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This Year's Model Updates:

Black fender panels and the optional OnStar system are no longer available.

  • Elegant interior, powerful engines, flexibility of adjustable-height suspension, competent off-road performance.
  • High base price, turbo lag in V6 version, suspension can be harsh over bumps, lousy fuel economy in city driving.

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  • Audi Allroad Is Fun To Drive - 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro
    By -

    The auto allroad is an oveall great car and I love it. Its easy to drive, has plenty of power and handles well in all weather conditions. The interior is well manafactured and the design features inside are impressive. The rear leg room and headroom are amazing for this mid size car and are as comfortable as the front seats. I like the dual climate control, but wish it had heated seats like my husbands Audi TT. The Bose sound system is better than most luxury cars that I have owned in the past and the speakers are placed all over the interior. I have had no mechanical problems with the car and everything from the exterior to the interior are holding up beautifully. I think youll love it too!

  • 13 not out - 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro
    By -

    I thought you may be interested from a UK review. This is my 13th Audi and our 2nd allroad. It is a 2.5 turbodiesel which is the most populat model over here. A tank of fuel produces 515 miles on the cruise. Petrol is too expensive here; US $10.41 per gallon. The turbo lag can be overcome by depressing accelerator a cm or so which gives it time to start spooling up. Allroads are superb vehicles and worth the slight premium over the Volvo.In the UK the A6 and Volvo are the biggest estate cars and more user friendly than pure SUVs. Built better than a BMW, more space than BMW and other drivers admire you but would never let a BMW out at a junction.

  • Nice but.... - 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro
    By -

    The car drives very smoothly and with a powerful engine allowing for impressive cruising. The strength, solid protective mechanisms, and wonderful brakes allow a family to enjoy this vehicle for both its family size and pleasure of driving. However, I found several of the heavily promoted features to be of little or no use.

  • Unexpected satisfactions - 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro
    By -

    Allroad is continuously giving me unexpected surprises and satisfactions. The build quality, performance and fun to drive. Fuel economy can be improved using higher gear thanks to the incredible wide torque band. Three gears are available for most situations. Can drive as a luxury saloon in an elegant atmosphere, but also as a sporty touring wagon with the exceptional overtaking acceleration, then it turns also a SUV-like vehicle. In short, all in one for every situaion and condition. Its expensive but its worth. You can find the reasons in almost details even in invisible sections. Looks like even a master piece of craft work.

  • a jewel on the road - 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro
    By -

    An exquisite, elegant design that goes beyond trend since its introduction in 2001 with its original design virtually unchanged. Im glad that Audi will not produce allroad anymore (pending its future concept production) that would give this particular model rare value. 2.7T engine has enough power to smoothly lift 4,200+ lbs. of weight with confidence. Always trustful, impressive quattro all- wheel drive. Superb handling, ride comfort and beautifully crafted interior w/ top quality materials as Audis tradition. This is a true jewel on the road.

  • allroad...allright! - 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro
    By -

    My wife and I purchased an 2003 allroad with 31K miles. This is my second Audi, we have an 98 A4 in the family. Our two bulldogs love the cargo area, and my wife adores the seat warmers. I love the 40-60 MPH acceleration, although sometimes from stop-start is hesitates a little. We are really happy with the car eventhough we have owned her for only three days.

  • Audi allroad - perfect driving machine - 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro
    By -

    Never had a nicer, more dependable car. Fun to drive, never get stuck in snow and very comfortable.

  • Hidden Treasure - 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro
    By -

    Our Audi Allroad is at home in any situation. The perfect commercial (hint Audi) would show this car on a race track, a snow covered highway and off road in the mud - It has done it all and always delivered! On dry pavement the ride is compliant, and handling around town or at 80 mph is impressive. Rain - see drive pavement, no difference. Snow/mud - this car is sensational. The adjustable suspension and all wheel drive give me comfort knowing my wife and two children are safe if caught in such a situation. I have had many cars, but this is the first that I bought with practical family needs in mind. Safety is the most important thing to me and this car does not disappoint. It is practical, safe, and a blast to drive!

  • Outstanding - 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro
    By -

    Have had my 2005 Audi allroad for over a year and have driven 75% of the miles on snowy mountain roads. The performance has been outstanding. While the car drives on the heavy side, its performance in the mountains and on snow slick roads has been simply amazing. Tiptronic shifting on downhill grades is also an excellent feature. Overall the car is very comfortable to drive and ride. The only downside is that you have to use premium fuel and it gets poor mileage. My overall fuel usage since purchase has been in 16 mpg range. One needs to remember that this is a 4.2 litre V-8 engine which clearly adds to mountain and high altitude (6,500 feet or higher)performance. I traded in a BMW X5 4.0 and find the Audi to be a superior value & higher performance vehicle.

  • New Used Quattro - 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro
    By -

    Well designed auto. Very comfortable. We enjoy driving. Some difficulty steering, I assume because of the all wheel drive. My wife loves it. Plenty of room compared to other vechicles in it category. Id recommend at least a look.

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