base suspension is awful - 2012 BMW 3-Series
    By -

    I just returned my 2012 328i with around 30,000 miles at the end of a 3 year lease. Although the 2.0 liter twin scroll turbo engine has plenty of power and the 8 spd automatic transmission was great, the base suspension was so soft and unsettled that just driving the car made me nauseated. This was my 6th BMW and suspension wise, the worst. Early on in the lease period, I changed to sport springs which made a big improvement in handling. Near the end of the lease, I changed back to the OEM springs and couldn't wait to return the car.

  • Turbo Out at 47K Miles - 2012 BMW 3-Series
    By -

    Overall I love this car but, there have been numerous issues over the last two years the brake warning light came on several times, even though there was nothing wrong with the brakes I had a flat tire and drove around for about two weeks on it because the tire pressure warning light doesn't differentiate between flat and low pressure (it has run flats, and the tire pressure waring light comes on all the time, especially in cold weather so I usually ignore it) last but not least the turbo went out at 47K miles, and it took more than 30 days for the dealer to fix it because a part was on back order in Germany. So as much as I love driving this car, I think I am going to be trading it in.

  • The most uncomfortable car ever - 2012 BMW 3-Series
    By -

    I traded a 1999 3 series on this car and I wish I would have kept it. The seats are hard and the headrests are extremely uncomfortable. I have to use a seat cushion so that my head will reach the headrest because it won't go all the way down. The air conditioning is noisy and has intermittent issues. The Bluetooth phone interface is terrible. I have an iphone and a blackberry and everyone says I come across garbled. I took it to the dealership and they said there wasn't an issue, but I still can't use it. I can't wait to turn in this leased car. Just 5 more months.

  • Customer service - 2012 BMW 3-Series
    By -

    The best thing about my wife's new 3series is that she owns one now instead of her old Audi. The customer service at Russell BMW was the best, thanks to Ben Edwards & Larry cash my wife's car is very nice & new, she looks good in it, she's very happy.

  • Good thing she's pretty, 'cause she sure is stupid - 2012 BMW 3-Series
    By -

    My third, and last BMW, until the i-drive is obsoleted. I've had this car a little over a year, and lots of issues. Tire pressure light keeps coming on with no pressure issues, the trunk required me to slam it to shut, the audio system is incredibly poorly designed, and the air and heat work intermittently. Using the idrive forces the driver to take their eyes off the road for quite a while, a dangerous way to drive. Fun to drive, as long as you don't want to use the audio system while you're driving, and are okay with the sound of a rush of wind coming through the car.

  • Love my 320 - 2012 BMW 3-Series
    By -

    Yes it is a 320 and not 328. Here in the Middle East we have an entry model 320. The engine is exactly the same 2.0 however it has a different turbo and tuned down to 184HP.... Well I have the car for only 10 days so I cannot say much other than I am loving it day after day. Initially I was skeptical a bit as my last car was 2007 BMW 550. I do miss it a lot but I am enjoying the my new car. I guess I will give it few months and write another review.

  • Mixed feelings - 2012 BMW 3-Series
    By -

    Have had my 328i (automatic w Premium package) for one month now. It is a mixed bag of pros and cons. For a $40K car, I expected better and well thought out amenities to come standard. Not sure how long I may keep it.

  • So far so good - 2012 BMW 3-Series
    By -

    This is my first BMW and I was reluctant to buy a German car due to maintenance/reliability issues that I've heard before. But after 1500 miles the car is still silky smooth and no issues, knock on wood. The new 2.0L Turbo engine is amazing, acceleration is very good and there is no lug between pedal action and engine response. This car is fun to drive! The leather seats are much better than anything I had before, very comfy and the quality is very good. All features expected in a luxury car are there and they are worth every penny. The only thing that I miss are 1) a storage compartment for sunglasses and bigger storage for phone/wallet somewhere near the driver.

  • first German luxury and satisfied - 2012 BMW 3-Series
    By -

    This is my first German luxury car and I'm amazed at the quality and performance of the engine. The 2.0L turbo engine is amazing better than my previous V6 Japanese. I traded space by moving to 3 series but I don't regret it, the drive is amazing and the faster you go the better the car gets. This is my first German car so I can't speak of reliability yet but I hope for many years of engine free issues. The one

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