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This Year's Model Updates:

For 2014, the Audi A4 produces 220 horsepower, up from 211 a year ago. A few more features, including Bluetooth and an iPod interface, are now standard.

  • Less expensive than German rivals.
  • High-quality cabin
  • Sporty handling
  • Excellent crash test scores
  • Good fuel economy
  • Unintuitive standard control layout.

User Reviews:

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  • Smoothest car - 2014 Audi A4
    By -

    After owning a few BMWs and a Lexus, I was dead set on getting something cheaper. Walked into the dealer to buy a GTI and left with a 2014 A4 with the Black Optics package. First off - astounding looking car. Audi has come a long way from the 'bubbly' design of early 2000s. Secondly, it's the smoothest car I've ever driven. That's coming from someone who owned a 550, 135 and RX over the past decade. It's undoubtedly due to the higher torque at lower revs as well as amazing steering feel. One thing I wished: I think the car could do with a bit more power at the higher end (3-4k revs) but it doesn't necessarily need it for most Americans' driving style. Overall, amazing car, buy it and don't worry about a thing.

  • great new toy - 2014 Audi A4
    By -

    Long term ex-Acura guy who loves manual transmissions. I really don't understand where Acura is shifting its target demographics, which is a pity, as they used to have such sweet packages. They no longer offer manual transmissions in cars worth buying. After long research the manual A4 quattro hit the sweet spot for features, quality and price. Drove one and got instantly hooked. So much technology, so nicely packaged on top of a mechanically exquisite car. A car that shares an engine and transmission with the Golf GTI, but packaged so much better. A blast to drive.

  • Former Bimmer fan - 2014 Audi A4
    By -

    Previous to this A4, I have owned 3 BMW 3 series vehicles. I loved Bimmers and thought that I would drive them for life. My wife needed a new car and we test drove the 3 series, but they seemed to have lost so much feel. They just aren't what they used to be. Then we drove the quattro. Man, what a ride. It blows the Bimmer out of the water. It may not be as fast 0-60, but feels better in every other regard. It corners better, it has a slightly stiffer suspension, and hugs the road like a bear. If you are thinking about a Bimmer, do yourself a favor and test drive a quattro. P.S. If you go A4, go quattro or go home.

  • After a thorough search, this is what I found - 2014 Audi A4
    By -

    Just purchased a 2014 A4. The driving dynamics are amazing and better than the new BMW's. I have driven performance cars all my life and the handling of this car is sublime. The styling is subtle and elegant. The engine lacks the sonorous qualities of more performance oriented vehicles but given the plebeian power figures the car moves with an alacrity and agility that genuinely impresses credit the 8 speed Tiptronic transmission. Amenities abound and present themselves when you least expect them. It's like an Armani suit, the closer you look at the details the more beautiful touches you find. The A4 IMHO blends Power Elegance and Beauty like few automobiles ever have. Love this car!!!

  • Two for the road - 2014 Audi A4
    By -

    Within 2 weeks of buying our A4 we took it on a 5000 mile tour to see friends and family. The car handles like a sports car but offers as comfortable and quiet ride as a limo. Despite driving in several Western States with speed limits of either 70 or 75 mph, we managed a 31+ mpg figure and that includes driving over both the Sierra and Rocky Mountains.

  • New a4 premium plus - 2014 Audi A4
    By -

    Just traded in my 2011 A5. The difference is dramatic. Bought with every possible upgrade. If you like a hard drive German machine this is it. I tested the A6 and thought I was in a Lexus. I got the black optics pkg with 19" wheels. I love the hard feel. Plenty of power. I put the car in dynamic mode and it reminds me of my 1970 TR6. It's a blast. Ok so it's not as pretty as my A5 but it drives like a sports car. The downside is all the electronics. Way to difficult to master. But if pure driving is what your looking for you found it.

  • So much fun to drive!! - 2014 Audi A4
    By -

    I purchased a used 2014 Audi A4 premium plus quatro about a month ago. So far, I love it! I specifically wanted a manual transmission, because I just love shifting gears. This car is a blast to drive and shift! I previously owned a VW Passat, which I was pleased with, but have really enjoyed a slight "step up" to the Audi. The car handles very well, I love the side assist (blinking lights when someone is in your blind spot and your blinker is on), the auto-sensing wipers (never have to touch the wiper level!!), and the overall feel of the car. It is very "sturdy" and quiet. My Passat was really noisy, so this was a great change. I also love the push-button start and the push-button parking brake (no more difficult parking brake to wrestle with!) My VW had the old-fashioned remote key lock and unlock, and I love that with my Audi, I just have to reach for the handle - as long as the key is in my purse, the car will unlock for me. No more searching for my keys in the bottom of my purse!!!!! Now for the disappointments: first, even though I have the premium plus, there is no back-up camera. I knew this before I bought, but was told by the salesman that I could easily add one from Best Buy for about $250. I looked into it (before purchasing the car), and it looked like he was right. However, when I went to BB to get the back-up camera, I found out that these after-market accessories cannot be added to a factory-installed monitor without a VERY expensive adapter (like, over $1,000)! So... now I have to live without a back-up camera. I also don't like the radio selection on the steering column. Instead of just pushing a button to move from one preset station to the next (like in my VW), you have to roll a little knob to select the station, and then push the button. It's almost impossible to do this without looking at the dashboard. It takes my eyes and attention off the road. Also, I'm disappointed in the bluetooth voice command. In my VW, my phone book contacts from my phone were automatically recognized by my car. All I had to say was, call Samantha Anderson (or any contact in my phone's contact list), and it dialed the number. With the Audi, I have to actually pre-record a voice tag for Samantha Anderson and input her number, or it won't recognize and call. I was really shocked by these downgrades. The Audi is supposed to be a step up, and it is in most ways, but definitely some technology oversights that are surprising. Some other features that are very important to me: a very big trunk and seats that fold down (very easy to maneuver), seat memory, seat heat, and a rockin' sound system!! Although there are a few technological features that I would change, I LOVE the A4!!!!

  • great balance - 2014 Audi A4
    By -

    Just a great balance of features, performance, economy, comfort in a good looking package. Black with sports pkg and black optic package. 24 mpg around area, 31-32 mpg on long trips. 4cyl turbo does really well on the move. 6 spd manual involving and smooth/precise. room for 4 adults without stuffing them in. bang and Olufsen system if very good

  • So far, exceeding all expectations and then som - 2014 Audi A4
    By -

    This is one fine example of German automotive engineering and technology. In the month I've had it, it's delivered everything it promised, and a lot more. Can't say enough good things about this car. Handles wonderfully, no matter what mode it's in. I prefer sports mode because it suits my driving style best, but ordinary Drive mode is nice when just cruising on the freeway and getting 30+mpg. I'm averaging 29 miles per gallon, city and freeway, much better than expected and far exceeding what my V6 Honda ever got, even with cylinder deactivation. Accelerates very smoothly, just a hint of a pause and then it kind of "jumps " off the line and up to speed seemingly instantly. Feels much faster than what is written, and probably is. Definitely under 6 seconds to 60mph, but that's not what they say. Very happy with the transission and wouldn't have got the car with a CVT, so it was a Quattro or a different make. A bit hard to find in my targeted budget range, with the trim and color I wanted, but persistence, hard work, and determination paid off....and the willingness to travel over a hundred miles. Kudos to Circle Audi of Long Beach for sending me a Uber ride to get there, and treating me well at the dealer. No "over the top" selling with these guys, straight to the point and excellent product knowledge, what's you definitely want in a salesperson. I laid out my specs to them, they found me the perfect car right away and got me the kind of deal I was happy with. Such a great deal I don't want to say what it is, and it's a certified pre-owned Audi with some warranty, always a plus with a used car. Thought I would miss my old car, and I do a little, but I've found a new love and her name is Audi Quattro. I'm hooked and as long as maintainance is low and the car remains dependable, I'll be in Audis for the foreseeable future. All the car reviews of this car were spot on, and maybe even a little underwhelming for this car. I can't really say anything negative about any aspect of the vehicle, only that the steering is a bit too soft at times and combine that ease of steering with how well the car moves and you have to be very careful not to change lanes by mistake because you turned your writ a half centimeter...it's that precise and easy to turn. Sport mode firms it up a bit, but still very effortless and I like more of a road feel in my hands. I like to drive, not be driven by my car. This car has both available, which is nice. Electronics were simple to learn, navigation is so precise it's scary, and nothing feels cheap and not corners seem cut, to save a few bucks and annoy the consumer. I'm a big fan of companies wh "tighten all the bolts" and aren't lazy, and cheap, about quality. Nothing rattles, and exterior noise is virtually eliminated. Engine has a nice little growl to it that's not over the top, but just loud enough to tell you that it's no ordinary 4 cylinder under the hood. No sound of the turbo at all, which is really amazing, you really don't know it's there until the toque really kicks in and speed jumps up pretty fast. I have to really pay attention, or I may be getting speeding tickets because you definitely don't feel the high speed, and 65 doesn't feel all that different from 100....not that I've ever gone that fast, but to illustrate.... Thanks Audi for a fine automobile. I'm very happy with it so far.

  • AUDI has perfected the A4 at this point - 2014 Audi A4
    By -

    Audi has had several years to perfect this model without a major redesign. This car has no weaknesses, other than a higher initial price and expected higher charge from the dealer for service. It is a Germanic import after all. My CPO will pay for the next three major service intervals, so that is around $1500 I won't pay for. An investment with style.

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