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The 2014 Acura RLX is an all-new luxury sedan that replaces the RL at the top of the Acura lineup. The Sport Hybrid model introduces an impressive new hybrid powertrain concept that benefits fuel economy and handling.

  • Spacious cabin
  • Abundant standard features
  • Fuel-efficient standard V6
  • Sharp handling and strong fuel economy from Sport Hybrid.
  • Disconnected steering feel
  • Harsh ride with the 19-inch wheels and tires
  • So-so display screen graphics with distracting interface
  • Front seats get uncomfortable on longer drives.

User Reviews:

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  • Overall, great car but it does have some problems - 2014 Acura RLX
    By -

    I'm very happy with the performance, handling, ergonomics and fuel efficiency. The only major complaint I have is with the battery going dead when the car sits for more than 2 days. I suspect it's a parasitic draw, possibly from the HFL module. Taking it back to the dealer and plan to leave it with them until they fix it. Apparently this is a problem with Acuras and I will not recommend buying this model, or any of the other ones, until they address it.

  • Drives Great "IF" You Can Get it to Start! - 2014 Acura RLX
    By -

    Purchased my 2014 RLX in May 2014. Other than the fact that the engine was kind of loud, and the car did not come with a spare tire of any kind, I was in love with my RLX the first time I drove it. My favorite feature is the All Wheel Steering I love the way the car handles. What I don't love is that something keeps draining the battery. The first time my car failed to start was in Jan 2015, eight months after I purchased it. This happened again in Sep 2015. The car was completely dead both times wouldn't make a sound. I had to call Acura roadside assistance to jumpstart the car each time. The car was taken to the dealership after each incident and they could not find what was causing the battery to drain, or any other problem with the vehicle. I have also had problems with the touch screen going blank, Forward Collision Warning activating for no reason, the Bluetooth/phone screen not responding, and voice activation not working properly. The Navigation system doesn't work very well either, once you "finally" figure out how to use it. I have had several problems trying to get the system to find addresses. The search feature doesn't do a good job of keying in on your current area for requested searches, not to mention, maps are outdated. As much as I like the Acura RLX, It is unreliable, so I would not recommend it to a friend or anyone else for that matter.

  • RLX-- love this car - 2014 Acura RLX
    By -

    I got the RLX with Advanced package in Oct. 2013. Have driven more than 15K miles, I can not be more happier. No matter it is 8 hrs drive from southern California to San Francisco or road trips to Vegas and Grand Canyon, or even daily commute on the highways, the car is so quite and comfortable, every time behind the wheel feels like a special treat to myself. My friends have A6 and E class, whenever they rode with me they can not stop praising how much they enjoy the ride and how well made the car was . Actually I got the feeling they sometimes find excuses to just take a ride with me because of they like this car.

  • Really Good Car - 2014 Acura RLX
    By -

    This car is alot better than reviewed from my perspective. I think the issue is this: This DOES NOT compete with the BMW 5 series or MB E-Class (regardless of what Acura would like)...really more like Lexus, Infiitniti or Lincoln based on my experience. That said, based on actual purchase price-- strong discount to MSRP/Invoice so well below BWM/MB this is a high quality, nice driving (love teh AWS) vehicle. My personal feeling is, while not flashy, the car is also sophisticated looking. So far I'm very pleased with the overall package

  • Bad designn or bad quality? - 2014 Acura RLX
    By -

    I bought of my RLX-ADV about 4 months ago and only put on about 1500 miles so far. I have already took it back three times for repair. There were iPhone 4S issue (automatic dial out and hang out), low battery and charging system warning sign(happened in less than first 50 miles), and camera too hot/LDW, LKAS shut down (90 degree outside) during driving. Dealer recharged the battery, but no action to other issues. Dealer and Acura insisted the shut down is the proper action by design. SF Bay Area is known for good climate. The LDW, LKAS shut-down happened multiple times in April. I really wonder what the car would do in Summer!

  • RLX Rattles down the road since purchase- no solution - 2014 Acura RLX
    By -

    I noticed rattles coming from front suspension after 500 miles. Brought it to the dealership and they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Dealership reported service rep had the same problem but worse after 7k miles. After another 2k miles the rattles increased in frequency and loudness from all 4 wheels. Dealership replaced front struts which resolved a majority of the rattle but the rear rattle persisted. After another visit, the replaced the rear rattle. The rear is better but now the front is ever present over every bump. When I had a 2014RLX loaner the vehicle had the same issue as both mine and the service reps car. Cant believe engineering isn't all over this issue. Beware of RLX.

  • '14 RLX from '11 RL - 2014 Acura RLX
    By -

    RL coming off lease. Dealer initiated a special offer which was very attractive and quite a bit less expensive that the RL lease. Both vehicles have many pluses and a few minuses. The critical reviews of the RLX in Consumer Reports and Edmunds made me focus in on the suspension and seat comfort. The RLX is our six Acura. Acura reliability is definitely above average. We did experience transmission problems with the RL which took a couple months to sort out. We have had three of four recent AWD vehicles with transmission problems. There is a message there I believe.

  • nice car - 2014 Acura RLX
    By -

    all in all, a very nice car. but not sure if i would lease it again given the opportunity

  • Better Than It Looks - 2014 Acura RLX
    By -

    Coming out of my first Acura a '12 TL AWD, I looked at everything else in its class. My wife got the '13 Lexus GS 350, which is very nice, but I needed more testosterone. I was very surprised when I test drove the RLX as most of the reviews by the 'experts' were average at best.. It is a perfect fit for me. Bigger inside than my TL and the Lexus 350. Lots of room in the back seat. The control panel is much more intuitive than my TL. The ride is plenty smooth, the transmission feels great shifting in all gears, A/C is perfect. I really enjoy driving it. I leased it and did not know until I was handed the keys it comes with a great Roadside Assistance Pkg. basically covers everything.

  • Acura Beats to a Different Drum! And I Like It! - 2014 Acura RLX
    By -

    Acura plays by no one elses rules as far as I can tell. Every competitors car that Acura claims the Acura RLX competes with is either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive. The RLX is front wheel drive with Rear Wheel Precision Steer. Initial marketing reasons would conclude its silly for Acura to say they compete with those other cars, but the truth is when you drive the RLX and feel how wonderfully precise it is and how nice the drive is you have to ask yourself why would I want all wheel drive with more things to break and horrible fuel economy. I have had my RLX now for 1000+ miles and I love it. The more I drive it the more I love it. I have owned Lexus LS430, ES300h, BMW...

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