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The Subaru XV Crosstrek might be marketed as crossover, but that usually implies some sort of SUV with carlike attributes. In actuality, the Crosstrek is more like a car with SUV-like attributes. Much like Subaru has done in the past with its Outback model, the smaller XV Crosstrek hatchback features an elevated ride height, a more off-road-ready suspension and rugged looks.

As it's based on the regular Impreza hatchback, the XV comes with a four-cylinder "boxer" engine mated to an available continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). That combo delivers decent acceleration and above-average fuel economy. Add a nicely equipped passenger cabin and ample cargo capacity and you have a go-anywhere vehicle that should appeal to active outdoorsy types who might find Subaru's other offerings too pricey or thirsty.

Current Subaru XV Crosstrek Specs
The Subaru XV Crosstrek is an all-new model for 2013. While Subaru's all-wheel-drive lineup has developed a reputation for being unflappable in the face of some truly nasty driving conditions, this variation of the Impreza takes things to another level in dicey situations both on- and off-road.

The XV Crosstrek is offered in two trim levels, the entry-level Premium and top-of-the-line Limited. The base model comes standard with a number of desirable features including 17-inch alloy wheels, roof rack side rails, heated front seats, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, and an iPod interface. The Limited adds automatic climate control, leather upholstery, rearview camera and a premium audio system with an upgraded touchscreen interface. Major options include a sunroof and a touchscreen navigation system.

Under the hood, the Subaru Crosstrek gets a 2.0-liter horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine that produces 148 horsepower and 145 pound-feet of torque. Transmission choices include a five-speed manual and a CVT. All-wheel drive is standard.

The interior is pretty minimalist in terms of design, but the overall quality of the materials is high. Front and rear passengers enjoy a good amount of head- and legroom, and the standard heated seats are a nice touch given Subaru's popularity in cold-weather states. Folding down both sides of the 60/40-split rear seatbacks creates a flat load floor and 51.9 cubic feet of cargo space, a number that's on par with compact hatchbacks rather than small SUVs.

On the road, the Crosstrek's 2.0-liter engine delivers decent acceleration both around town and on the highway. When equipped with the CVT, however, the engine suffers from a noisy, droning tone that gets tiresome, especially when climbing hills. The CVT's true benefit shows up at the gas pump in the form of excellent fuel economy.

Despite the Crosstrek's increased ride height compared to the regular Impreza, handling is still fairly respectable on the pavement. And when the going gets tough, that extra amount of ground clearance and standard all-wheel drive makes it possible to handle light-duty trails without issue. Overall, we like the Subaru XV Crosstrek and think it's a solid pick for someone wanting a hatchback that can serve as a daily driver but also make it easy to access outdoor recreational activities.

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  • Lack of power/ CVT, delayed acceleration - 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    If possible they need to add more power, and subaru need to fix CVT delayed acceleration I guess engine has to be 2.5L or 3.0L or more.. And last thing is the noise!!!!! Its annoying. Everthing else on the car is good..

  • Bummed about MPG! - 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    I really like most things about the car but I am getting terrible (15-19) mpg after 3,000 miles and I dont understand why! I purchased the car expecting it get pretty good MPG around the city, yet still be a fun weekend car for mountain adventures. It has a solid interior, good handling, relatively high clearance and a rugged look, all of which I like. But for some reason the mpg is totally lacking. I am a mellow driver and I do a mix of city/hwy, so I cant figure out any obvious explanation for the bad mileage.

  • wind noise - 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    Do not buy this vehicle if you plan to drive on highways at 75 mph or above. At that speed with a headwind or crosswind you will get a horrendous noise that seems to be coming from the headliner. Listening to this for several hours on the highway will require you to reassess the wisdom of driving a Crosstrek on a road trip. The dealer cant duplicate it because the speed limit in the vicinity is 65 mph and the noise is at 75 or above. Thanks a lot Subaru! Nothing but Subarus since 1982 but that is going to change.

  • Fun to Drive, but not on long drives - 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    Very fun to drive, handles very well around corners, has a very good solid feeling. Easy to get in and out of and to park. Well laid out control panel. Love the looks of the car, I get allot of complements everywhere I go. Im getting about 26,27 mpg mix driving.

  • They should make more cars like this - 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    Got this car because I wanted a hatchback that can easily handle dirt and wintry roads. Also wanted a car that has good cargo space and is fun to drive. The XV makes great use of its space, especially with the seats folded down. The interior is simple but well constructed. The controls are intuitive. This car is fun to take through corners at a decent speed. Despite the 8.7inches of ground clearance, theres very little body roll. The suspension and traction on rough back roads is great. Acceleration is good from a stand still and adequate in the mid range. Not much torque so I frequently need to downshift for hills. Also, the engine is loud and revs high at highway speed.

  • Another Subaru Winner - 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    My wife went from a Chevy Equinox to this vehicle. We have only had the car for a week but will just leave some quick thoughts. -Easy to see everything around you and the backup camera is very nice. -Drives like a nimble and agile car with the height of an SUV. The turning radius is impressive. -Wife loves the easy to load kids and grocery heigh of the vehicle. -Plenty of cargo room and you can fold the seats flat for a lot lot more. -Vehicle does not have good 40-70 acceleration but that is to be expected with a CVT only being supplied with 148 horses. That being said the acceleration from a dead stop is impressive. -Build quality is top notch. -Back seat big enough for a 280 pound

  • We call it our Subaru Rattle - 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    We purchased our Crosstrek new in 2013 and from the moment we brought it home we have had issues with interior rattles. The dealership first put extra foam in the A Pillars. The rattles continued. Next they put extra foam in our speakers grills. The rattles continued. These were rattles that passengers in our back seat could hear and were extremely annoying. After taking the car in several times we had a technician find a bolt in the dash area was rattling against the car frame. More padding put in place. As of today (December 2014) we still have an annoying rattle in the dash. We enjoy this car for all other purposes but we would not purchase a Crosstrek again.

  • Love my crosstrek - 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    Love this car

  • I would buy this car all over again! - 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    This is my 2nd Subaru - my first was a 2006 Outback 2.5i Limited. I was sad to trade it in but I am so SO thrilled about this Crosstrek. First of all, the appearance is sweet - I have gotten so many compliments on how sharp-looking the car is (which is what I thought, too!) The interior is also really nice and very comfortable, with all of the creature comforts I wanted in a vehicle (heated front seats, tinted windows, iPod hookups, etc.) I bought the car in a 5-speed manual and I have had nothing negative to say about the pickup and the power for this size vehicle. The gas mileage is as advertised, which I imagine has to do with the manual transmission. I will continue to buy Subaru.

  • Wish I had considered this purchase more carefully - 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek
    By -

    While I liked the appearance and style of this small crossover, it is not nearly at the level I expect from a car so well considered by so many. What do they see in this car that I do not? Far from spacious, there is not much room in here. It is not very comfortable to drive, even with the premium leather interior, no where to rest your elbows really. There is a very flimsy layer of carpet in the trunk area, carries over when you fold the seats down, the carpet actually sags on the support bars. The leather is also paper thin on the arm rest and already ripped. The loud ungodly blowers of the heating/air climate control system are terrible and I cant make business calls when I am driving because of the background noise. I wind up saying what?? the whole time. This is a hard pill to swallow. The 33 MPG highway...sounds super inflated and I have never see milage that good, even though 80% of my driving is on the highway. The worst thing about this car is how I work out of my trunk and I can not see anything at night...never even gave it a thought about how important A LIGHT WOULD BE in a trunk, nor did I ever think to check really when I bought it...a hatchback with no light in the back!!! Its a bizarre shortcut. It annoys me to no end that I need a flashlight to prepare for my day/bring product for work in and out of the car. Why did Subaru make a car with no interior hatch lighting? It is not going to win any races, but I could live with that if it had great gas milage. I had a Volvo XC previously, so when other reviews said this car is great in the snow...I believed them. Not so, I have had more white knuckled trips in this feather weight...not to mention you need running speed to make it up hills since it is so light. My Volvo could have pushed this little guy up the hills! It ate snowstorms and spit them out. Bottom line: Im not a big believer in reviews after reading this cars. Did I mention the paint will come off if you lean against it? It had 2 large rust spots on the roof already before it hit 40k, and chips all over it that I had a detailer fill. He said he filled 55 chip marks, pebbles on the road take the paint off this car. So disappointing. Cant wait to unload it. Sorry Subaru, this is a fail.

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