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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2013 BMW 128i and 135i are essentially unchanged and receive increased standard equipment and shuffle packages and options. In lieu of the now discontinued 1 Series M, BMW has introduced the 135is trim to either coupe or convertible models.

  • Nimble handling
  • Solid construction
  • Convertible available.
  • Powerful, fuel-efficient engines
  • Rear-wheel drive
  • Less-than-svelte styling.
  • Cramped backseat
  • Mediocre interior materials

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  • DCT was not made for city traffic - 2013 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    Purchased this 135i in 2013. My first new BMW. I am a big time auto enthusiast and had to jump on the 135i before the electric steering came in. The 135i has been pretty reliable but there are a few issues that are worth noting, such as dash and suspension squeaks. The car drinks gas, I avg about 13mpg on NYC roads. Also the DCT has a horrible lag on initial take off, I took it to the dealer for a software update and it helped but still not satisfactory to me. The only benefit I have seen with the DCT is the lightning quick shifts which is only great at high speeds. If you won't track the car often, I suggest the regular auto over the DCT.

  • Excellent car - mixed bag transmission - 2013 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    This is my second 135i convertible, and I have over 20k on this car at the time of this review. I was somewhat reluctant to order it with the then-new-to-the-135 7-speed dual-clutch transmission instead of the manual, but I was persuaded by the thought of the lightning-fast shifts and the advantage of being able to select between auto and manual modes. The reality is that in manual mode, and even auto mode for fast acceleration, the transmission is brilliant. But in stop-start, mundane "through the neighborhood" use (where you just want to leave it in auto-mode), the transmission is hesitant, clunky and confused. In other words, where you most want it to be an automatic, it is wanting.

  • Fair Car Needs Modification to Be Good - 2013 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    After coming out of a Scion FR-S, I felt the suspension in the 128i M Sport to still be too soft and sloppy (lots of roll and bounce). Car improved with a Dinan Stage 1 suspension (Konis and shorter springs). Then ditched the Goodyear Eagel Run on Flat tires for Bridgestone Potenza S-04 summer tires and now it is comfortable, sporty, and actually quieter in the cabin. Car has adequate power but could use a little more horsepower for freeway passing - I guess they could not step all over the 135i. Best part is the silky smooth Inline 6 cylinder engine without the turbo issues that plague many BMWs. Cabin and trunk are a little small, but enthusiasts actually love this chassis more than M3.

  • This is my favorite car - 2013 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    Best car I've ever owned. I have had Corvettes, Jags, Benzes and a multitude of others, but by far my favorite is the 135i convertible. It is a fun, peppy car that strikes an almost perfect balance between ride/handling--and this is with the sport package. Mine has the DCT transmission--it works flawlessly and is so intuitive I rarely use the manual function. Handling is superb. The ride is a bit rough with the OE run-flats. I swapped mine out for non-run-flat Michelins right away--the ride is much improved. IMO, BMW should do away with OE run-flats. They are horrible.

  • Incredible Little Car - 2013 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    This 135i convertible with M Sport package is one of the most---no, make that THE MOST FUN--car I have ever owned, and I have owned many, including Jaguars, Corvettes, and Porsches, to name a few. Fantastic engine pulls strong from a dead stop to 7k rpms. DCT transmission is a blast. Handling is sharp. This thing scoots around like a Miata on steroids. The only thing I dislike about this car are the run-flat tires, which I switched out after one week for some non-run-flat Michelins--this immediately improved the ride tremendously. I think this may be the best car BMW makes.

  • Last of N/A Inline Sixes - 2013 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    After test driving many coupes in the $30-$40K range, I drove the 128i on a whim thinking I would check it off the list and move on. After driving it however, I pulled out the checkbook. There are cars with more power and better styling, but I couldn't find any that had the combination of performance, handling and quality for the money.

  • Traded a Z4 for a 128i Convertible - 2013 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    I bought a 2003 Z4 ten years ago and thoroughly enjoyed driving it for 55,000 miles. At the age of 52, it was a great purchase. At 62, with bad knees, and 6'3", it became more difficult to get in and out of. And, being a roadster with a small trunk, it wasn't good for more than a quick overnight trip. So, we traded it on a '13 128i convertible and so far, it's a wise decision. Had to special order it since I wanted a manual transmission and was willing to pay only for the options I wanted. Only 1000 miles so far, so it's too soon to determine reliability. The fit and finish is typical BMW qaulity and the engine and transmission are smooth.

  • Material quality and standard features are awful - 2013 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    Sorry, I can't agree with the other 128i reviewers. I bought this 2013 128i used, having previously owned a 2004 330ci for 6 years. Granted, the 330ci had Premium package and the 128i is base. But the Sensatech seats and door material on the 128i look cheap, and the black shiny plastic in place of the wood grain or titanium trim is just plain tacky. The 330ci felt like a luxury vehicle. The 128i feels like an entry-level Hyundai or something. I actually just sold a Hyundai Genesis 2.0T Premium, which had keyless entry, keyless start, universal remote, moonroof, nice trim, automatic dimming mirrors and good bolstered seats. It cost about $24k new. The base 128i has NONE of those things, and cost over $33k new. Yes, the driveability is much better than a Genesis (but noticeably worse than a 330ci). The gas mileage is worse than both of these other vehicles. Overall I'm not overly impressed with the 1 series. It feels like a step down (even with more power than the 330ci and the Genesis) and a step backwards in time. The BMW enthusiast in me wants to get rid of it as soon as possible and get a 2 series!

  • 2013 BMW 135is - 2013 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    Great car for the young or the young at heart. Most should consider the car as a two seater with occasional back seat use for young kids. Very fast, very reliable, and very smooth running in line 6 cylinder. This BMW was my 2nd after my 1989 325is. I've always been a fan of BMW but think the company has lost its way over the last few years. This car along with the new 2 series is as close as one can get to the old E30 BMW.

  • Great performance sports convertible - 2013 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    This car is very well balanced and handles perfectly. Nice compact size with plenty of power and acceleration. It will give any car on the road a run for its money. Much less expensive than Porche, Vette, etc but as much or more fun and able to carry 2 additional passengers for short distances. Would recommend the BMW 135i to anyone who is a "driver"

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