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This Year's Model Updates:

The 2011 BMW 135i coupe and convertible get a new turbocharged inline-6. Its rated power output is the same as before, but BMW claims improved fuel efficiency and a more immediate torque response. The other notable change this year is the 135i's optional automatic transmission, which is now BMW's seven-speed, dual-clutch automated manual known as DCT.

  • Nimble handling
  • Solid construction, refined performance
  • Convertible available.
  • Powerful, fuel-efficient engines
  • Cramped backseat, interior materials, less-than-svelte styling.

User Reviews:

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  • Love my tanning machine! - 2011 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    I enjoy driving this car with the top down as much as possible. If climate change, it just takes a second to put the top up, well maybe two ! I get compliments on the car often . If you want to have passengers or lots of storage, this is not for you. But if you are looking for a great ride, this is it. I used to drive a winding canyon every day to go to work. Great way to start and end my day just love it!

  • Best Car I Have Owned - 2011 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    I now have 33,000 miles on my 2011 128i Coupe with automatic. I have not had one problem with this car. The only time it has been back to the dealer is for its scheduled maintenance. It is solid as a rock, and very fast! I average almost 24mpg overall and that is after a combined city and highway average. I have owned it since Dec 2010 and have to say I will miss it when the lease is up this Dec. Someone is going to get a stellar Certified Used Car. I've looked at some of the complaints here and have to say I have had none! Not one!

  • Exactly what I have been looking for! - 2011 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    I have been searching for a RWD convertible with a manual transmission for some time now and while test driving all the usual suspects in the same price range (new and used) my 128i was the obvious choice. I wouldn't mind a 135 for the significantly increased grunt, but there was no such car available- either new and too expensive or used and too old and out of warranty. Nevertheless the linearity of the naturally aspirated I-6 makes running up to the 7000rpm redline a pleasure, especially with the top down. While true value is debatable (I don't know if I could ever justify the full sticker price of a new one) the build quality, ergonomics and all around driving experience is worth it to me

  • BMW says do not put groceries in your trunk!!! - 2011 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    Whatever you do, do not put groceries in the trunk. I have found out the hard way. BMW has had issues with people putting items that may leak in the trunk and shorting out the car. My car is in the shop with such issues (or so they say). BMW customer service told me today that you should not put groceries or anything of such in your trunk. Why was I not told this when I bought the car.

  • Put together with tape and super glue - 2011 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    I bought this car brand new in October 2011 from a dealership in Richmond. My assumption was the BMW brand meant that even though it is an entry level series, the car would be quality. I was wrong. It's not even 2 years old and is falling apart. So far, my driver side window broke because it randomly had debris in it, the tail light has fallen off twice, the passenger seat panel ripped off when a friend tried to move the seat back and the lights on the radio fade in the heat. I am very careful with this car, rarely have passengers, ALWAYS hand wash/wax it myself and yet it has all these problems. My next car will be a Honda before the warranty ends on this one.

  • First BMW - 2011 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    I was looking for a fun car with a convertible top and the 128 was just right. Luckily found a certified 2011 with only 14K miles and got the price break and power train warranty to 100K. A key factor was trunk space since I plan on using the car for trips in my retirement. It will hold a 25 inch roller bag flat and a 22 on its side, and even more in the back seat - great for such a small car I am an engineer and I am impressed with the build quality of this least expensive BMW.

  • Like a 4-seat Miata...Fun Fun Fun - 2011 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    My 2011 128i Convertible has 8,000 miles with nary a problem. Changed the run-flats to Contintental DWS regular tires the first week and it was like driving a completely different car--much better ride. Comfortable seats and just a blast to drive. In some ways better than the 3 series--top down at least you have some useable trunk space with the 128. Almost went for the 135, but I'm happy with the power of the 128--engine sometimes lugs a bit taking off, but slap the transmission over to sport mode and it compensates and puts you into the sweet spot of the torque curve and takes care of the issue. Nimble handling. One of the most fun cars I've ever had.

  • Worthy of the "Ultimate Driving machine" slogan. - 2011 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    Had the car for about year now, no regrets. As a diehard BMW fan I was afraid BMW was shifting towards too much technology and not enough fun driving. I was wrong, the 135i is just about perfect, and it relives my days of the E46 330 but better. It has the right combination of sport/comfort for everyday use, it's NOT a track car. Get the 1M if you track your car. The 135i is a great daily driver with gobs of power and handling to exceed anyone who drives on the street. The seats are comfy and the interior is typical BMW fare with driver orientated controls. Handling is great with the exception of some understeer. The brakes are superb with great stopping power and awesome brake feel.

  • Love IT - 2011 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    It's great that the "starter" car is truly a BMW, not just a chintzed out shell of the more expensive versions. Leased a 128i and the engine and steering are exquisite. And while the Edmunds review suggests that one needs the sports seats for comfort, the regular ones with leather are much, much more comfortable than the ones on my previous car, an Audi A3 with the sports pkg. Three years ago BMW navigation had a poor reputation, but the one on this car is great - just as good as Audi's. Standard stereo is fine. Cabin noise is nice and low, with the exception of the supersonic window defroster.

  • Really fun to drive - 2011 BMW 1-Series
    By -

    Nothing to complain about this car, it put a smile on my face every time i step on the gas pedal, love how it perform.

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