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  • Nice Car but less seating room - 2016 Acura TLX
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    Nice Car to drive but less room for seating if tall driver or passenger riding this car.

  • A sporty economical car - 2016 Acura TLX
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    We usually buy Toyota's or Lexus. Not much of a Honda fan. However I am very impressed by the Acura we bought for my daughter who graduated and got her first job. Pros: Very nice interior, low road noise and good acceleration with 1-2 passengers. The car is understated outside but has a very nice interior with nice leather and fittings. Very economical given the 2.4 liter engine. This was a 2016 closeout lease and I got a very good deal from Prime Acura of Walpole.

  • 2013 vs. 2016 - 2016 Acura TLX
    By -

    Not sure what they did but my 2013 off the line was incredible...2016 not...

  • TLX is the perfect blend of features and cost for - 2016 Acura TLX
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    There are higher performance cars out there, as well as ones with more plush interiors. But for a perfect blend of sportiness, quiet, smooth ride, comfort, tech features and outstanding stereo system, and cost, I found the TLX to be the perfect car for me. So much intelligence and consideration for the driver went into this car. I got the 4 cylinder, 2.4 liter, dual clutch 8 speed transmission with Tech Package, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a practical but enjoyable blend of sportiness, luxury, and affordability.

  • Acura TLX - A Great Car - 2016 Acura TLX
    By -

    I was a former Acura TL owner and was blown away by the performance of the TLX. Even though it's a mere 1.5inches shorter, and car is extremely comfortable, quick, and has all of the features of a luxury car at a great value.

  • Best value in it's segment, by far... - 2016 Acura TLX
    By -

    Bought a fully optioned TLX V6 with SH-AWD and Advanced package with less than 700 miles on it. A little history: The vehicle had previously been wrecked leaving the dealership when the teenager driving it rear-ended another car on the freeway. There was no frame damage and the car was repaired at the Acura dealer back to factory specs. Since the kid didn't want a car that had been wrecked before and since 'daddy' wrote another check for $50K to buy another new fully loaded TLX, this vehicle was subsequently sold to an independent used car dealer for about 1/2 the MSRP. Their loss, my gain! This is my 4th Acura and 7th Honda product in recent years and so far I've not been disappointed. Though Hondas have dominated our car ownership experience, our family has owned various models from Chrysler, Ford, GM, Mercedes and BMW over the years and there's reason we keep going back to Honda. The build quality on this vehicle is excellent by comparison to other models that we've owned, across all manufacturers. The ride quality is great and the steering feel is good, though still not as good as the 3-series BMW. The transmission can be a little quirky at times but nothing that's unacceptable. Even though my vehicle was essentially 'new' and I paid almost $15K off MSRP because of the previous wreck, it still would have been a good buy at it's MSRP based on similar cars in the segment with the same features. Is this car the best in it's segment? No, it's not. Does it represent the best value in it's segment? Absolutely!

  • Enjoy the technology - 2016 Acura TLX
    By -

    Everything is extremely good except for some reason they have the worst tires. Performance would probably be much better with a quality high performance tire.

  • Engineers have overcomplicated dashboard controls - 2016 Acura TLX
    By -

    This car is drop dead gorgeous from the outside. It rides like a dream at 60 MPH - Simply HATE driving the car at lower speeds. The controls are all STUPID. Who dreamed up putting all of the controls onto an ipad screen that fades out when the sun glares onto the screen? What's wrong with a few knobs? So much easier to locate when driving and trying to keep your eyes on the road. Hate the way the car is programmed to have the seat slide all the waaay baaaack and all the way baack forward agaaaiiin when starting and stopping. Let ME control where I want the seat to be. I'll move it if and when I deem necessary. The beautiful jewel lights...SIMPLY WORTHLESS IN AN AREA WITHOUT STREET LIGHTS. Although I took the car back and made numerous inquiries because I simply cannot see at night, I was assured by the Service Manager that nothing can be done to adjust the lights, and I am awaiting (for over 3 months now) a reply from the Regional Service Manager due to my complaints about the lack of light from the lights. Interestingly, I just tore the bumper off the front of the car backing out of a parking spot and visited a body shop. We got to chatting that the car was so beautiful but the lights were so bad - and he offered to adjust them. Do you know, he adjusted the lights up half way - and they can be raised additionally - while my Service Manager at Open Road Acura insisted they could not be adjusted. This is infuriating! The front bumper is so low to the ground - right after my experience yesterday, while driving home I was next to another TLX same year - and the same bumper was torn -coincidence? I am amazed it tore so easily. The visibility - try looking in your side mirrors without becoming seasick - they are curved. So if you move forward or back and continue looking at mirror - the view moves and stretches. Why??? Why does the air conditioning vent reflect into the side mirrors - oh wait, they said it was a recall only the day after my purchase. But I've met other owners who were not given the revised "matte black" vent instead of the reflective silver version. The bars holding the windshield and windows is so thick that I have to lean forward and then behind the bar in order to make a turn, because so much of the view is obstructed. Then, when backing up - the cameras drop to the ground - a warning comes up on the screen that the Driver is responsible for checking behind the vehicle - but the mirrors are on the floor ??? Luckily, there is an override for this particularly stupid feature. The Navigation is awkward to use and soooooo slow to respond. It probably takes a minute to start up upon starting the cr. It also isn't as accurate as the navigation in my older TL. Several times it has taken me way out of the way and then backtracking numerous times unnecessarily. Just the other night it took me off Route 80 at one particular exit. I drove through the town making numerous turns only to eventually be put back onto Route 80 and exit again two exits later. Why? Note to the Engineers - you don't have to control every aspect of the car for us - some of us would like to control things ourselves. The Safety "Brake Warning" comes on at unusual and not braking situations. Driving down a road - nothing in front, and the warning begins flashing. I've made a complaint to NTSB about the lights, and assure them and anyone else who will listen - I fully expect to be killed in this car.

  • Good daily city driver. - 2016 Acura TLX
    By -

    After owning a 2009 and 2012 TL, I purchased a 2016 TLX SH-AWD Tech Package and so far I love driving it. The transmission is gets a little confused when starting from a stop in city driving. The Auto Start/Stop and Econ Mode really help with the gas mileage, you can really tell the difference from the TL in that aspect. There is also a lot of power hidden in the car as well. Try sitting a red light, turn off the HVAC system, turn on Sport Plus, and hit the gas when the light turns green. The SH-AWD eliminates wheel spin and torque steer and you take off like a rocket. The front seats are very comfortable. The head unit is a little cumbersome at first but you get use to it. The Lane Keep Assist is very impressive when using cruise control. I recently drove from DC to Ocean City, Maryland and got 37 MPG is highway driving in Normal Mode with the A/C on. I never got that type of gas mileage in either of the TL's I owned previously. The TLX may not stand out in the day time but at night when you see the Jewel-eye headlights in your rearview mirror then you see the distinctive taillights as it passes, you'll know that's a TLX. This is an all around good car. Now for my gripes. I wish Acura didn't hide the exhaust tips. The interior fit and finish could be a little better. My trim piece covering the speaker on the dash board is slightly dislodged. No doubt I will have the dealer address this during my first scheduled service. The head unit has trouble managing two separate Bluetooth devices. I usually use my I-Pod as my Bluetooth Audio Source and my I-Phone 6 as my Bluetooth Phone Source. The head unit will sometimes get confused and switch these around during start-up without any prompts from me. The folding exterior mirrors are not easy to fold, it's like they need WD40 or something. The rain sensing wipers can be too sensitive at times.

  • AWD V6 + Aero kit: Very nice car - 2016 Acura TLX
    By -

    1st week of ownership: very happy with the car so far. Very comfortable, plenty of power. 9 spd trans takes a little getting used to. Surprised Back up sensor as an add on to the Tech package does not mute radio when placing car into reverse but warning beep is loud enough to not be an issue. This is our 7th Honda/Acura vehicle. I expect nothing less then a smooth and reliable experience.

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