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For 2015, the Volvo S80 T5 gets an all-new turbocharged four-cylinder engine that makes roughly the same amount of power as the previous base six-cylinder engine while being more fuel-efficient. It's also connected to a new eight-speed automatic transmission. The turbocharged six-cylinder engine in the S80 T6 is unchanged, but its transmission has quicker shift programming. Both S80 trim levels also see some minor content changes along with the introduction of the "2015.5" S80 models, which add some standard and optional equipment midway through the year.

  • Comfortable ride and seats.
  • Many available safety features
  • Well equipped for the money
  • Great fuel economy from the T5 four-cylinder engine
  • Can't get all-wheel drive with the four-cylinder engine.
  • Forgettable driving experience

User Reviews:

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  • Wasn't sure about this car at first... - 2015 Volvo S80
    By -

    .., but I LOVE it & so does everyone else. The S80 e-Drive Platinum 2015.5 is under-marketed and you likely aren't chomping at the bit to buy one. Do not make the mistake of believing what is said about the performance of the professional reviewer even if you are an aggressive driver. I wanted a car that met the following criteria: going to be around for 10 years, protect me from the bad drivers on the road today, deliver zippy performance, provide efficient gas mileage and be comfortable and fun to drive. I am so glad i got in the S80 at the dealer. I almost got the S60 but decided the 80 was larger and a better fit for me since i'm 6'2 and over 200. My son is already 6' at age 14 so space would have been tight for the family in the S60. I looked at lots of cars and realized i'm not the guy for those that look pompous. I wanted understated, classy, strong value and safe. I've got 10k on this now and not one thing has caused me an issue other than figuring out how to setup my Volvo connection account. Their customer service solved the problem very quickly. Everyone that rides in it is amazed and says things like "well, I never" and "beautiful" and "what kind of car is this again?". The technology is significantly advanced over the 2015. I would purchase it again in a heartbeat. Two complaints. First, there is no defined place for sunglasses and they go into a compartment behind the radio or the central bin between the seats. The compartment behind the radio is most convenient but they fly out when you swing around a sharp corner fast. I do that a lot. Second, the cup holders for the front seat are too close together. As a result, my venti iced latte and my wife's drink like to pop the lid off one another. Take one for a nice long drive and see if you can return it to the lot. I could not and look forward to handing this off to my oldest when she graduates college in 7 years.

  • Awesome car - Technology needs improvement - 2015 Volvo S80
    By -

    Joel H's review was spot on. The 2015.5 Platinum Drive-E is awesome. The gas mileage is impressive - I got as much as 38.5 mpg on the highway. City mileage generally is not near the EPA estimate of 25 - more like 19. It is a very understated car - most people do not realize what an exceptional car it is - great ride and comfort. The folding rear seats give you additional room when you need to move something. The headlights are absolutely awesome! - They are very bright and turn as you turn the vehicle. I can attest to the fact that it is a safe car. I was in a major accident and my S80 was totaled (not my fault - another guy ran a red light). It did exactly what it was supposed to do - side curtain airbags deployed but the front ones did not (since by then my speed was reduced when I hit a pole). I am glad the front air bags did not go off when they did not have to - my head never hit the steering wheel. Even though the front-end of the car sustained substantial damage, the air bags did not go off when they didn't need to. My only major complaint about the car was the Volvo On Call App. It was one of the main reasons I bought the car - ability to remote start, send destinations from smart phone to GPS, etc. But the connectivity and Volvo support was not very good. Even though reliability was only around 60-70%, I needed it for the remote start. Prior to the accident I renewed my Volvo On Call for 54 months. I paid $600 for 54 months. After the accident, I realized I had 48 months left on the service that I would not be able to use. I called Volvo to get a refund of the remaining time since I obviously would not be able to use the service since the car was totaled. Volvo said too bad - we have your $600 and are going to keep it even though we know we can't provide you the service. So as a word of CAUTION, it may be tempting to renew for a longer period of time because $11.11 per month (for 54 months) is more reasonable than $16.67 per month (1 year renewal). However, if anything happens to your car, you could be out a lot of money. It basically cost me $100 per month for the service (used 6 of the 54 months). Not worth $16.67 per month for the service and absolutely not worth $100 per month!! Also, as I understand it, if you sell the car, it is not transferable and the new owner will have to buy the same service again. So not good if you think you might sell the car. Just something to consider should you decide to renew. I was extremely disappointed in Volvo's response to my request for a refund. I will never ever make that mistake again! I have another car (different manufacturer) with a similar app and it is substantially more reliable and substantially less expensive. So I know there are manufacturers out there that have Apps that work well.

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