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This Year's Model Updates:

Apart from the debut of the Special Edition trim level, the 2013 Acura TL is essentially unchanged, though its crash test safety scores have improved this year.

  • Spacious cabin
  • Abundant user-friendly high-tech features
  • Solid construction.
  • Smart all-wheel-drive system
  • Superb optional sound system
  • Rear-drive competitors offer better dynamics.
  • Communication with driver a little antiseptic

User Reviews:

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  • Fantastic Touring Car! A Screaming Bargain! - 2013 Acura TL
    By -

    After 10 years of Infiniti G35 sedans (2003 and 2006 models, 6MT), I switched to Acura SH-AWD with the Technology Package (the only configuration I could get manual transmission!) in late March, 2013. The TL gives up a little of the visceral,sporty feel of the G, but gains in overall refinement and all weather capability. The TL is is a substantially larger car (6" longer, and 4" wider than the G), and hence feels less tossable than the G. However, it has very fine handling and a composed ride. I love my car, it has been absolutely trouble free, and feels extraordinarily competent. It is a compellingly good value in the upscale segment.

  • Dollar-for-dollar best car on the market - 2013 Acura TL
    By -

    I've owned a number of luxury cars over the years, but this TL provides the best experience per dollar spent than any other car I've owned.

  • What a piece of heavy junk!!! - 2013 Acura TL
    By -

    The TL is probably the worse car in the market, Acura should close their business forever! This is super super bumpy and noise ride. I can feel every bumps on the road even tiny bumps and there are rattles from center console when go over bumps. The suspensions also make thumping and popping sound when go over bumps .The engine runs rough after just 10k mils. What a horrible ownership of this car. Can't wait to get rid of this junk. What a waste of money. I should do more research before i buy this car. First and last Acura! Do not buy any Acura cars!!!

  • 2013 TL SH-AWD Tech package (Black on Black) - 2013 Acura TL
    By -

    Incredible value for the money and also exhilarating performance. The car is beautiful inside and out. I waited until October and got the AWD and Tech package TL for the same price as a base model! I tend to keep my cars for many years (buying, not leasing). Down the road, the maintenance and repair costs of Acura's competitors would prove prohibitive in comparison. Order all the features this car includes with the tech package and the TL's competitor's price goes way out of this ball park.

  • TL Special Edition. Great Upgrades for the money. - 2013 Acura TL
    By -

    My 2010 G37 lease was about to be over so I decided to see what car I would get. As much I loved the car, I wanted something different since the car are just the same. The new Q50 would priced much higher because it is too new and it is not out yet. So I drove all the usual suspect. the BMW 328 is so overpriced for the $. Want Sirius radio? Great, you need the $2000 plus package. Want leather? Great, here is another $3000 package. Forget it. The A4? Too small. The Es350? too much $ for what it is. Volve S60? Not sure if it is reliable. Avalon? Maybe ,but don't like the dash. Honda Ex-l V6? Maybe, but for a few extra $, you get the better appointments, drive, details, dealer experience, etc

  • Great for around 40 thousand Canadian - 2013 Acura TL
    By -

    All wheel drive, manual 6 speed, 305hp, comfort, not a comuter car as far as gas mileage, love it smooth and quiet, great stereo, would be better with 75 more hp.

  • 2013 Acura TL SH-AWD Advance - 2013 Acura TL
    By -

    I traded in my 2011 BMW 535i for this vehicle. My 535i lacked x-drive and was a manual transmission so I was looking for something with awd, automatic, great resale value, and reliability and this Acura fit the bill. Having driven the BMW a couple years I was pleasantly surprised by how this Acura handles and the acceleration. The only gripe I would have is that it rides a little stiff with the 19's. But it isn't an uncomfortable ride. The build quality is very good and the gas mileage so far isn't bad...21 mpg's combined city and highway.

  • Amazing car for the price. - 2013 Acura TL
    By -

    I have had this car for a couple months after trading in a S5 for a more family orented sedan. I looked into the A6, and Lexus's but felt they were to pricey, when a collegue told me to look into the TL. I was shocked when I looked into the price on the fully loaded TL AWD compared to the the comparible lexus(Power wise) and A6 (size and power), A4 was to weak of an engine. The sticker might have been 46k but I was offered the car for 40,650 + 1,500 cash for trading in the car. The car was great inside and outside styling was much improved over the 2009-2011. The car drives smooth, tech features are great, and AWD works extreamly well in the NE winter.

  • After searching many I chose TL - 2013 Acura TL
    By -

    I test drove BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Acura, volvo, Audi, Cadillac, Hyundai and a few others before making my final decision. I honestly didn't consider Acura a luxury brand until I drove one! I narrowed it down to Lexus ES and Acura as both offered the best deal for the money. I am tall so BMW, mercedes and audi were cramped. After test driving the Acura TL several times I was hooked. The acceleration, interior styling and cabin room were second to none. The sound system is tremendous, and the Technology package works with ease. My dealership experience at Mungenast was the best dealership experience I have ever had when buying a car. Had the car for 3 months and no problems to report so far.

  • Spectacular - 2013 Acura TL
    By -

    This is an astonishingly good car. The AWD technology gives it remarkably precise handling (and I've owned Porsches and BMWs). The engine is agile and powerful. The sport setting on the transmission allows for tightly-wound driving without a bunch of shifting. The interior appointments are first-class (excellent sound and nav systems). The combination of performance, features and price makes this car a great value for a driver's car.

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