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  • No not the tiny Fiat, the NEW Fiat with AWD! - 2016 Fiat 500x
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    Pros: Very stylish! ( A cross between a Mini Cooper and a CRV) All Wheel Drive at a good starting price (around $24K) Easy to drive and easy to park Small, but not too small. Gas efficient Keyless entry and remote start Cons: Issues with the VIN#s, resulted in me having a hard time insuring the Car. It would have been nice if the dealership told me about this known issue before I drove off the lot!!! I was only able to find one insurer for my new car, which means I didnt get the best rate. I went back to the dealership and they provided me with a VIN # verification form- hopefully that does the trick. They slipped a piece of paper in my car, with information about the issue when I bought the car. Again, it would have been nice if they addressed the issue up front. I leased the car and the dealer didnt really go over what maintenance is covered under the warranty/lease. Where as we just leased a Toyota for my husband and they scheduled the first oil change in 6 months before we even left the dealership. Back seat is just large enough for passengers, but I imagine somebody 6 tall would have issues back there. Overall, Im very happy with the car so far.

  • 500xcellent! - 2017 Fiat 500x
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    Im a little biased to the Fiat brand having owned a 128 Sport Coupe in the 70s and currently a 2012 500 Abarth. The 500x was something I wanted but had to do a little arm twisting to get my wife on board. We traded her Jeep Wrangler Sport in and I believe we were both happy to say goodbye to what was probably the most uncomfortable vehicle weve owned. Weve sacrificed a little space moving into the 500x but aside from that we really love this vehicle. The ride is really comfortable, handling is precise, acceleration is adequate and its a treat to drive. Thats one thing about my Fiats that set them apart from all the other vehicles weve owned. Plain and simple, they are fun to drive!

  • Cute car, shifty car - 2016 Fiat 500x
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    If youre looking for something cute and stylish then Fiat 500x is the way to go. Not a good car when it comes to handling traffic! So much shiftiness, its definitely disappointing! On the highway though, great car! It feels safe and pretty smooth For the most part. Doesnt handle little bumps on the road too well. Overall, not the best car, but at least its cute?

  • Dont waste your time or money - 2016 Fiat 500x
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    We were excited to be the first 500X owners in our town. We showed this car off to all our friends and family. A month after purchase, the car started shifting very firm and overheated. After going to the dealer, I was told that there was water in the oil ( telling me that a head was cracked or a seal was bad) we got the car back the next day and was told everything was fine. No notes on the paperwork about water being in the oil. Assuming everything was fine, we took the car back. A week later the car would stall during hard braking or hard acceleration. Today while picking my daughter up from a friends house, the car stalled and would not start for over 2 hours. No help from dealership on this matter as of yet. It could be our car, but after reading other reviews I dont think were alone in this matter.

  • The more-than-adequate compact crossover from Fiat - 2016 Fiat 500x
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    This is a compact version of your average American crossover, with enough horsepower, traction and capability to do almost everything you need it to do, and not a bit extra. It wont tow your heavy equipment or move much of your furniture, but in Pop form, with the turbocharged multi-air four and six speed manual, it will get down the road nicely. Put some good snow tires on its steel wheels and you will get where you are going through considerable snowfall. The seats are comfortable, but rear seat passengers will be crowded. Handling is really quite good, though my Fiat 500 Pop would run circles around it, and the 500X could easily be called "quick," but not fast. Note that the six speed manual makes all the difference in this model Fiat, though the option sacrifices you will have to make to row your own gears are substantial. It seems that Fiat jumped on the manual-because-we-must bandwagon and the 1.4L 6MT is basic in most areas. They saved the really good stuff for the Easy and Trekking versions. No matter, the Pop 1.4L 6MT is a hoot to drive, has good road manners, decent acceleration with the turbocharger and a healthy lack of infotainment bells and whistles. I do wish accessories were more reasonably priced and the 1.4L multi-air engine didnt eat premium gas, but there is much to like and no complaints so far. The Pop manual edition wont be easy to find, since it seems each studio has only one, but Fiat is offering some attracting incentives this fall (Oct 15).

  • Beware... - 2016 Fiat 500x
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    Purchased this Fiat 500X Trek, several weeks ago. I experienced my first breakdown, halfway, during my one hour drive home from the dealer. It shut off at 40 mph, and was difficult to start afterwards. Was instructed by my salesperson to take it to the service department the very next day, which I did, with the engine light on for the entire trip. They read the onboard diagnostic. The service tech expained that the computer was reading fault codes and self correcting as it learns. This conclusion set uneasy with me, but I was inclined to take my service managers advise. Was sent out the door with instructions to return if any further problems. This very same day, I made it half way home, when I stopped for a soda. Upon attempting to restart my vehicle, it would not start. After several attempts of starting the moter, I called the service dept back to report my problem, but was only able to leave a message. After waiting 20 minutes for thier call back, I again attempted to start the motor, and was successfull. Engine light was on however, and it seems to be running out of tune, with little power. The service department finally returned my call, and instructed me to return the vehicle again, which I did the very next day. And was awarded a rental car. After about 8 days, I was advised that my Fiat had a new onboard body computer module installed, and that it was fine and ready for pick up. I finally made my first successful trip home with this car. However, the very next day, The vehicle became difficult to start, and remained in 3rd gear at all times, with the engine light on. So, again, another call to the service department, and I was advised to have the vehicle towed, which I did with the assistance of the Fiat Roadside Assistance, and a local towing service, and was awarded another rental vehicle. After several days, I was advised that there was a loose/corroded ground wire on the side of my transmission, which was repared, and my vehicle was ready for pick up. Once again, I picked up my vehicle, and did make a successful trip home. However... the very next day, having driven about 30 miles, the vehicle shut off while driving at about 25 mph. I did finally restart, but stayed in 3rd gear at all times, and showed an engine light on. I pulled off the road again, and called the service department. There were several attempts at reaching them on this occassion. And my family and I found ourselves stranded for some significant period of time. After a long period of time, the vehicle restarted, engine light did stay on, however it was switching through the automatic gears successfully, so I limped the car back home. Once again, another rental vehicle and yet another tow sevice back to the service department, where my vehicle sits at this time. To summerize, my vehicle has been in service 4 times in as many weeks, remains there to date, has less than 500 miles, all of them being to the service department and back. I have serveral hundred dollars tied up in rental car deposits, and am very disappointed. The most distressing thing is shutting down while in motion. I find this to be very dangerous under some driving and traffic conditions. I will on Monday, ask this Fiat dealer to buy back my car. It is my hope that this car is the "lemon:, and not the entire model. As I do really like this line up of cars, I am sure my dealer could satifactory place me in another like and kind of Fiat, 500X AWD, and look forward to that discussion. Just saying...beware.

  • Dont bother! - 2016 Fiat 500x
    By -

    Mine was a European build that happened to make it to the US. Needless to say, Body control module needed replacing.. Three weeks later (with a loaner), Still not fixed. Ive asked for a refund I wouldnt recommend this car.. Stay clear!!!

  • Best build fiat - 2016 Fiat 500x
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  • Impressive SUV! Worth every penny. - 2017 Fiat 500x
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    I moved into the 500x Trekking AWD from my 2013 FIAT Abarth. I really really liked my Abarth but absolutely love my new 500x! I have some physical disabilities and the Abarth was while very fun to drive also hard for me to drive and was starting to find that people just do not see you in that small of a vehicle. Looking for comfort, and size over the Abarth and the high quality of a precision Italian SUV boy did I find it! The new interior of the 500x Trekking is amazing and the technology in the features blew me away! It may take me a month to learn how to use everything this SUV has to offer. Styling is great and the optional 18" wheel package and AWD I got adds even more tremendous styling. Acceleration is so so but then again Im coming from the Abarth. Fuel economy is also not real fantastic but still pretty reasonable. Overall I have zero complaints on this SUV. The one serious recommendation I have though is, get either the Trekking AWD or Lounge AWD model. I test drove the Pop and Easy FWD models and they do not even compare. All the bells and whistles with the two higher models are 100% worth it!

  • Love it or leave it. - 2016 Fiat 500x
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    I love this car. Better and bigger than my Countryman S. First impression is when you open the door and just slide into the comfty and firm leather seats. You sit high and have a commanding view of the road. You can remotely start your engine so a warm cabin with heated seats and heated steering wheel await you. Engine is strong and in the manual or S mode will put you ahead of the pack ,just watch for the cops. Its a easy driving car with very tight steering wheel . Car is a little noisy on the highway on rough pavement. My sugestions : LED lights , No need for Ferrari exhaust noise. Car has no spare tire so I think it gets complicated if you have to use that pressurized container to inflate the tire . And the worst: Rear view camera has very poor visibility at night and when it rains the lens gets wet and you see nothing. Otherwise the car is a great car and I just love it.

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