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This Year's Model Updates:

Other than a minor shuffling of features among trim levels, the 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen carries over unchanged.

  • Comfortable seats, refined ride.
  • Upscale cabin
  • Cavernous cargo space
  • Very good fuel economy with TDI
  • Sluggish throttle response with automatic.
  • TDI's premium price

User Reviews:

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  • Update on my May 2013 review - 2013 Volkswagen JETTA SPORTWAGEN
    By -

    Updating my May 2013 review Great seats for long drives. Excellent lumbar support. I'd like full power seats, but at least the power seat back adjustment is a great idea. Mileage: Great. Recent trip: Palm Springs to Oakland: 35.5 mpg. Marin to Ventura counties: 37.5 Ventura to Palm Springs: 39.5 This is not the TDI, so although I'd love the additional power of the turbo, the excellent mileage has compensated for the 2.5. Bluetooth works well, although I did have to have the dealer pair my phone to it. They were happy to do it and I have to say that VW service has been excellent from VW of Palm Springs.

  • An amazing value - 2013 Volkswagen JETTA SPORTWAGEN
    By -

    I am really very impressed by the features and value of the base model Sportwagen S. If you are looking for an upscale interior and a large cargo area, there really isn't another vehicle that compares. It is comfortable to sit in, drives very well, and comes equipped with virtually all the features one would look for in a daily driver.

  • Great wagon - 2013 Volkswagen JETTA SPORTWAGEN
    By -

    It is as other reviewers say, the car is a pleasure to drive. Road handling and braking feel very good. The interior details have good fitment and visual appeal. Controls are simple and uncluttered. Another reviewer says he chose the top end with Nav (which is actually a step down on radio/entertainment features, be aware of that) somewhat because it is combined with keyless entry/start, and I was motivated that way as well. Diesel MPG exceeds expectations. Note: stowing rear seat cushions to get a flat cargo space has a feeling of flimsiness about it, and required removal of rear headrests for this operation is a very inconvenient procedure.

  • Warning: TDI fuel pump - 2013 Volkswagen JETTA SPORTWAGEN
    By -

    Volkswagen specifically states that putting biodiesel in your tank will void your warranty and many people have had their vehicles fail. Unfortunately B10 or B20 (10% or 20% biodiesel) is all that's available in several midwestern states. Be forewarned -- filling your VW up with diesel can kill it.

  • Glad to be back in a Jetta - 2013 Volkswagen JETTA SPORTWAGEN
    By -

    There was one manual S available in all of Southern California when I was in the market. While I loved the response of the TD, I just couldn't justify the additional $5-10K. Plus, I live in the desert, so I really don't have any desire for a sunroof. This car replaces a 2009 Subaru Forester, a reliable yet gas guzzling AWD, with no power & awful seats. I don't regret not spending the extra $ for the diesel because I'm consistently getting 33-35 mpg/hwy, 26-28mpg/city. I drive 60/40 hwy/city. After 5 months, with 5K miles, I'm thoroughly enjoying this car. Though this is as basic a Sportwagen as one could probably find, I got a lot of car for a very reasonable price.

  • 2013 VW Jetta Sport Wagon TDI /Nav and Sunroof - 2013 Volkswagen JETTA SPORTWAGEN
    By -

    We purchased our new TDI Sport Wagon March 8th 2013. Our new Jetta is quite, smooth and powerful. This car is very satisfying to drive on the highway and around town as well. If you are looking for a safe,relaxing and economical vehicle you need not look any further.

  • Super Value - 2013 Volkswagen JETTA SPORTWAGEN
    By -

    We have about 4,000 miles on our 2013 Jetta Diesel Sportwagen. Excellent car. Fantastic value for the money. The front seats are comfortable and supportive. Adjustment is quick and easy. This car can carry alot of stuff or people with ease. Mileage has stayed around 45mpg. With a cargo box on top I still managed over 42mpg. The audio, bluetooth, CD, IPhone, memory card system is great! Sound quality on our standard system is pretty good. So far we are very happy.

  • Great Car! - 2013 Volkswagen JETTA SPORTWAGEN
    By -

    If there is a 'have it all' car on the market this is it. -Over 40mpg -32cuft of storage (seats in place!) -Available with manual or DSG -tow over 2k lbs Interior design is fantastic, night driving is a pleasure, dash is very pleasant to look at with the white lights black backdrop. Insurance rates are lower on this car then any hybrids ($200 a yr less then a Prius for me), more then pays for the extra cost of diesel. The navigation system is so-so, but I knew that when I bought it from the test drive. The only reason I still went with the top end nav package is because of the KEYSS system, never need to take the keys out of my pocket is sweet.

  • First Impression: 1500 miles............. - 2013 Volkswagen JETTA SPORTWAGEN
    By -

    2013 VW JSW TDI 6M - - - - White with Cornsilk interior. Lots of room. Sturdy VTEX (that's VW for leatherette) interior. Has a clutch, six speed manual shift transmission and the top three gears are overdrives................. Which permits some really impressive fuel numbers. (but the reader already knows this). Driving the car is easy from steering, braking and acceleration (236 lb/feet of torque 1750 - 2200 RPM) standpoints. Fold down the rear seats and there is the same cargo capacity as my 1982 VW diesel pickup!! Altho' the electronic compass was delivered with a compass that read S when heading N, the very capable dealership in California's capital provided a quick fix.

  • JSW 2.5L S - A great deal on a solid car. - 2013 Volkswagen JETTA SPORTWAGEN
    By -

    I prefer a manual transmission so I had to get the base S model. (No sunroof, No chrome around the side windows) Previous car: Audi A4 Avant Quattro 1.8T. I had to give up AWD and auto climate control :( The Sportwagen build quality is not quite a clean, there is some sub par assembly of a few interior pieces. After 1 week I'm very happy with the car. Brakes, engine, transmission and clutch/shifting are all strong points. The construction feels solid. Handling good. Suspension good. 4th and 5th gear are tall, lowering the RPMs. The 5 cylinder engine is smooth and up to the task. FYI - It feels like the car has a large flywheel. The engine is slow to rev and decelerate.

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