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  • Very Happy I got this - 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport
    By -

    Got this car (a loaner with 700 miles on odometer) a little less than a month and drove under 1000 miles. So far, like the car very much. Got SE model with Climate package, Navigation and 11 speaker upgrade. Got the 19" inch alloy wheel (without extra cost). Things to like - Handling is excellent. All around visibility is very good. Side mirrors are the best I ever had. Seats feel firm and nice. Feels very spacious inside. Overall material quality has the luxury feel. I drive to work 16 miles each way - 8 miles highway and 8 miles local. Getting 30-34 MPG combined without A/C. 27-30 MPG average running a/c. 25-28 MPG with family of 4 and running a/c. So, much better than the 20-26 MPG listed. Engine is very smooth except when accelerating very suddenly. Radio / speakers are fantastic at higher volumes and with HD stations. Things not to like - The rear hatch feels flimsy. The panel below the glass squeaks a bit. No CD player. Radio is just OK at lower volumes. Rides a little truck-like. Other thoughts - Should suggest getting the higher trim level HSE to get many of the fancy features. SE does not get front fog lights. Wish it did.

  • Awesome ride!!! - 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport
    By -

    This is an amazing vehicle with amazing features! Fun to drive and completely reliable!

  • Discovery Sport 2016 a winner for the driver! - 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport
    By -

    Before buying the 2016 Discovery Sport HSE, I had gone months of research and pricing with many dealers. I am new to the brand as I have been a BMW customer for 15 years. Strayed away from mass German brand and found the smaller production British car to be what I was looking for. I test drove: Audi Q5, Porsche Macan S, BMW X3 & X4, Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit, and Mercedes GLE300. After the test drives, I knew the car that connected me to the road: Land Rover Discovery Sport. Be aware that JLR dealers outside your "market area" may not sell to you so you have to ask before negotiating. I did all my negotiating between 2 dealers via phone, email and text. Did not have to step inside the dealers lot - I had already test drove the 2015 model earlier.. As for the dealer, you have to find the one that matches you - they are all different - just like people. Some dealers are snobby, snooty, rude, and others are very helpful, professional and patient. If you are financing or leasing, it pays to find out what are the best bank rates before you negotiate Some dealers are forthcoming and will tell you the finance rate or lease residual/money factors. I dealt with 2 dealers that were very transparent in their sales approach. The car has a bit stiffer suspension than the other cars I test drove, but the connection to the road is more important and the suspension is not jarring - it has manners.... The most important feature standard on this car that makes the drive so good: Torque Vectoring by braking. Torque vectoring makes high speed turns, power acceleration into turns, and off road handling a must have for confidence if you are the driver type. I love the car - it makes me smile again - like I remember when I had my first BMW. The Discovery Sport is definitely for someone or a family that wants to travel almost anywhere safely and comfortably.

  • Despite the bad reviews we love our 2016 Discovery - 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport
    By -

    We took delivery of a 2016 Discovery Sport this week and have to say we couldn’t be happier with this purchase. While waiting 3 months for delivery I was reading the reviews and frankly had been quite worried by the bad press. We also test drove the full-size Sport before buying the Discovery and found the almost twice as expensive Sport to have clunky breaking, albeit a luxurious interior. I had a Mercedes GL450, which we found too hard to get in and out of and quite a sterile interior, and compared to the Discovery it was not nearly as comfortable and the transmission was more cumbersome/computerized than the Discovery…by far. So I don’t get the bad reviews. The Discovery Sport in sports mode is super smooth in acceleration and I have not experienced any of the down-shifting issues mentioned in the many reviews. Granted I live in a small town and I didn’t buy the car based on its 0-60 rating. When I first test drove the Discovery I was taken a bit back by the sparse interior by Land Rover standards, but all the dealer had was black. One also has to consider this is a low-cost Land Rover product. I ordered an SE with a Glacier Brushed Aluminum interior and it was very nice and the steering wheel is much more comfortable than the $75K GL450 with the premium 2 upgrade package I had. On the SE the two-tone roof option was only $350 which really sets it off from the competition for look and feel. We looked at every car in this price range and would recommend it to anyone in this market. Fingers crossed on maintenance, but my CPO GL450 had to have a leaking shock absorber replaced with only 28,000 miles and it was not covered by the Benz CPO and cost $900, so I don’t think Mercedes offers any better in quality.

  • Discovery Sport 2016 - 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport
    By -

    I never envisioned myself in a Discovery Sport, until I drove one. Originally I went to Land Rover to test drive the Evoque. I spotted a white and black Discovery Sport and basically, it was over for the Evoque. I had previously read about all the "issues" with the Discovery and found not one complaint to be true. I had no trouble with acceleration or rough starts. All questions and concerns were answered and reviewed with the salesperson. One test drive, in the rain, was over 2 hours long. I wanted to drive the vehicle in bad weather. Incredible response to the road in the pouring rain. I could not be happier with my Discovery Sport.

  • D I S C O F E V E R - 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport
    By -

    Ive had this vehicle as a lease for 8000 miles now. Everything has been fabulous. Drive is great and very luxurious.

  • 4 months In - 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport
    By -

    Have four months and over 3000 miles on the Discovery so far. Found the ride and finish to be excellent. Fuel consumption is better than expected, short trips to and from work in the low 20s, highway between 26-28. Managed 30.9 on a long highway trip thru NC mountains! Havent taken off road yet, but expect to use the 4WD modes this winter. Interior gets lots of positive comments, rear seats for tall passengers is great. Looked at the Q5/7, Infinity QX line, Porsche Maycan & Cayenne, found the Discovery to fit all my needs for passenger room, cargo area, and towing, as well as fit and finsh. Did not expect it to be a speed demon, but the turbo kicks in nicely when needed. Ride is very comfortable on in-town roads, very smooth on the highway and a delight thru the mountain curves. The pano roof makes the interior very well lit and roomy during the day. I ordered the options and color I wanted, which took 3 months due to the end of European summer holidays, it has been well worth the wait.

  • Three things - 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport
    By -

    After debating for months between this car, the Mercedes GLC and the BMW X3 I went with this car and overall I am happy with it. It has a unique style that people notice (doesnt look like a glorified stationwagon-hatchback), the seats recline in the back & thus are comfortable for adults to sit in for longer than 20 minutes and the interior is not full of superfluous touchpads-mouses-etc so you actually have a place, that isnt the passenger seat, to set something down. I have had the car for about 2-ish weeks and only have 3 issues with the car 1. There is no compass...for a car designed for off-the-beaten-path driving the only way to know which cardinal direction you are heading is to cue up the navigation. I miss the simple N/NE/E/S/SE/W/NW display I had on my rear view mirror in my Nissan. 2. The Heads-Up display is not bright enough to be seen on a Sunny day, but you will definitely see the reflection/glare of the screen that is generating it. 3. The left-right arrow buttons on the steering wheel do not chose between the 18 preset radio stations instead they act like a radio tuner. (I.e. you end up going thru every single radio station that comes in, instead of the ones you know you want to listen to) Kind of undermines the idea of convenience that goes with preprogramming your radio stations or putting buttons on the wheel to control the radio. (If I am wrong on this, please someone tell me how to change it)

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