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The Subaru XV Crosstrek might be marketed as crossover, but that usually implies some sort of SUV with carlike attributes. In actuality, the Crosstrek is more like a car with SUV-like attributes. Much like Subaru has done in the past with its Outback model, the smaller XV Crosstrek hatchback features an elevated ride height, a more off-road-ready suspension and rugged looks.

As it's based on the regular Impreza hatchback, the XV comes with a four-cylinder "boxer" engine mated to an available continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). That combo delivers decent acceleration and above-average fuel economy. Add a nicely equipped passenger cabin and ample cargo capacity and you have a go-anywhere vehicle that should appeal to active outdoorsy types who might find Subaru's other offerings too pricey or thirsty.

Current Subaru XV Crosstrek Specs
The Subaru XV Crosstrek is an all-new model for 2013. While Subaru's all-wheel-drive lineup has developed a reputation for being unflappable in the face of some truly nasty driving conditions, this variation of the Impreza takes things to another level in dicey situations both on- and off-road.

The XV Crosstrek is offered in two trim levels, the entry-level Premium and top-of-the-line Limited. The base model comes standard with a number of desirable features including 17-inch alloy wheels, roof rack side rails, heated front seats, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, and an iPod interface. The Limited adds automatic climate control, leather upholstery, rearview camera and a premium audio system with an upgraded touchscreen interface. Major options include a sunroof and a touchscreen navigation system.

Under the hood, the Subaru Crosstrek gets a 2.0-liter horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine that produces 148 horsepower and 145 pound-feet of torque. Transmission choices include a five-speed manual and a CVT. All-wheel drive is standard.

The interior is pretty minimalist in terms of design, but the overall quality of the materials is high. Front and rear passengers enjoy a good amount of head- and legroom, and the standard heated seats are a nice touch given Subaru's popularity in cold-weather states. Folding down both sides of the 60/40-split rear seatbacks creates a flat load floor and 51.9 cubic feet of cargo space, a number that's on par with compact hatchbacks rather than small SUVs.

On the road, the Crosstrek's 2.0-liter engine delivers decent acceleration both around town and on the highway. When equipped with the CVT, however, the engine suffers from a noisy, droning tone that gets tiresome, especially when climbing hills. The CVT's true benefit shows up at the gas pump in the form of excellent fuel economy.

Despite the Crosstrek's increased ride height compared to the regular Impreza, handling is still fairly respectable on the pavement. And when the going gets tough, that extra amount of ground clearance and standard all-wheel drive makes it possible to handle light-duty trails without issue. Overall, we like the Subaru XV Crosstrek and think it's a solid pick for someone wanting a hatchback that can serve as a daily driver but also make it easy to access outdoor recreational activities.

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  • Not Feeling the Subaru Love! - 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    I purchased the Crosstrek Hybrid based on winter handling performance and recommendations from family members who have owned multiple Subarus (but not this model). In the past, Ive owned other AWD/4WD vehicles, including a Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan X-Terra, Jeep Cherokee and Toyota RAV-4. My Crosstrek is the worst performer of the bunch. While I cant speak for the standard Crosstrek, the hybrid places the heavy battery components in the back, which changes performance dynamics IMHO. The first thing I noticed was the horrible winter braking. The car just slides and doesnt stop (even with new Michelin All-Season tires). As for hugging the road, the car has a tendency to hop and skip with any imperfection in the road. Sometimes I feel like the car is catching air. You just dont feel like the car is sure-footed in bad conditions. My girlfriend has a 2WD Honda CR-V, and she thinks it handles much better. I think the Crosstrek is too light and I think the battery in the back is affecting performance. I have other gripes too. The Crosstrek eats tires, even with long tread-rated tires and even after proper balance and alignment. With the Hybrid, you cant get a trail hitch because of the back battery placement. The Bluetooth really stinks and takes 4-5 tries before connecting with an iPhone. Even when driving the speed limit and gently, the car doesnt come close to stated MPG. Most of the time Im at 23-26 MPG. This is a hybrid for heavens sake? Lastly, I question the electronics. The first week I had this car "new", the check engine light came on and the dealership needed to re-program something to fix it. It took them a few days and I had to rent a car, which they never reimbursed me for. Occasionally the passenger "check airbag" light comes on, but then its fine for a few months. The car doesnt look bad. And its somewhat comfortable on the inside. Fit and finish are not bad. Rear cargo space is tiny - so youll need a roof shell for any family vacation. But winter performance is where the rubber meets the road - and the Hybrid Crosstrek falls way short. I will never ever buy a Subaru again and am definitely not feeling the Subaru love.

  • Defective Steering/Chassis - 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    We recently purchased a new 2014 XV Crosstek that we had to return to the Subarau dealership 2 days later for a full refund due to unrepairable steering and/or chassis problem. The car had strong steering pull to the RIGHT. The dealership attempted to fix the car, but was unable to do so. The service adviser and technician told us that they have been having steering problems with this car. They wanted to have a Subaru engineer come out, so I requested to the alignment specs. The alignment was intentionally set to cause the car to pull LEFT to "correct" the problem, but it still pulled RIGHT. The dealer offered us a different Crosstek, which had the same problem after test driving it.

  • Love the ride. - 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    There are lot of things to like about the car, but he most impressive is the the way it drives. I have always heard about how fun they are to drive but never given it much thought. This car handles great, off road capabilities are on par with the 4 wheel drive toyotas I own or better. Thight well built car with quality through out. Getting 27.8 combined mpgs so far with 564 miles on the car. Like the vesitality and quirkey nature of this car. I do a lot of soft sand and beach driving here in Fl. and it hasnt let me down. If your looking for a car out of the mainstream with a lot of features that make it a fun go anywhere car,I think you would like it.

  • Sold after 19k miles - 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    I bought a Crosstrek after moving to Montana from California. I had never driven in heavy snow before, and I wanted to make sure I would get around ok. I decided on the Crosstrek after reviewing all other AWD vehicles in the same price range. What I liked most about this vehicle was its ground clearance and drivability in the snow. I got around without any issues with the OEM all terrain tires. Im sure it would have been amazing with a set of good snow tires. Being that this was the sole purpose of purchase I was happy with it. I also enjoyed its relatively roomy interior, and good size trunk space. The seats were comfortable and ultimately once up to speed the drive was fairly smooth and quiet. When summer came around thats when I discovered it wasnt for me. What I absolutely hated about the vehicle was its lack of power and piss poor mpg. This is ultimately why I decided to sell the car. It was very slow and seemed to shift far too late. I consistently got a combined 23mpg with mostly freeway commuting. The cruise control was also poorly controlled in my opinion. Im used to a smooth consistent acceleration going up hills. This car would just floor it out of no where. The rev limiter would go crazy high, make a bunch of noise, and still the car hardly moved. I also feel like it should have included HID lighting. Overall the Crosstrek is a decent budget AWD multi-terrain vehicle, but needs more power and better lights.

  • Never thought Id buy a Subaru - 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    When I first started looking at cars I never even thought to look at the Crosstrek or Subaru. As a real estate agent I wanted something nice but didnt want to go the standard issue luxury car everyone seems to drive. When a family member recommended the forester, I wasnt thrilled but went to test drive it anyway. While at the dealership I saw this little beauty and fell in love. I can cart around my clients and all my signs/lockboxes/excess Realtor stuff. But its also very comfortable and safe feeling. Being able to sit up high is a plus when you drive 20k miles a year. I highly recommend the GPS option, with it you get an upgraded sound system and a back up camera. I love my Crosstrek!

  • Great Car if you can find one! - 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    Bought this car over a week ago. Three months of constant research after selling my Honda Element which I loved. I was looking for something sold, unique looks, reliability, comfort and just a plain kick but car. My Subaru XV Crosstrek limited in blue with beige interior...not a pocket rocket, but I genuinely love this car. Extremely practical, unique, good looks, great gas mileage, great performance!

  • 55,000 Mile Review - 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    Anemic engine, poor gas mileage. Paint cracks and chips easily. Had hood repainted at less than one year, and two years later full of chips and cracks. Noisy interior, horrible acoustics. Navigation horrible. Speakers horrible. Leather is cheap and tears easily. Poor visibility due to high side door panels and hood. Dashboard acts as heat reflector, very uncomfortable in summer. No spare tire due to hybrid battery. At 47,000 miles, hybrid controller glitch activated multiple trouble lights. Took over a week to diagnose and flash update even though it was a recall issue. Auxiliary battery and ISG failed at 49,000 miles "while driving". Very dangerous. Both are part of hybrid system, and although warranty states hybrid system covered to 80,000 miles, was informed by dealer neither item covered. Contacted headquarters and got most of it covered. I baby my car. I maintain the exterior and interior by hand frequently . I installed bug deflector on hood. I drive conservatively, use 91 octane, and have it serviced every 5000 miles. BTW, must use synthetic oil that cost 3 times regular oil, but, unlike other vehicles on synthetic oil, still must replace at normal intervals, i.e., 5000 miles. Hybrid only 13 hp, mileage and power still poor, and is weak link in reliability and requires going only to a dealer for repair.

  • Traded a turbo monster, and havent looked back - 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    For the last 10 years, Ive had various turbocharged vehicles, some of which were modded. I grew tired of temperamental turbos, having too much power in slow traffic, and spending ungodly sums of cash fueling them up. I just needed a reliable AWD vehicle that can get me around in the mountains throughout the winter months, ground clearance, get good fuel economy, and can stand up to my outdoorsy lifestyle. So far, I have 1000 miles and have been very impressed with this vehicle. I find it very peppy, and find the 145 hp rating deceiving. This climbs up mountain roads feeling sprightly, and never gives even a hint of losing steam. At 75 mph, I get about 30-32 mpg. Love it.

  • Things that make yoy say, Hmm - 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    I have put some 30k miles on her and this is a review , I have owned 4x Subarus and some 40 cars in my life. I do alot of outdoors activity and bring along the dogs as much as possible, so for that that it is pretty good, the MPG is about 24 City and 34 Highway, which is really good when compared to the SUVs in the area, the car handles well in braking, corner and such in the mountains, I travel to Smokey Mnt., about 3 times a year and I am also a Kayaker, which I have to get in and out of some tough places with the SUV, the ground clearance really come in, alot of mud holes, muddy and general soft ground she does well in. I have disappointed in alot of things about the SUV, items that are stock on others in this area are not in the Crosstrek, example, turning blinkers on the side on the car or mirros, none, with a company that prides itself on safety this should be on there, as to avoid a wreck, is best to see the other car and what its intentions are. The interior is really cheap, no lights on the mirrors overhead on the sun visor, chair material seems to stain very easy, carpet is like a felt, very thin, hard to clean, everything sticks to it, I would suggest seat covers, the radio only hold 1 Bluetooth link,( one cellphone), so if my wife wants to drive it, she has to delete my settings and put hers in, she as a Legency which this is not an issue with. Know the Engine and transmission, I will say that it is very lacking, even in teh small mountians of the Smokeys there is a real issue, the car has a hard time going uphill with the automatic transmission, even when using the paddle shifters, there is just so little pickup, that you have to allow more time for passing, or if you need power in an emergency, it is not there. I have checked on performance upgrades for the engine, there are none to this date. My brother is looking at a Subaru now, I would him Forester XT, it has the WRX engine, so when you need power it is there. CVT takes a few minutes to warm up and you can not go over 4k rpm, so either you have to let it idel until ready of drive less than 4k rpms. I would not buy another CrossTrek with the CVT and 2.0i engine, I am looking at selling it this spring, will go with Forester XT.

  • New buyers disappointing experience - 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    After owning Toyotas for the last 28 years I decided to buy a 2014 Crosstrek. 3 months now and the Check Engine light is on !. Took the car to the dealer and the car needs an Oil Control Valve. Many cars have this but last at least 75k miles. My "New" Crosstrek in the the shop for days and I know this car will give problems in the future. I bought Subaru because of all the reliability hype. As I research the internet more and more, I find that they are not durable, unreliable past 50k miles. Mine broke at 7k miles, thats a smack in the face for Subaru. Dont buy it. Every make has its problems but you are better off with Toyota or Honda for reliability. Do your homework on the internet.

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