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The Toyota FJ Cruiser is a midsize SUV that harks back to the company's iconic FJ40 Series of Land Cruisers. Like the old FJ40, the Toyota FJ Cruiser has superior off-road capabilities. It's built on a truck-based, ladder-frame chassis and features a stout suspension and drivetrain, sharing its underlying hardware with Toyota's 4Runner SUV. Toyota designed the FJ Cruiser to be a bit more specialized, however. Compared to the 4Runner, it's smaller, less expensive and more capable in off-road situations, and it's meant to appeal to younger and more active consumers.

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The Toyota FJ Cruiser was produced from 2007 through 2014, with only relatively minor changes made throughout that eight-year run. A midsize SUV, the FJ Cruiser focused on off-road performance and thus in personality and in some cases styling (such as the grille and headlights), paid homage to the original FJ40 of the 1960s. The FJ Cruiser featured two standard front doors supplemented with a pair of smaller, reverse-opening rear doors to provide easier access to the rear seat.

The sole engine used was a 4.0-liter V6. Output depended on the year, as the first three years it was rated at 239 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque while for 2010 and later the specs stood at 260 hp and 270 lb-ft. Rear-wheel drive was standard and two different 4WD systems were available. One was a part-time system, while the other was a full-time system. All FJ Cruisers except those with the full-time 4WD came with a five-speed automatic; those with the full-time 4WD had a six-speed manual along with a locking rear differential.

There was just one trim level with the FJ Cruiser. Standard feature highlights included 17-inch steel wheels, air-conditioning, power windows and locks, a 60/40-split-folding rear seat, water-resistant cloth upholstery, Bluetooth phone and audio, a CD player, satellite radio and auxiliary/iPod/USB inputs. Options (which sometimes depended on region and model year) included alloy wheels, a rear wiper, a rearview camera, an electronic locking rear differential, rear parking sensors and extra gauges. Several off-road-oriented features (such as heavy-duty suspension components, tires, roof racks, driving lights, rock rails and cargo covers) were also available, as were similarly themed packages that usually included specific styling details.

Changes throughout the years were essentially limited to features availability. First year FJs offered optional side and side curtain airbags, but they were made standard for 2008, while the following year saw the debut of the rearview camera option, which we highly recommend. For 2011, the FJ Cruiser received an upgraded audio system and better access to the rear seat (which also gained folding headrests). Three years later, Toyota celebrated the FJ's last year with the limited-production (only 2,500 built) Trail Teams Ultimate Edition package.

With such serious four-wheel-drive systems available, a major draw for shoppers will be the vehicle's off-road abilities. The Toyota FJ Cruiser was designed to have considerable wheel travel, high ground clearance and a tough, fully boxed frame. The front suspension is independent with a double-wishbone design, while the rear features a solid rear axle with a four-link coil-spring suspension.

In reviews, the Toyota FJ Cruiser earned positive commentary for its impressive off-road ability, surprisingly fun on-road driving experience, comfortable front seats and distinctive exterior styling. FJ Cruiser drawbacks included limited outward visibility and a rear seat area that wasn't particularly comfortable or easy to access even with the reverse-opening rear doors.

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  • Seven months old and still great. - 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    By -

    I drive it everyday and I dont have any complaints. I went on a long trip on the interstate and got over 21 mpg with a very big load and driving over 70 mph. I have not had one problem with the FJ at this time. I put some good BF Goodrich AT tires on it and put it in the mud as soon as I could. Not much of a challenge for the FJ. Cant wait to jack it up and give it an attitude. This is my second review and nothing to complain about now.

  • Awesome Fun! - 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    By -

    I first wanted an FJ after seeing the concept version, finally purchased in May 07. My black FJ has 14K trouble-free miles while touring 30+ Colorado backcountry trails. Amazing off-road capabilities; torque, power and fantastic gearing provide excellent rock crawling. The 6-spd, TRD exhaust and my K/N air intake provides a fun driving experience.

  • Sweet Ride - 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    By -

    When I found out that I would have to be driving in areas that had a lot of snow I started looking for something in 4x4. I needed something that had a dry storage place since I am a traveling music teacher. The FJ fit the bill perfectly. I can carry all of my materials and it is really fun to drive. I also have a 2005 Tacoma and the FJ drives similar to the Tacoma. The biggest difference is the Tacoma is a little more on the nimble side. But this is a heavy SUV that does not drive like a heavy SUV. I am using regular unleaded and I get between 18 and 20 MPG. That is the same as the Tacoma. And it is cute too.

  • FJ SUV bargain, high quality construction - 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    By -

    I finally got my FJ and it has been all I expected and more, very civilized ride and comfort, yet ruggedly constructed, and all this for under $30k, I love it!

  • Rock solid ute - 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    By -

    Here in the northern plains its about extremes. Snow, cold, heat, wind, and distance. 40 miles to the nearest hospital. 60 miles to the nearest Wal-Mart. Getting there and back in the winter, can be a matter of survival. For fun times, and weekend exploring, the FJ will go most anywhere you ask it to. Although, not perfect, what it does do, it does very well. Comfortable on the highway, and competent when the going gets tough. Visibility and economy, are non-issues, given the overall package. Had 4 Jeeps over the last 30 years, and they never let me down. The FJ fits my needs, and Im very happy with it.

  • love my FJ - 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    By -

    I bought this vehicle for off road. The stock vehicle is poorly set up for serious use off road (plastic bumper imitation skid plates, etc.) There 98% of complaints end. The off road ability even with stock tires is unbelievable. I have changed rims, ties and added armor (skid plates, rock sliders and real bumpers). The performance and power need to be driven to be believed. The standard vehicle is small inside, it aint a Suburban. There is limited storage space. The hood is high and forward visibility is limited. If you cant drive with mirrors this vehicle is not for you. FJ could use more sound deadening. Very noisy at high speed. it hauls and turns on a dime. I love it.

  • Scuba mod - 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    By -

    I read through a majority of the reviews on the FJ before I bought mine. Every now and then there is a very low rating because of transmission or rear differential/transfer case problems. To those I ask, did you take your stock FJ in mud or water? If the answer is yes, thats why you had these problems. Unfortunately Toyota let the casual offroaders down. The problems you guys are having is because of the differential and transmissions breathers. These breathers let the hot gases/vapors out of your diff/tranny so they dont overheat. The problem is Toyota messed up with the placement. While these breathers are open to keep your parts from overheating, they fail to keep mud and water out.

  • Highly recommended - 2010 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    By -

    I am surprised these are not more popular. I traded in my 2005 4Runner and like the FJ better so far. The lack of gas mileage in my opinion is overrated...its not too bad at around 19-20 mpg for me. The back seat room is decent and the blind spot isnt THAT big of a deal too me.

  • Cheap interior - 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    By -

    Cute, cute vehicle, which is why I bought it. I use it for business, paid cash, and can write if off. I will probably be trading soon. The plastic dash is so very cheap, as is the upholstery. For what sure be a rugged little truck, the interior quality is for little old people, who dont move much, or drive much.

  • Great except for the plastic - 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser
    By -

    I love my stripped down 4wd fj cruiser it is awesome offroad and on. The only extras are air conditioning, convienience pkg, differential lock and roof rack. It looks cool with the black steel wheels and it holds lots of gear inside and on the the roof. The plastic interior parts are my only complaint.. they scratch much too easily.

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