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The Toyota Prius has long been America's most popular hybrid vehicle thanks to its high fuel economy, reasonably affordable pricing and practical nature. Now Toyota has expanded the Prius family with the Prius V wagon. Aimed at families, the Toyota Prius V is based on the regular Prius hatchback but offers considerably more cargo capacity.

Basically, the Toyota Prius V is a Prius with a longer, wider and taller body, paired with the same gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain as its smaller sibling. While the Prius V is slightly less fuel-efficient than the original and no more fun to drive, the added practicality is considerable. Hybrid shoppers looking for a vehicle that's as environmentally friendly as it is functional will likely be quite pleased with the Prius V.

Current Toyota Prius V
The Toyota Prius V is a four-door wagon that's offered in three different trim levels dubbed Two, Three and Five. All are powered by the same gasoline-electric hybrid system, which pairs a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with a pair of electric motors and a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) for a total output of 134 horsepower and 153 pound-feet of torque. Fuel economy is excellent for a vehicle this size, with an EPA-estimated 44 mpg city/40 mpg highway and 42 mpg combined.

Standard feature highlights for the Two trim level include 16-inch alloy wheels, keyless entry/ignition, automatic climate control, a fold-flat front passenger seat, sliding and reclining 60/40 split-folding rear seats, Bluetooth and a six-speaker sound system. The Three adds a rearview camera, a navigation system and Toyota's Entune smartphone integration system. The Five gets 17-inch alloy wheels, automatic LED headlights, upgraded upholstery and heated front seats. Optional for the Three and Five are a panoramic sunroof, while only the Five can be had with adaptive cruise control, an automated parking system, upgraded navigation, a premium sound system and a pre-collision safety system.

Behind the wheel, the Toyota Prius V drives much like the original, which is to say the ride quality is smooth, handling is predictable if unexciting and the steering has a light touch that makes for easy maneuvering at slow speeds. A Power mode makes for better acceleration in demanding situations like passing or climbing a hill, while an Eco mode helps maximize fuel economy, albeit with a noticeable drop in performance.

Inside, the Prius V's controls are large and easy to use. Sadly, taller drivers still have to contend with a steering wheel that's placed too far away. There's a telescoping column, but it doesn't extend nearly far enough. And as with the standard Prius, the Prius V's cabin design is plainer and less ambitious than you'll find in other wagons. Materials quality is spotty; some of the plastics are nicely grained, but others look cheap. Fortunately the Toyota Prius V excels as a wagon. The passenger-friendly rear seats slide fore and aft and recline for greater comfort. With the rear seats folded, the spacious 67-cubic-foot cargo hold (along with the fold-flat front passenger seat) provides SUV-like utility.

Used Toyota Prius V Models
Since its debut in 2012, the Toyota Prius V has remained essentially unchanged.

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  • Zero to Sixty in 43 MPG - 2016 Toyota Prius v
    By -

    I love my Prius V! What other wagon would get you 43 mpg with this amount of cargo space. My family of four fit perfectly in it, that we rarely use or Sienna (which we also love). The car is slow, but that it is because I drive it slow. I am more aware of my driving and I would say that Im a safer driver now. From a stop, I will accelerate quickly to the speed limit and then keep a light foot to keep the speed. I dont race to stop signs or red lights, I coast to them. In traffic, I dont accelerate fast to catch up to the person in front of me, but I slowly accelerate to them. When I put the car in cruise control at 70mph, it shows that I get 40+ mpg. Its like learning how to drive again. Im a quarter way through my second tank of gas at mile 650. My first tank averaged 42 mpg, my current tank is averaging 46mpg. My brother has a 2006 Prius with 300k+ miles, so I hope this one will go beyond that.

  • better than expected - 2012 Toyota Prius v
    By -

    4400 miles since purchased in july-plenty of room for hauling all kinds of junk-50 mpg over all!! would of been happy with the 44mpg estimate but this was a pleasent surprise-driven in the snowshoe resort area of wv-highway driving to oak island nc and around the island so far

  • 11 month Owner Review - 2013 Toyota Prius v
    By -

    The Prius V poses the following suggestion by Toyota: Reliability being the cardinal feature, you are going to have to make significant compromises, but still pay the big bucks for some kind of a vinyl interior and a paper thin shell, because it is a Toyota and the general consensus is a Prius will still get you there the vast majority of the time without hiccups and do so without the mandatory toll on the pocketbook from exorbitant gas prices. The vehicle gets a poor safety rating from the IIHS, so regardless of whatever merits the Prius V may or may not possess, you might still get there, but without legs or head intact.

  • Practical Prius V - 2013 Toyota Prius v
    By -

    I bought this wagon for the cargo space, gas mileage, and its a Toyota which holds its value well. The interior cargo space is about the same as a small SUV but with much better gas mileage. I am averaging 38-42, and thats driving at the speed limit. Plenty of head and leg room (Im 59). Voice command can be slow at times, hatch door is heavy to close, a lot of little extras missing for such an expensive car such as (sun visor extensions, rear a/c, remote use for hatch door, only one power adapter plug in the front). Aside from its several flaws, I still love it! Great alternative to the small gas guzzling SUVs! However, if you are looking for a fun and fast car, this is not it.

  • Extremely Happy - 2012 Toyota Prius v
    By -

    I hesitated initially because my 2005 Prius seats were uncomfortable due to lack of lumbar support; I sold it after driving for a year at loss. Fortunately, every v comes with a power lumbar support and as such the seat is very comfortable. I purchased one in black with a package V. The synthetic leather fits and supports my body better than cloth. Also, it handles better with 17 in. wheels, granted it is not a sports car. LED headlights give a bright view at night. It is quiet and smooth on the freeway. It is also very spacious! I brought a Q size memory foam mattress(FOLDED) from Ikea in v with my wife! I have gotten 43MPG in mixed driving of 1,000 miles so far.

  • Prius v exceeds my expectations - 2012 Toyota Prius v
    By -

    Based on the pre release reviews I was hesitant about buying a Prius v. It interested me because I was looking for a fuel efficient car that my husband and I could use for road trips in retirement. I needed to be able to fit two road bikes, preferably without disassembly, two suitcases, and a cooler. The dealer wisely let me keep the car over a weekend while I was making up my mind. All the above fit beautifully. The dog may have to stay at the kennel, though, if we take the bikes. I have been driving the car since Oct. 29 and find myself happier with it every day that I drive it. I am getting 41.8 mpg mixed driving. I am not a hyper miler and drive to blend with traffic.

  • Thrilled! - 2012 Toyota Prius v
    By -

    First time Prius owner and have only had for a week. But husband and I could not be happier. Great handling and ride. Roomy with that rear wagon space. We loaded two grandkids in car seats and our labrador in the back- then went to Costco and all fit comfortably. The dash design feels just right. We got the v5 with the advanced tech package and have not been able to explore it adequately. But so far so good. The front and rear moonroof is a terrific feature especially living in the rainy/overcast Northwest. Im giving up my most beloved MBZ SLK 350- its painful but manageable adjusting to the great looks and ride of this car. Ill miss track days but oh well- getting too old for that anyway

  • 2012 Prius V - GREAT vehicle - GPS terrible - 2012 Toyota Prius v
    By -

    The 2012 Prius V is an outstanding vehicle ... lots of cargo space, 50 mpg [CAN gal] [5.2 l/100km] .. great audio system, heated seats - seriously, a GREAT vehicle. So - why would Toyota put such a lame GPS system into such a great vehicle? Seriously - why? I have a $150 Garmin GPS that is twice as good and that I will use over the Prius GPS every time. The interface is awkward; the software usually does not "speak" street names and when it does it mispronounces them; it frequently is unable to find locations or POIs that are there but it cannot discover in its data listings .... Toyota - PLEASE reconsider [replace] the GPS system in this wonderful vehicle. And PLEASE replace mine!

  • Prius V three - 2013 - 2013 Toyota Prius v
    By -

    Our Chevy just used too much gas so we traded for a Prius V. Since we already own a hybrid we were not surprised or troubled by some of the things people mention here regarding acceleration, etc. We have found the fit and finish of the car to be excellent - the materials are what we would expect in a vehicle that was designed to maximize fuel economy. Everything works beautifully from the Nav to the radio - it is simple, intuitive and well designed. I am 6 feet tall and have no trouble being comfortable in the drivers, front passengers or rear passengers seats (which recline!). The cargo space is truly amazing - we love this car and recommend it highly!

  • Our Third One - 2013 Toyota Prius v
    By -

    Our first Toyota was a 2nd gen. Prius. Got that one after an 03 Civic Hybrid that we gave to one of the kids. Then purchased a 2010 Prius 5 and gave 2nd gen to other kid. Now have 2013 V5 with ATP to go along with the 10. The 10 is superior to the 2nd gen, the 13 is superior to the 10. Mileage is running 44-47/mpg on eco. This is calculated, not by the gauge (which on the 13 has been very accurate). The ride is smooth, the steering is American but quite tolerable, after all its a wagon. The radar assist on cruise is a useful feature. Space, including leg and headroom, is terrific. I am still amazed at the seamless transition between gas and electric motors. Adequate power. A remarkable car!

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