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The 2 Series convertible debuts midway through the model year, and all models except the M235i convertible can be outfitted with all-wheel drive. There's also a new Track Handling package for the 228i, though it's basically last year's Dynamic Handling package with a different name.

  • Supple ride
  • Impressively quick yet fuel-efficient with either engine
  • High-quality, feature-rich interior.
  • Excellent handling
  • Cramped backseat
  • No sedan body style offered.

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  • 2015 228i (6-speed Manual) - 2015 BMW 2-Series
    By -

    I bought this car after seriously considering a VW GTI, which you can buy at a lower price point. (Note I would have also considered the Audi A3, but no manual transmission was a deal breaker, and the GTI really is the same car with a different appearance.) However this was a 2015 and I was able to get a strong deal (about $6000 below MSRP, otherwise I probably wouldn't have been willing to go for it). After considering the performance benefits, maintenance included, nicer styling, and learning that I would actually pay more for insurance on the VW, I chose the 228i. Compared to the VW, you get a nicer engine with much less/no turbo lag and better handling from 50/50 weight distribution and RWD. Also, in my opinion, this car looks much better than the VW. This is actually my first RWD car, having previously owned a Mazda. In comparison, I enjoy the more upscale interior and quieter cabin. I have the Harmon Kardon audio system and enjoy it very much. I've even had two adults in the back seat and consider the space reasonable for this size coupe, but it is certainly easier to get in and out of the back seat of a sedan. The front seats are sufficiently roomy and comfortable, and I have been impressed by the visibility as I have less of a blind spot than I did in my Mazda. Regarding driving feel, I will say in my first few weeks, I missed my Mazda's tight steering feedback and the BMW gearbox took a little adjusting for me. In contrast, in a test drive, I felt the VW gearbox was quite smooth and easy to get used to. Now that I have had some time in the car, I feel accustomed to the gearbox. The BMW ride is quieter and comfortable, but with 18" wheels, some of the larger expansion joints can become more noticeable. I've been impressed by the mileage that I've been getting so far. In the first 700 miles or so (break-in period is 1200), I have been averaging 31 mpg driving gently and using the ECO PRO mode often. Acceleration is sluggish in ECO PRO, but there is certainly no reason not to use it when cruising on the highway. Switching between the modes is very easy beside the shifter. Sport mode makes awakens a totally different personality of more torque and faster throttle response. I opted for the M-Sport suspension, so that gets activated in sport mode as well - truly fun to drive. My driving is mostly highway with about 20% side roads/city. The auto shut-off feature, which is an annoyance to some, is something I appreciate when stopped for a while. The engine starts right up as soon as I depress the clutch and if I don't want the engine to shut off, it is easy to disable or hold off for a moment by keeping the clutch depressed. Last, BMW comes with regenerative breaking, which also contributes to fuel savings. These features and some other subtleties in the BMW come standard, but are not available in many other cars. In the end, I have a feeling I am getting better fuel economy than I would be able to in the VW. But, if I chose to drive aggressively more of the time, I am sure that would disappear. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase (despite some hiccups with the dealer experience, but that has never been smooth for me). I'll note that BMW's options and packages can make things confusing for the buyer as there are so many configurations, and some things that should come standard on an upscale vehicle don't. For me, the overall rating is between 4 and 5 stars due to the things that BMW nickel and dimes you for (such as key-less entry and Bluetooth on the 2015) and an infotainment system that could be a little more streamlined, although I have gotten used to it and do like it. If you do your research, you can spec out a great car. I plan on enjoying mine for years to come, and am looking forward to completing the break-in period.

  • Great Car - 2015 BMW 2-Series
    By -

    I started out to buy a 4 series. I liked the style and performance. I was all set until a salesman asked if I had looked at the M235i. I hadn't ever considered it because I thought it was a rehashed 1 series. I took the M235i for a test drive and was thoroughly impressed. A while later, I tested a 228i and really liked it. In fact, I liked it so much, I ordered one. I ordered my MSport 228i pretty much loaded: MSport, track pack, tech pack, premium pak, Harmon Kardon, etc. I chose the 2 over the 4 because I have all the same running gear with 200+ lbs less weight. And that equals better performance and mileage. When I drive the car in "comfort" mode, it is the easiest car I've ever driven. But, when I punch "sport" mode, the car completely changes personality. The steering tightens, the car lowers, throttle response changes the only thing that doesn't change is the radio station. It eats corners and accelerates very smoothly. The car possess's no perceptible turbo lag. It is a great looking and great performin car. It is what a BMW should be. It puts a grin on my face.

  • Awesome is the only way to describe the BMW (F23)! - 2015 BMW 2-Series
    By -

    The handling and ample room influenced my decision to order a BMW over the Jaguar F-type and Audi TT I was considering. At just under $55k, my car was ordered with the optional M exhaust, technology package, drivers assistance package, M performance side sill kit and 438M orbit grey wheels. Although I don't care for the rim colors, I have made arrangements to get these triple chrome plated. It should set off the Melborn Red Metallic paint and black convertible roof. Being from the Shreveport, LA area, I found an outstanding deal in this custom order with BMW of Dallas. Ryan Chong worked out a no hassle deal that was outstanding as compared with local dealers. Thank you Edmunds, Ryan and BMW of Dallas. I would highly recommend this vehicle and the 4 year warranty along with the included 4 year maintenance contract are an added bonus when buying a car of this status. Respectfully, Dennis

  • Fun and Luxurious Sports Car - 2015 BMW 2-Series
    By -

    My 2015 M235i is the best car I have ever owned by a wide margin. It is nearly as comfortable as the Nissan Altima that I used to own and way more fun to drive than either of my previous Acuras (an Integra GS-R and an RSX Type-S). Acceleration and handling are truly amazing and the interior is fantastic in terms of ergonomics, features, and quality. While I can't stress enough how much I love this car, it does have a few drawbacks that might turn some people off. For example, it is not the roomiest car and certainly not fit as a family car. Also, the ride quality, while by no means terrible, is not as compliant as I would like. Additionally, it is not exactly an inexpensive vehicle.

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